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Friday, 28 January 2011

Was it a Dream?

I walked alone through the wood, listening to the sounds of nature; the chirping of birds, the humming of bees, the rustle of a gentle breeze through the leaves. The sunlight made gentle shafts of golden light as it filtered down through the trees.

I came to a clearing. There stood a giant oak tree, truly a magnificent sight. I sat down on an old log beneath it's shade, leaning my back against his trunk. Silent, still.....

Then I became aware of his breathing, a gentle rythym. I placed my hands behind me on his trunk and I could feel his heart beating, strong and steady. It surged through my hands, up my arms and into my own body, until it reached my heart.
I heard a soft whisper....Get up and dance...it said.

So I stood up, took a few uncertain steps, then skipped and twirled, spinning and dancing as if I was weightless. A great feeling of joy filled my whole being.
I looked back at him and I was still sitting beneath his great spreading branches.
How could that be?

I skipped back to the tree and sank again into my own body.

Silent, still....

Again I felt his breathing, his heartbeat and it felt as if soft branches like arms held me.....and loved me...whispering...Beloved....

Then suddenly I was at the edge of the wood again.
What had happened? Was it a dream? I think not as I felt renewed, energised, uplifted and filled with joy.

Oh..the wondrous Spirit of Trees..........


Brenda Brown said...


Bill said...

No doubt his name in the ancient language of trees, forever hidden from the ears of mere mortals, means "Hope."

Deann said...

Astounding Junie the story and the lovely little girl...wonderful stuff!!!

Chris Arlington said...

You truly are a romantic. Your artwork is beautiful as always June.
Big Hugs, keep well, Chris

P.S. Give Freddie my well wishes too please.

Junibears said...

I made up this story and told it to myself in my head as a meditation as I relaxed before sleep. I remembered it all the nect morning.
Thank you for your comments. I love his name meaning Hope Bill.xx