Thank you dear friends and followers for your visits, for your love and prayers for both myself and Freddie.
I really appreciate you taking the time to call in, view my artwork and leave such wonderful comments.
Sending you all love, hugs and blessings,

June xxx

Thursday 30 September 2010

Beauty in Black..

I had this lovely background in a kit I had bought and
thought it went well with the lady.


Not much of one I'm afraid.They still haven't touched Freddie's leg. They have fitted a shunt in his hand and are giving intravenous antibiotics.
I guess they won't do anything until they can stop the infections, so it looks like being a long job.
We speak several times a day and he seems quite settled now he's actually there.
He had several cups of coffee in the night  from the Night Nurse. It turns out she has the same surname as us, comes from a village about 10 miles from us and Freddie knows her father and family!
No wonder she gave him plenty of treats!

I think I have got my head around things now and feel a bit more settled.
'Do as much as you can and as little as you need.................'
That was the good advice given me today by dear cousin F, bless him.

Apart from even more back pain I am managing.
Thank you all so much for your good wishes and prayers.
They mean so much...
Love and Hugs,
Junhe xxxxx

Lovely Mail Art Swap

Look what arrived yesterday! A lovely decorated envelope, a bookmark
and an ATC  all with a Hallowe'en theme.
You can see the backs and fronts here. These were from Ann, at
Thank you dear Ann  for a lovely swap. Really cheered me!

Below is what I sent her....

Wednesday 29 September 2010

Thank you all...

I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful warm responses and prayers for Freddie and I. Your messages on the blog, and emails, and even putting up prayer requests on other's blogs have utterly overwhelmed me. Thank you, thank you.

I took my time doing things that needed to be done yesterday and managed quite well. I even managed a couple of pictures (see below) to take my mind off things.

Update so far, he is feeling well and they are doing the first procedure later this week to try and increase circulation to his 'good' leg.

It's the first time I have been alone for 45 years so feels very strange. I have little Corey for company so not so bad.
Love and Hugs to you all,
June xxxx

Three Muses Challenge..Victorian

Left behind
This is the picture I've done for the Three Muses Victorian Challenge.

Uncle Bernard...

'Everyone in the family always knew Uncle Bernard had peculiar ideas
but they never realised he wore women's shoes!'

Hillbilly Handiworks suggested the other day I should do a Cat Steampunk
picture. So here it is.
When I found this picture of a cat standing that started it!
Excuse my poor attempt at clothing him but I hope the
finished result gives you a smile.

Tuesday 28 September 2010

The Butterfly Brooch

Just a little nostalgia......

I'm having a day off from blogging today.
My husband Freddie went for his monthly check yesterday and they found he
now has infections in both feet so he's going into hospital today (if they have a bed!)
His treatment has been ongoing for over two years and gradually getting worse.
So I'm unsure how long he will be in. I'm also worrying about how I shall manage alone
as he is my official Carer.
We need your prayers please.....
Love and Hugs
June xxx

Monday 27 September 2010

New Dezinaworld Sheets

June at Dezinaworld has a new collage sheet out today.
More beautiful ladies. So here are three designs I did for her.
Hope you like them.


This young lady was already wearing spectacles in her photo
so I gave her a more ornate pair.
I thought she looked studious enough to be interested in
Perhaps she had an engineer father who was an early pioneer....

Collage Obsession Challenge

This is the gorgeously romantic picture given us to alter this week
by Collage Obsession and the theme is Pink.

And this is what I made...

Sunday 26 September 2010

Pretty thing..

This is just a pretty thing I made yesterday.....

Be the Person Within....

Be the person you want to be,
The person deep within.
Don't be afraid to face the world....
Let the future begin.

Hitch your wagon to a star
And follow where it leads.
Be strong of purpose, brave in heart,
As every plan succeeds.

Time to be what you want to be,
Step forward, take your cue.
The spotlight on, the curtain raised,
The stage is set for you.

                                        Iris Hesselden

This poem brings back memories of how I used to be a long time ago.
I had no confidence, had always been shy and any opinions I ever dare voice were quickly stamped on.
Since those far off days I've worked hard to have more confidence and when facing a situation I was nervous about, meeting lots of people etc. I told myself, act AS IF.

AS  IF you are more than equal to anyone there.
AS IF you have the most beautiful shoes on and you can walk on air.
AS IF you have just stepped out of the beauty parlour and are really looking your best.
AS IF you have the confidence to do ANYTHING.

Try it......it works and becomes an easy habit. I lost most of my shyness and became my own person. Of course you still have niggles. When I saw a Course advertised for those who lack self esteem in a lady's private house, I threw caution to the wind and joined.
What I saw and heard amazed me. It was confidential, what we saw and talked about stayed in that room.
There were the most beautiful, well dressed women there but I acted  AS IF and fitted right in.
I learned one was a model and one I became close to was a Countess.
And all of them had lower self esteem than I.
That Course and those memories have served me well.

So dear friends I send you love and blessings this Sunday and Thank You for visitting.

June xx

Little Divas..

I alter so many pics of other people I thought I'd better put one up of ME!
This is little Junie, as my mother always called me, about two years old.
I think this is my favourite photo of me, holding my little Topsy,
and wearing the pink dress bought me by my Aunt Lottie.
The photo stands in my bedroom.
I'll give my age away, this is circa 1938....

Fifth Birthday..

My lovely friend Crystal Mary posted a picture on her blog of her
fifth birthday.
You all know how I love to alter pictures,
so I made her this.
Hugs to you Crystal xx

Coco Junie

Just in case you haven't seen it, this is the pic Capt. Bill put on his blog,
with me being a Coco Rosie sister.
Good job you can only see one side of my hair. The other side is shaved!!
But the body looks in good nick!

Saturday 25 September 2010

Heard on the Grapevine

There are whispers around town a certain someone has his nose
put out of joint somewhat at the publicity a certain Coco Juni is getting.
So he's doing one nighters anywhere they'll have him
to get back in the public eye.
 There's no business like Show business.......


This is my tribute to Patti and her wonderful family.
Using a new pic she posted on her blog a couple of days ago.
Don't they look so happy?

Using the last of the free backgrounds by Beth Rimmer.
I thought this made good use of it.

This is my road, where will it wind?
When I come to a turning what will I find?
Will there be shadows?
Will it be bright?

Will forests and mountains filter the light?
I look forward with pleasure for this much I know,
He will be with me wherever I go
                                                         Jean Harris

Today it feels as if I'm blowing my own trumpet.
 I have been a follower and corresponding with Patti for some time. She is a beautiful soul that I am proud to call friend. She has a wonderful blog, full of beautiful photos and peaceful words that we need in this sometimes cruel, greedy and heartless world.
She features different themes on different days and Friday it's her Friendship Friday and this week she has featured me!
I can hardly believe it! She has almost given me a halo!!
And to send her many friends and followers over to see my blog and my little jottings, well, what can I say?

I'd love you to pay her a visit. Not just to read about me but to read her words and views on life.
I promise you, you won't regret it. Thank you so much dear Patti. xxxx

You'll find her here.....

Fill my cup with beauty

The Key to her Heart..

I must say I am almost at my happiest when I am playing with
images like this. Time, troubles and pain forgotten.
And I'm in a feeling almost of Meditation and Prayer.
What gives you the happiest feeling?
I'm sure there are many....

Friday 24 September 2010

Dapper Dons

June over at Dezinaworld has just posted her new set of
Dapper Dons on her blog.(See link on my sidebar)
These are handy to have as you don't often see pictures of men
for your work. I did these three pics using some of her designs.
I especially liked my Granddad pic!
Hop on over to see what her other designers have come up with.


This is another of the free backgrounds I downloaded and
told you of yesterday by Beth Rimmer.
This time I have only slightly altered the background but removed
the woman dancing on a keyboard.
I added a woman from the twenties,
 coloured the woman's dress, added the doves and butterflies
and there you are.

Challenge..Art Creations Friday..

This is the gorgeous picture given us to alter this week at
Craft Creations Friday.
You all know how I love vintage so I turned this into
a Family Portrait.

Thursday 23 September 2010

Lavender Challenge

June has given us a new challenge on Dezinaworld this week.
Mine is Lavender and Lace.

Free Background..

I found in my email folder yesterday an offer of 3 free backgrounds
by Beth Rimmer.
Never one to turn aside freebies, I downloaded them and the picture above
started out with one of them.
Thank you so much Beth.
This is the original background...

The Ambiguity of Life

I came across these words attributed to comedienne Gilda Radner, and feel they sum up perfectly what she called 'the delicious ambiguity of life'.

I wanted a perfect ending......Now I've learned the hard way that some poems don't rhyme, and some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle and end.
Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment, and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next.

The Song has ended...

but the melody lingers on....
Remember the old song.....?

Wednesday 22 September 2010

DW Blog Challenge

My mind has gone numb! Apart from a little boy sailing his boat
I couldn't think what to do with this pond.
So if you look into the depths this is what you might see......!
Kimmie's Challenge The Pond on Digital Whisper Blog this week.

Send in the Clowns

June at Dezinaworld has a new set up today on her site, see my sidebar.
Send in the Clowns.
Do drop by and have a look.
These are some I made for her.

Three Muses Challenge

The Challenge this week for Three Muses is to make a piece of mail art.
I have decorated lots of envelopes over the years and it's quite fun to do.
There are some wonderful envelopes entered this week.

I have noticed on the comments some people wondered how to do this.
I don't make an envelope. I choose the size of the envelope I am sending a card in.
Make my picture to that size, print it out and stick it on the envelope. Simple.
Once your card is in and the envelope sealed, you can decorate the back the same way.
This is just my way, I'm sure there are many other others.

Tuesday 21 September 2010

Sweet innocence..

Remember our days are happier when we give people
a piece of our heart
rather than a piece of our mind..........

Blessed are the peacemakers:
for they shall be called the children of God.
                                           Matthew 5:9

Secret Whispers

Can you imagine anything more delightful than these two little girls,
giggling and whispering and sharing their little secrets.
I've had this lovely picture for years in my collection and I
thought it time to bring it out again and give it an airing.

Queen Mab

I felt in a bit of a Fairy mode yesterday
so I made this.

Monday 20 September 2010

Collage Obsession Challenge

The challenge is called 'Portrait'.
She is very dark so I lightened her a little, kept her
as a portrait and as she is studying a world globe
I turned it into a geography lesson.
I hope you like her.

Digital Whisper Challenge

This week we had this beautiful fairy lady and we had to give her an Autumn look.
It was also a 'Skinny' Challenge, an 8" x 4" size.
The original was so beautiful with this gorgeous dress it was a pity to alter her.
Anyway, here's my effort.

The Portrait

Another little cutie to fall in love with.
Just look at her big bow and the expression!
I brightened her up with a touch of colour.

Sunday 19 September 2010

Frozen in time..

A dear little brother and sister, dressed alike in sailor suits that were oh so fashionable way back when.
A moment frozen in time. They are long gone but I wonder what they did with their lives.....what did they grow up to be. Did he have to serve in the Great War and did he survive?
All these things go through my mind when I take an old photograph and bring them to life again.

It's Sunday again..

The weeks roll around and in case you didn't know there are 94 days left to the end of the year.
I came across these few words.....author unknown...

Little Things

Do little things to brighten up
The spot on which you're standing,
By being more considerate
And a wee bit less demanding.

Our dark old world would very soon
Eclipse the evening star,
If each of us would brighten up
The corner where we are.

And I wonder how many uncertain moments have been turned around and how many days made the brighter by a friend or stranger offering a small word of kindness.
So be kind each day to all the people you meet, for every second person may well be having a harder day than you.
We can easily forget that tears of sadness are frequently kept hidden in the eyes of the people we meet.

Have a blessed day dear friends.
June xx

Dezinaworld's French Set

June at Dezinaworld will soon be posting her new French Set.
This is a wonderful set with backgrounds and lots of elements. We all
like all things French and Ooh la la! so I've been having a lovely play this
morning and come up with these two collages.
Be sure to add June to your favourites!

Saturday 18 September 2010

Red and grey

A simple arrangement for a sweet little girl.
The coloured background has been greyed.
An idea for a card that anyone could do.

For Faye

Faye has generously allowed me to use another of her backgrounds.
Thank you so much so this little card is for you.xx

I Love Paris

The Soartful Challenge this week is 'I love Paris'.
Don't we all, even if we've never been. I think we all have that romantic
dream about Paris in the Spring etc.
Anyway, I kept it simple and this is my collage.

Friday 17 September 2010

Dezinaworld Challenge

The Challenge this week from June at Dezinaworld
is Stained Glass.