Thank you dear friends and followers for your visits, for your love and prayers for both myself and Freddie.
I really appreciate you taking the time to call in, view my artwork and leave such wonderful comments.
Sending you all love, hugs and blessings,

June xxx

Wednesday 30 June 2010

The Eye of God

Here is my effort for the Digital Whisper Blog Challenge this week.This is the image we had to work with  by the French painter Magritte.
I gave him a partner, also by Magritte, and Beau Brummel who was a dedicated follower of fashion and even started his own!
The background is The Eye of God nebula, a fascinating photograph and the checkerboard pattern given us a few weeks ago.

Tuesday 29 June 2010

Down to the sea in ships...

I love the notion of old sailing ships, Men o' War, sailing around the Cape, a bit of swashbuckling adventure with a fair maiden waiting at home. All romantic notions that were not a bit like that in real life.   But then I can write my own fairy story.......

My Daily Challenge

                                               A Field of Flowers.

It's my Challenge to myself. I try to make at least two pictures every day. Sometimes they come easy, sometimes I struggle, searching for an idea but I like the practice. I find I am always discovering something new in Photoshop, a wonderful journey of discovery. And it's a great antidote to pain!

The little Eastern European children in the picture above received a fairly simple treatment but I liked the effect.
I swear computers have minds of their own.
Since I've had my little red laptop, the desktop PC keeps making subtle little changes to things...... Sometimes you can't quite put your finger on it but you know it's different to the last time you used it.
There is a different picture gallery on the laptop and it seems to have crept over to the desktop and my photographs have moved about and I can't find things. Have they really disappeared or are they just hiding? The folder containing all my brushes has gone and I spent yesterday afternoon downloading a few more and making a new folder.  Minds of their own......

I have had a lovely time today, meeting up with my DS for lunch, just him and me. We always have a good bit to chat about, share interests and get on very well so it made a nice treat.He had his little dog Jake with him, who always looks at you with great melting brown eyes, waiting so patiently for a little titbit when we had finished lunch.

A new craze?

It seems the show biz world is going crazy for Teacup pigs and of course the rest will follow.
I heard my  grandson's wife waxing lyrical over them. 'I want one' she said......
I admit they are sweet little things......just a bit different and they say pigs are very intelligent but £700....
Oh My!
The craze started with Pot belly pigs but they grew so huge.....you never hear of them now. These little beauties apparently grow no larger than 14 inches, which is an advantage. But are they being treated just like a little toy? Something to show off...a little trophy...?
Anyway, here's some pictures, they surely are cute.

Monday 28 June 2010

I found this old photograph of these two delightful children and wove a little story around them.
I wonder what it says to you.......
The post came today and I was quite excited, yet a bit nervous and apprehensive as I carefully opened the package. Helen's Book had arrived! 
With my fingers almost trembling I carefully opened it and turned the pages.

Yes, yes, yes, everything's OK! To see everything actually in print is a wonder indeed. Hours and hours of work but I feel satisfied.
Helen is still away touring Scotland, Won't she get a big surprise when she gets back!
I think she will be pleased.......

And yesterday....Lord above....I actually finished my own Heritage Book.
I had to finish an introduction, design the covers and make an extra page as there was one blank.
I loaded it into the ArtsCow book template, made an adjustment here and there, pressed a few buttons and paid with Pay Pal.  60 pages in all....now I can relax and wait for my postman again.

Now I shall look forward to tomorrow. Dearest Son is coming over and he and I are having lunch out together.

The Tulip


A friend was on holiday at the seaside and found herself admiring the shell collection of a little boy sitting on the beach.

She told me afterwards...'You know, until then I had never realised just how many wonderful and subtle variations there can be even in a small sample of cockle shells.
Within moments of examining them, I was as engrossed as he was.
But I suppose we're usually so busy looking out for the more impressive sights of the world that we forget to pay attention to the smaller marvels.'

Sometimes it takes a child to remind us that even the most ordinary objects can be magical if observed through eyes of wonder.

Little Cuties...

Sunday 27 June 2010

Green Dreams

The Humming Bird

I went to see an old friend yesterday who is in a Care Home. We used to work together, and  in a Nursing Home too. She has a lovely room and is in the process of giving up her home.  It's a good job we don't know what's in store for us all. We had a little weep together as she asked me, 'Did you ever think we would finish up like this?'
We talked of happy times and the fun we used to have and I think she was glad of our visit.
So remind yourselves to wear your prettiest lingerie, not leave it in a drawer.
Use your prettiest china every day, don't leave it for a 'special occasion'.
Put on a little make-up and your glad rags and enjoy each day as we never know what tomorrow may bring......

We are having a real heatwave. It's far too hot for me so I try to keep cool indoors. Gorgeous for Wimbledon. Thinking of Wimbledon reminds me  of strawberries and DD brought me a bowl she had freshly picked with her grandson. And yesterday she called in with her granddaughter. How she is growing, crawling everywhere and into everything. Pulling herself to her feet with the furniture and jabbering away in her own little language. I must admit when they had gone, my little sitting room looked as if a cyclone had blown through!!LOL!

Scrapbook Page

Actors often have a positive attitude to changes which the passing years bring.
Stars in their late 50's and 60's or older are often very competent character actors.
So it's wrong to think of the world of show-biz as peopled only by glamorous young women and handsome men, though there's certainly  a lot of them!

Lauren Bacall, the widow of Humphrey Bogart, a successful and popular actress for many years, once told an interviewer emphatically....
'You've got it wrong my lad. I'm not a has-been. I am a will-be!'
 An opportunity to show our talents can come at any time in our lives.
A real old chestnut!

And Finally.......

This is brilliant and was sent to me by DS.
And just what a lot of men need...........................not him I may add!!


(Women In Charge Of Everything)

Is proud to announce the opening of its




Note: due to the complexity and level of difficulty, each course will accept a maximum of eight participants

The course covers two days, and topics covered in this course include:



Step by step guide with slide presentation


Roundtable discussion


Practicing with hamper (Pictures and graphics)




Debate among a panel of experts.


Losing the remote control - Help line and support groups


Starting with looking in the right place

Instead of turning the house upside down while screaming -

Open forum




Group discussion and role play



PowerPoint presentation


Real life testimonial from the one man who did



Driving simulation


Relaxation exercises, meditation and breathing techniques



Bring your calendar or PDA to class



Individual counsellors available

Friday 25 June 2010

The  Love Song

The Black Rose

I did a few more pages this morning for my Heritage Book. I scanned a few more photos and I think the end is in sight. Perhaps just a few more days and  I am up to the last chapter.
I find if you want to concentrate on the photos and descriptive words, you really don't need much ornamentation on the page to distract you. That's my thought, anyway! LOL!

Just a thought.....

Here are a couple of thoughts about being positive and focusing on the months and indeed years to come.

When we fill our hearts with regrets  over the failures of yesterday, we have no today in which to be thankful......

The problem with gazing too frequently into the past is that we may turn around to find that the future has run out on us......

Good thinking! The wise way is to move forward to sample the vitality of both today and tomorrow.

Thursday 24 June 2010

Art Creations Friday Challenge

Here is my Collage made with the image provided. What a pretty little girl!
I did find some time to do this today.....

I am gradually adding to my stash of pages for my Heritage Book
I am designing.
It takes quite some time to scan old photos, organise into some sort of time frame, design and store them.
But it's coming along nicely. I have four branches of near family to record so
it may finish up a largish book!
I had an email this morning saying Helen's Heritage Book had been despatched!
Won't be long now......

I really don't know what's gone wrong with my body clock! I'm all out of sync!
I wake so early in the morning and cannot get back to sleep so I often come on here to 'play'!
This morning it was 4.15am, I watch the sun rise, peeping through the trees opposite my window until it gets high enough to almost blind me, so I have to draw my curtain a bit, else I can't see my screen.

Of course with waking so early I get so tired in the evening. I may be watching a favourite programme on the TV and suddenly find I've fallen asleep and missed most of it.
What's the answer?    Any suggestions?


Come with me....

Come travelling along with me,
So much to do, so much to see,
And when you're seated in your chair
Then you can travel anywhere.
And if you have a favourite spot,
A special place you love a lot,
Then you can visit every day.....
It's only just a thought away.

A mountain top near to the clouds,
A river bank, away from crowds,
A sunny beach with rolling tide,
The one you love close by your side.
A place to eat, a place to sleep,
Another memory to keep.
Come travelling along with me,
You'll find the road is smooth.....you'll see.

Iris Hesselden

 I think we can all relate to this poem,. not just in our thoughts but the way we can use our computers.
What a great world! We can travel anywhere, learn new things, make new friends, just go visitting.
It's a wonderful life!

Wednesday 23 June 2010

DW Blog Challenge

Cracked Alice.....

Digital-Whisper Blog Challenge

Kimmie posted her latest Challenge with photos to work from.
I have said before, the Alice in Wonderland Story is not one of my favourites but I'll have a go.

Post in from Dear Son

New Exercise Program:I tried it, I liked it, you will too!!

The older we get the more important it is to incorporate exercise into our daily routine. This is necessary to sustain cardiovascular health and maintain muscle mass.

If you're over 40, you might want to take it easy at first, then do more repetitions as you become more proficient and build stamina. Warning: this program may be too strenuous for some.

Always consult your doctor before starting any exercise program!

SCROLL DOWN.............

That's enough for the first day. Great job.

Have a glass of wine.
Cheeky monkey.....................He knows me too well............

I am having a lovely quiet day. I spent most of the morning answering mail and making a few pages for my Heritage Album.

Dear SIL called in to get a spare key. He had left his keys in his jacket miles away so was locked out of his house! No problem but he looked so hot.....

Heard dear Cousin's friend has booked himself a backstage tour of the Royal Opera House Covent Garden, when he is in London next month - aparently, he only JUST caught Pinky with the phone in his paw in time, who had filched his Credit card from his wallet, and was in the process of ordering himself a Season Ticket for the coming Opera Season........plenty of noughts on THAT I would imagine! There were brochures laying nearby for "Evening Dress Hire" & "Limos to London" too, and a paper with lots of scribbled phone numbers, so he was only JUST in time!!!
What will that bear think of next....?

Made without hands

'Every now and again, take a good look at something not made with hands..... a mountain,  a star, the curve of a stream.
There will come to you wisdom and patience and solace, and above all the assurance that you are not alone in the world.'

That was said by Sidney Lovett, one time Chaplain of Yale University.
I'm sure he must have been valued there, for even today such words continue to inspire and uplift all those who hear them.

Well you do have to smile.....

Tuesday 22 June 2010

Silent Tears

The Sea Gypsy

                    I downloaded all the pics from Google to make this.

Panic over.......

The desktop computer is back to life!   Andrew came this morning and spent two hours sorting out the virus trouble. He is brilliant!  I don't know what I'd do without him. Thank Heaven I didn't lose anything.
Andrew has become a good friend and we chat about all sorts of things.

I've spent all weekend finding my way around this dear little laptop.    Although there's not much in it at present  I downloaded several pictures from Google and managed, successfully I think, to use the newer version of Photoshop already in it.

So I have not felt as deprived as I thought I would.

It's been very hot again today and Himself has been out in the garden. Unlike me, he likes the heat. He has another hospital appointment again tomorrow and should be picked up around 9am. So I shall have a quiet time, just me and the dog!
When the lark sings
   He takes the strings
    Of my heart.
Lifts them
   To the very edge of Heaven.
In the fiddle of his notes
   The skill of all the symphonies
       That ever were.
In one voice
    The grace of God.

                               Kenneth C. Steven

The Young Clergyman

 I heard a story about a young clergyman who took the much loved 23rd. Psalm as the subject of a talk he gave to a group of young children.
There was a lot they didn't know, he told them. In fact they were pretty much like sheep  themselves, and of course, sheep need a shepherd.

He then asked the children who they thought the shepherd was. And after thinking about it for a little while, one of the children piped up....'Jesus is the Shepherd.'

The young minister looked quite taken aback. 'Then who am I?' he asked the child.

'Oh you're the sheepdog' ' the child replied. 'There's only one shepherd.

The Little Hunter

I found this photo of a little boy, dressed as a hunter and posed with a little gun. I had to put him in a forest background with his retrieving dog. By the look of the clothes I think it must be Eastern European. In real life I bet he was nurtured and protected and not allowed anywhere near a gun!

Monday 21 June 2010

Fond Memories.......

                                                  March 21st. 1916 -- June 21st.2009

               It is exactly one year ago today I lost my Mum. The longest day.....and it was.

The beautiful picture of the sunset below was taken on that same day, last year.    My dear friend Helen walked down to the sea to take that photograph especially for me.
I can't write any more today...............Blessings to you all..xxxx

The end of the Longest Day

Digital Whisper Challenge

The Challenge on Digital Whisper was to make a Father and Son picture to tell a story. Kimmie gave us a couple of pictures to work with, I used the one of Dad, hand in hand in the pic above, bottom left.
I guess this tells a story, repeated often today sad to say with all the unrest in the world............

Sunday 20 June 2010

All that Jazz

Golden Sunday

Stay calm and breathe..............

I am finding it very difficult to practice what I preach.
Yesterday I started up my lovely desk top computer, (almost my best friend!!LOL) as usual first thing. Suddenly a box opened to warn me of trouble. I didn't panic, my anti-virus software would deal with it.
But it couldn't!

 For some strange reason Windows took over and the software was over-ridden. All I got were messages to start another anti-virus programme which would cost me money!
I tried all sorts of things to get rid of it but no luck, so I thought here goes, I'll pay for this new one. Paid up front with PayPal, downloaded the software but it wouldn't let me open it as I had a virus!!
It stopped everything from working. I couldn't get on to Photoshop and I was really in trouble.

So............a panic stricken by then June was on the phone to Andrew.  HELP!
He cannot get here until Tuesday morning.

Thank the Lord I can use the new Laptop but there's nothing much on it as yet.

So this morning I have attempted to make a picture on here....... without the use of a mouse!

Roll on Tuesday!

Learn from Trees

All I need to know about Life
             I learned from Trees.

It's important to have roots,
In todays complex world, it pays to branch out,
If you really believe in something, don't be afraid to go out on a limb,
Be flexible so you don't break when a harsh wind blows,
And sometimes you have to shed your old bark in order to grow.

How true!
Just a vintage image...she's so pretty and I shall probably use her in a picture soon.

Saturday 19 June 2010

Two pretty girls.....

A NewProject

Still waiting for Helen's book I have decided to make a Heritage Book for myself and family.
I have lots and lots of photos and I did a paper scrapbook years ago but this time I thought I would do it all digitally and have the book printed.
I've found that with Photoshop I can improve the look of some of the faded photographs which is a great help.

I'll show a page or two as I progress......

Head Gardener

The Lord is our Head Gardener. He shows us where to plant the seeds of kindness and gives us the power to help them grow in strength.
If you want the seeds, you can find them in your heart.
Plant some today for early flowering.

Carry a spare with you!

I thought this technique very clever so I thought I would experiment. I'm always ready to try something new. I started with a picture of my son's dog, Jake and to put my son over/into it.
It was somewhat successful and I sent it to my son, saying I hope you're not offended! LOL!
He wrote back that he wasn't, but Jakey was........ Being a rough coat he did look somewhat like a hairy monster!
So I had another try with my daughter and one of her smoothie Chihuahuas. Bit better but I dare not show you the pics.
They would kill me I'm sure..........

Friday 18 June 2010

Art Creations Friday Challenge

This is the jolly little man given us this week to work on at Art Creations Friday
for their Challenge.
I guess the Conga Line never goes out of fashion!