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June xxx

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

I've just returned from the second funeral in two days. I went on my scooter but when I came out of church it was raining hard so I was so cold and wet when I got home. I'm just thawing out.

Seeing a couple of old friends I saw yesterday they both said 'We shall have to stop meeting like this.' Unfortunately funerals seem to be the only time you meet up with a gang of old friends these days.

What about this?  At 5.30am today my husband  woke me and said 'I can't get to sleep for your snoring'
You'd really think after 26 years he'd have found this out before! It's never seemed to bother him before and I always say he can sleep on a linen line!

Admittedly with my health issues I can only lay on my back bent like a banana! (I have one of those beds you can raise the head and feet.) So what am I to do? Shall we go to bed in shifts? I'm in when he's out? Any advice will be gratefully received.
                                                                 June xx
My bed is very similar to this, two singles side by side.


Miss Hillbilly said...

I sleep in a separate room in a recliner. Jerry keeps me awake with his snore; and I can't lay down because my shoulder needs support. I moved the recliner into the baby's room because the neighbor has a ton of wind chimes that keep me awake if I try sleeping in the living room.

I have found that Jerry just has to have his sleep since the stroke. I don't like the baby waking him...so this works out. I am sure your husband is the same. The stroke makes him more tired I guess and he can't deal with the snoring anymore.

Anonymous said...


Faye said...

Looks like the ideal bed to me. I have longed for adjustable beds. I can see why you wouldn't want to leave this for a lounge chair to sleep in. That's what I do when I can't sleep. I get up and go upstairs and sit in my recliner till I get sleepy again. I don't supposed your dh would do that.

Kim B said...

I like that bed....Perhaps he needs to sleep with a mp3 player on ???? Hugs. Kim

Kim B said...

PS I put my picture on facebook and my best friend said it looked like angelic rays around me.....thanks june, you made my picture so pretty.

Bill said...

It's all part of growing old. My wife and I have separate bedrooms. It is so much more peaceable that way! I hope you won't have to go to any more funerals for a while!

Lovey said...

I like the idea of earplugs or soft music...stay in the same bed...it get's lonely apart (and who would warm your feet?)...smiles.
No more funerals...Blessings!

Chris Arlington said...

HI June, Have I ever heard that snoring complaint before. I just say I didn't hear it so I don't believe you. Or go to bed and fall asleep before me. THEY NEVER SNORE!!!