Thank you dear friends and followers for your visits, for your love and prayers for both myself and Freddie.
I really appreciate you taking the time to call in, view my artwork and leave such wonderful comments.
Sending you all love, hugs and blessings,

June xxx

Wednesday 30 November 2011

Treasures I Keep..

I made this collage yesterday with a beautiful image from June at Dezinaworld, her Autumn Beauty collection. I was pleased with the way it turned out.
June needs our prayers as she is struggling to look after an ailing Mother and a sick Dad. It's so difficult trying to keep up with everything so I'm sending my love to June as she goes through this hard time in her life.

I am off to Chapel this morning and I am leading the Service. I've prepared a tiny gift for everyone, an Advent text and picture, laminated so they can use it as bookmark. I woke very early as I often do but felt I had had a good night. The house is dark and quiet, with Freddie and Corey still fast asleep. I like my quiet times in the early mornings.........a little me time.

I have discovered a new blog and a new friend. Just a slip of a girl but we have something important in common. Our love for this county of Norfolk. I always say it's God's own county!
She is exploring 50 Norfolk beaches and has started near to where I was born.
She has three connected blogs which I hope you will visit. Her name is Diane Shortland.
Her Live for Leisure blog talks about laughter therapy among other things. Read her '25 things to make her happy' and I found it was almost a double of my 25 things!
She has a wonderfully happy style of writing and I'm sure you'll all enjoy it.
Tell her I sent you! Please cut and paste http.dianeshortlandliveforleisure.com/
(I've had no success recently making a link!! Grrrrr.!)

Three Muses.. Steampunk..

'I've had enough of all this Steampunk rubbish!'

Thanks for looking. xx


One of my favourite subjects this week by Take a Word. Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday 29 November 2011

A Norfolk Sky..

This is the opening line of a song I wrote many years ago and wherever I went it was a song that was always requested. It's called 'Blakeney', the name of the place where I live. I wrote it for my then husband, a man who loves that place more than anyone I know.

This picture shows part of the marsh, looking towards the sea, where the sea lavender grows.
Painters come here to view and paint our big Norfolk skies, where the sea birds swoop down on you. And in the quiet, you can hear the skylark and she flies high to lead you away from her nest.
I added the child, a freebie from Ms. Bailey on Flickr.
She reminded me of how we used to wander over the marshes, climb on the old boat and be safe and happy.
Ahhhh........the memories....

Monday 28 November 2011

Collage Obsession Challenge..

The Challenge this week is for Patterns. Well I've made a Kaleidoscope pattern from one of my pictures, a pattern of flowers and I placed a bird on a bough among them.
Thanks for looking. xx

Sunday 27 November 2011

Blue Romance..

Morning everyone! I'ts Monday and it looks like being a fine day.
The Challenge on Take a Word this week is Blue, my favourite colour. I put a Bluey pic on Saturday and my new blog header is also mainly blue! So here's one done specially for the Challenge. Thanks for looking.
Love and Hugs
June xx

Saturday 26 November 2011

Black and White..and Blue..

This lady was a black and white picture I found and coloured her and her dress blue and gave her a different background.
This is the finished picture again, not only made in monotones but trying to give a painted texture. I love to experiment, when I get the time! LOL!

My little heart problem has made me feel rather unwell for a couple of days so I am trying to take it easy. Fortunately Freddie is feeling very well in himself but while I have to get up at 5am for the dog, he sleeps for England!

I do want to go to Chapel this afternoon where there is a Memorial Service for a very old friend.
Many, many years ago, while I was still in my teens, we sang duets together in shows in the old British Legion Hall. We sang 'Take a letter Miss Smith'. You are all too young to remember it. Ever after, whenever we met, he always said 'Good day Miss Smith'. Happy memories.....

Have a warm and pleasant weekend.
Love and Hugs
June xxx

Friday 25 November 2011

Brighten your Dreams..

A collage I have made this morning with images from Rosey Posey. I have several kits of hers, I love her soft muted tones and blendings. And they make it very easy to create something beautiful. The old family photograph I have had in my treasures for ages and probably found it while Googling. I hope it gives you pleasure.

Now Thanksgiving is behind us, it will soon be December. Although I'm not hoping for snow I thought an old fashioned winter scene would make a nice new blog header.
How's your Christmas shopping coming along? I have just about finished I think, almost all bought online. My lifesaver!

Hope you all have a fabulous day!
Love and Hugs
June xxx

Wednesday 23 November 2011


to all my friends across the Pond!
Hope you have a lovely day.

Good news is that Freddie arrived home at 1 pm. yesterday, looking well and chipper!
He's back to hospital again this morning for another check up and to redress his feet! The car should be arriving any minute now. I hope they don't keep him in again this time!!

A collage I made yesterday for you to see. It relaxed me while I was waiting for news.
Thanks for looking and thank you for your lovely comments. I really appreciate it when you take the time to respond!
June xxx

Great news!!

I've just heard I've won the Give-away on Patti's blog. wishiniknewhowtoblog.blogspot.com

Oooh I am so excited. I have never won anything before so it's wonderful!
Do visit Patti's blog, look at her beautiful work and leave her a quick comment. She'll make you very welcome.

See what I have to look forward to! Woweee!

Tuesday 22 November 2011

Three Muses Challenge..That's Entertainment..

Here's my 'That's Entertainment' . Marilyn photo Googled and altered. Everything else from Bisontine's kit Cabaret. Thank you for looking.xxx
'Well I thought there'd be more to life than this. All I do is eat, sleep and poop!'

I came across this while browsing. Did you ever see such a wonderful picture for giving you a smile? I couldn't resist it. Enjoy! xx


I have been busy doing other things so this collage is a reprise. One I did last year. Of course the beauty was Googled and elements and background from my stash. I wonder what she's thinking?

Monday 21 November 2011

Just a short update..
I saw Freddie yesterday for a couple of hours and he looks and feels well, so much better.
He has to continue with the intravenous for a few more days so hopefully he will be home by the end of the week.
Nothing else to be done surgically till after Christmas at least so that's something.
I am feeling very tired and it's so hard coping on my own with the pain but I am uplifted after seeing him and reading all your wonderful messages. Thank you dear friemds. xx

Sunday 20 November 2011

Gothic Arch challenge..Numbers..

This is my Gothic Arch challenge for this week over on Nostalgic Collage. Numbers. I've chosen 2.
Thank you for looking.xx


This was my first collage for Take a Word's challenge and then I wondered if I should post it....
It's enough to put anyone off men for life. (Sorry all my men friends! I know you don't all look like this, thank heaven!)
So I made another. Just a pretty little girl in a garden with her pets. All images in both collages Googled. Thank you for looking.xx

Saturday 19 November 2011

SPA..You've been framed..

I've taken the subject fairly literally and this week I've made two postcards.
Thank you for looking. xx

SoArtful Challenge..Sew Pretty..

The Challenge today is all to do with sewing so this is my collage I've made this morning. All images from Imagenes Vintage with many thanks.
Thanks for looking, xx

* * * * *

I have spent so much time on the telephone, waiting ages for someone to pick up and then getting absolutely no information, I have been unbelievably frustrated.
Then at 8am. this morning I finally heard they have moved Freddie to a ward at 3am. would you believe. So I got the ball rolling instantly, organising him a bedside phone and a TV.
At last I was able to speak to him. Such a relief!

He's been having intravenous antibiotics. The swelled leg has gone down, the red shiny look has gone, so at least it looks better.
The infection stemmed from a healed ulcer on his pinkie toe, which was infected underneath and the infection has gone into the bone. So he will most probably have to have that toe amputated too. He will probably stay in hospital a few more days at least.

He feels fine in himself and sounded so pleased to be able to talk to me and he can now ring whenever he likes. My grandson Richard is going in this evening to take him a few things as he's not been able to even have a shave.
My son-in-law John and Sally are taking me to see him tomorrow.

So that's all the news I have. Thank you all so much for your wonderfully kind messages. I am so thankful to have all you lovely blogland friends. You have really lifted me up.
God bless you,
Love and Big Hugs and have a great weekend.
June xxxx

Thursday 17 November 2011

Thursday Update..

You think everything is going along all hunkdory then Wham!
Freddie went to the hospital this morning for another checkup and Yes, they kept him in. Took all his gear on Monday and this morning took nothing!

The Sister rang me to say he was going on another IV drip as he'd had an XRay and they think that infection has got into the bones of his foot. And that was his 'good' leg.

They still haven't rung me yet to say what ward he's in.......
I am devastated for him.....


Bingo Shopping
She started off as a dress dummy!

Me and My Shadow

This my style of Zetti. I made these collages for a Zetti Challenge on Digitalmania, on Flickr.
The backgrounds in both are by Ruby Blossom. Most elements from Beth Rimmer and the rest from my stash.
There's Corey as you can see, sporting a great pair of legs, and me as the dancing queen! (I may have had a figure close to that once upon a time!!)

Wednesday 16 November 2011

Three Muses Challenge..Mail Art.

I could play all day making Mail Art. This is my collage pretending to be the front of an envelope
addressed to Miss Melinda Meadows for the challenge this week at Three Muses.

Thank you for looking. Love and Hugs,
June xxx

Tuesday 15 November 2011

Something different..

I found this free picture on Karen's Whimsey's site. It's a beautifully detailed drawing dated 1466 and it quite fascinated me. I loved all the twiddly bits on his costume and the lion dog at his feet.
So I've had a pleasant time colouring him with my Mouse in Photoshop. The background I gave him was Googled. What do you think?

I also feel quite pleased with myself. Apart from sticking myself up with glue and glitter I have actually packed quite a few Christmas presents, so that's a start!

Love and Hugs
June xxx

Go Confidently...

This was an attempt to make an Impressionist style picture. I don't know if it succeeded but I thought I'd show you anyway. Images Googled again.

Well Freddie has been having a nurse come in every day to give an injection for the cellulitis in his 'good' leg. We packed his bag and all his medication yesterday as they told us he would stay in for a few days. What happened? They sent him home last evening!
So he's to continue with the stronger anti-b's and injections and has to go back to hospital for a check again on Thursday!

No wonder I don't know if I'm coming or going! But it was good to have him home again last night.
he seems quite cheerful now about it all.
I have to go to the bank this morning (about 10 miles away). I can park right outside so not far to walk with my crutches. AND there's a little bit of blue sky today!
All I need is a bluebird on my shoulder......................

Keep well,
Love and Hugs
June xx

Monday 14 November 2011


Three collages I have done for June at Dezinaworld. I love these vintage children. you can use them for so many things. She is having a massive. sale. Buy one get one free. Do pop over to see the lovely pages she's got for sale.

Gothic Arch Challenge..Roses..

The Gothic art Challenge this week on Nostalgic Collage is Roses. Here is my Collage. The woman is from the Fair Maidens set again, background and most elements from Manue's To be Happy Mini kit.
Thank you for looking.
June xx

Sunday 13 November 2011

TAW Challenge..Moonstruck..

Tomorrow, Monday, The Take a Word Challenge is Moonstruck. This had me scratching my head for a time then having a search I found the image of the woman (fairy?) with the teapot. AHA! I thought, she can be the subject of my Moonstruck Potion! I can only leave it to your imagination as to what kind of potion she is administering! LOL!
All images Googled.
Thank you for looking.
June xx

Saturday 12 November 2011

Sunday Postcard Art..Poppies..

The theme this week is Poppies, very appropriate for this day. Thanks so much for looking.xx








SoArtful Challenge.. Gypsy..

This is my Collage for the SoArtful Challenge this week. I used one of the gypsy images given as a background. All other images were Googled.
Thank you for looking. xxx

Three in a Garden..

Just a little collage I made this morning to take my mind off other things.

Freddie now has cellulitis in his 'good' leg. We have extra anti-b's for him to take, a nurse to come in every day to give an injection and he has to go to hospital again on Monday for a check and they'll probably keep him in for a few days. I suspect he will have to have an intravenous drip. Last night he felt quite low, hardly surprising.
I went to the surgery yesterday morning for fasting blood tests, just a regular check for my medications. (I did miss my breakfast!!)
Dear son and DIL came over and we went out to lunch but I was not feeling my best, however glad I was to see them.

I feel as though I'm struggling to keep my head above water at the moment. My life is a struggle and I'm finding everything hard to cope with at the moment. I send my love and sympathy to others who are struggling with similar and worse scenarios. Nobody said life would be easy.
I thank God for my caring family............

Friday 11 November 2011



Thursday 10 November 2011

Pure Beauty..

I absolutely adore the paintings of Csaba Markus. He is my favourite modern artist, born in Budapest in 1953, he paints the most gorgeous women. Above is one of his paintings and I have taken this beautiful face to make my collage. I sincerely hope he doesn't mind!
Love and Hugs
June xx

Wednesday 9 November 2011

Three Muses..Windows..

I didn't know which I liked best so I'm showing two. These are beautiful Rose windows and everything is Googled. Just messed around with Photoshop filters etc.
These are my Collages for this weeks Challenge at Three Muses..Windows.
Thanks very much for looking. xx

Tuesday 8 November 2011

Let's Go Fly a Kite..

Just a fun collage as a challenge on the Digitalmania site on Flickr. Do you see pictures in the clouds?

Hooray and Alleluia!!
What do you think I did this morning. I took Freddie along for the ride but I actually went to a large supermarket in a nearby town and did some shopping! The huge shopping trolley was a wonderful height for me to lean on and I slowly walked all the aisles! I couldn't get much that was too heavy as I had to carry it into the house when I got home.

I felt it was a great achievement for me but I was totally whacked when I got home and my back is over the top at the moment! And I feel I am almost dropping off to sleep and it's not quite 4pm. here! Whoooooooah! Upwards and Onwards. I am pleased with the new car. It's like a little dream. So that's enough for today. Hope you've all had a good one!

Love and Hugs
June xxxx

Sunday 6 November 2011


This first collage is for the Sewing Challenge on Take a Word. I used to love sewing. I learned by making dresses for my little sister until I excelled myself by making my wedding gown, and the tiny bridesmaid's dresses. I made all of my daughter's dresses for years and my own.
I finished up making my Teddy Bears but sewing them all by hand.
All the images were Googled. Background my own.

This is my offering for the Green themed Gothic Arch challenge.
Images Googled. Lady from the Fair Maidens kit by Sherrie D.
Thank you for visitting. xx

Who is this?

Unless you've seen her new icon on her webpage I dare say you won't guess. When I saw it I asked if I could have the original to make her a pic, so here it is.
It's Chris Arlington! When she was a beautiful 12 month old!

Chris is a very dear friend, a lovely lady and one of the very first friends I made when I started my blog. Do go and see some of Chris' work. Tell her I sent you! I hope you like her Collage.

Chris has also directed me to Lynn Stevens' blog, Trash to Treasure Art. It's wonderful and Lynn is having a huge giveaway to mark her three year blogaversary. I hate to send you there really, as you'll lessen my chances of winning something! LOL!
Hugs and love

June xxx

Sunday Postcard Art..

I am thankful to be rid of Hallowe'en. Sunday Postcard art has asked for Shabby Chic this week so this is my postcard. Thank you for coming by to look.

Wishing you all a pleasant Sunday.
Warm Hugs,
June xxx

Saturday 5 November 2011

Look who's moved in next door!

Mr. Gerald Jessop has moved in next door. So far all is quiet but Master Thomas doesn't think much of his dress sense. His suit needs a good press and he wears the most atrocious ties!
But he does hold his head high! That may be because of his pretty French wife, Miss Fifi.
She doesn't look like settling down though. She is too interested in that Peacock Dance Hall, down the road a way. He'll have to keep his eye on her!

Have a great weekend,
Love and Hugs

June xx

Friday 4 November 2011

Little Peacock..

First of all let me say Thank You to all you wonderful friends out there in Blogland. Bless your dear hearts! Your messages cheered me no end, especially the one saying I was practicing for Strictly! I wish!!

I had to get up fairly early to get breakfast and pills etc. for Freddie. He has a hospital appointment today, then I can relax for an hour or two.
I am very stiff and sore this morning and I have a splint on my wrist and arm so it can rest and not wriggle about. Apart from that I'm fine!

The picture above I made quite a time ago but I thought you might like to see it again.

And then there's my beautiful Granddaughter Rebecca, holding my Great Granddaughter Skyela in her arms. They truly lift me up!

Love and blessings to you all, dear friends,

June xxx

Thursday 3 November 2011

Shaken..not Stirred....

A bit like a James Bond cocktail. Well that's how I felt this morning. At 7am I was preparing the morning cocktail of pills for Freddie and myself when I turned and Bang! I fell......HARD! I thought I'd broken my wrist. As I lay there winded, I tentatively felt to see if I could move my wrist and Thank God! I could. My little Corey flew in barking to see what had happened to his Mum, licking my face as I gradually got my wind back. I turned over two lamps but thankfully nothing broken.

It's the getting up that's the hardest part.....

I've come to the conclusion that my brain tells my body to turn but it forgets to tell my feet and they are left behind! LOL!

It's now 4pm. and I have my wrist strapped up, a bad sprain methinks. I ache all over more than usual and by tomorrow I shall hardly be able to move with the stiffness.

I know, I should take more water with it..................

Love and Hugs
June xxx

Great Aunt Lily..

When Great Aunt Lily came to stay, although she was very kind, the children kept getting a fit of the giggles. The reason for this was the curly wig Aunt Lily wore. She would peer at them through her spectacles and frown. Although her eyes were getting old, she was always smart, with a little lace cap on her head and a touch of lipstick.

Background paper by Astrid, with thanks. xx

From Paris with love..

A little collage made with a pretty image of a girl from an old painting.

I came across this saying the other day..
Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty, never grows old.
Franz Kafka..

What a lovely thought!
June xx