Thank you dear friends and followers for your visits, for your love and prayers for both myself and Freddie.
I really appreciate you taking the time to call in, view my artwork and leave such wonderful comments.
Sending you all love, hugs and blessings,

June xxx

Tuesday 30 October 2012

Master Algernon..

Here's that rascal, he always looks as if butter wouldn't melt.
His favourite place is on the settee so he can watch the birds outside
the window.
Now when it gets dark he can see his own reflection and doesn't seem
to care for that as he barks loudly until I close the curtains.
We've been out for a lovely run this morning. me on the scooter and he
running beside me. He loves it.
Have a great day folks,
lkove and Hugs
June xxx

Monday 29 October 2012

TAW Challenge..WINGS..


It's Monday again.....the weeks seem to fly. The Challenge this week on Take a Word is Wings.
Here is the collage I've made. The background is my own, the elements and overlay from a very old scrapbook set Mirabella by Doris Castle, the face found online and digitally altered.
Thanks very much for looking.

In spite of my grandson's efforts to fence in the whole garden, Algie  is strong and has pushed his head into the fence so he can crawl underneath and disappear into a neighbouring garden.
It was getting dark last evening and it was raining and cold  and he just wouldn't come back.
I had to get the scooter out and ride around to the next road to see if I could find him. Nowhere to be seen! Eventually after about 20 minutes he came bouncing back,very pleased with his adventure.
Needless to say I was a wreck as I thought I'd lost him........

                                                                                      Love and Hugs
                                                                                           June xxx

Saturday 27 October 2012

The Girl in the Yellow Dress

This is taken from another Alphonse Mucha painting with a few bits and bobs added from my stash.
Speaking of stashes, mine has grown so large, I oiften can't remember which they are or what's in them!  Some I rediscover and think to myself, I never knew I had that! I bet you are all much more organised than I am!

Well the quiet day yesterday turned out to be quite hectic. The groceries were delivered and carrier bags full were all over the kitchen and on the floor. Then at the same time the post arrived with big parcels (ordered Chrissie presents!).
Soon after the nurse arrived, all the time grabbing one excited dog at all this company coming at  once. (The postman was scared of him LOL!)
Then another doctor turned up to see Freddie.  Oh My! What a morning.
So Freddie now has infections again in both feet and is on anti-biotics. And he'd been doing so well...Such a shame and it's such another worry...Sigh.

We had a very rough night, with rain and hail beating on the windows and a gale of wind blowing so I won't go over to see Doreen this morning as it's still pretty rough. I was driving one afternoon in weather like this and a huge tree fell in front of me onto the road. Thank God I saw it start to move and slammed on my brakes. It seemed to come down in slow motion. I sat there a while  in absolute shock and awe at the sight. I had to turn around and find a detour home. But it's something you never forget.

Whatever the weather and whatever you're doing, keep well my dear friends and have a good day.

                                                                             Love and Hugs

                                                                                     June xxxxx

Friday 26 October 2012

A True Friend...

This comment is so true. You go out wearing a different hat
and put on a brave face.
'How are you? they ask.
'Fine' you reply.
The truth is nobody wants to hear a list of your aches,
pains, worries or troubles.
They have worries and pains of their own and probably
have  their  best smile on.
Only true friends know how you feel. A touch or squeeze of a hand
or a gentle hug mean the wortld......
Anyway, I had a great day yesterday. I went to Chapel in the morning, picked up the prescriptions, filled up with petrol and then drove off to meet my sister Jackie for lunch.
 We had arranged to meet about halfway in a place called
The Ratchatchers! This had a great reputation, especially for its pies.
We were not disappointed. We both had a superb chicken and leek pie
with all fresh vegetables, followed by lipsmacking sweets!
I was so tured when I got home as I am not used to driving that far,
dozing in front of the TV that evening.
Instead of rising at 5.30 to 6am I slept till 7.30!
Now I shall have a quiet day to recover! LOL!
Love and Hugs
June xxxx

Wednesday 24 October 2012

3M Challenge..Timepieces,,


                      Three Muses this week has challenged us to make something to do with
 Time pieces.
I have two collages for you today. The top one is new and the bottom one
 is an oldie reworked a bit.
Time... So many quotations you can write, from Abe Lincoln via
Ben Franklin to Nelson Mandela.
I'm sure you all have your own favourites.
Just remember that your time is now....

Love and hugs to you all
June xxxx
Well I just mosied on over to the Three Muses and seen I've got it all wrong.
I thought it was Timepieces this week but apparently not.
My apologies....so I'll upload something else.


Tuesday 23 October 2012

True Beauty..

One of my favourite living artists is Csaba Markus.
He paints the most beautiful, in my opinion, women. Often dressed
in a wisp of veiling, with big hair loaded with jewels and beads
or a fantastic headdress.
This is just one  of many I've cut from his paintings
and placed in a different background, this time my own where
I've played with several manipulations.
I love to look at her and hope you like her too.
Well this morning the 'pea soup' fog is even thicker than yesterday. I am very glad not to have to go out in it and feel sorry for those struggling to get to work on the roads. It must be a nightmare driving in it and there's always some mad fool who thinks he can drive at speed.
Keep safe dear friends,
Love and Hugs
June xxx

Monday 22 October 2012

TAW Challenge..ROSES..

A lovely challenge this week on Take a Word. Roses.
You can't get lovelier than that.
My own background with a blended rose.
A beautiful vintage lady I cut out and a few roses in colour
added to her bouquet.
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone elses pictures.
It's like Pea Soup here today as I look out the window.
Take care everyone.
Love and Hugs
June xxx

Sunday 21 October 2012

Shirley Mona!!

We had a Stuff and Nonsense challenge on Digitalmania this week
and this is one of my collages.
For a bit of fun I put dear Mona's head on the body of Shirly Temple
and added a little companion from an earlier piece.
My own background again.
I feel honoured to have this Mona piece chosen to be put on a large
French Mona Lisa site that  picks the best from all over the world.
I heard sad news yesterday. My dear friend Cheryl who so many of you know from
A car crashed into her while she was stationary.
She was taken to hospital but is home again with severe whiplash injuries,
lots of bruising and shock.
I'm sure you'll join me in wishing her a speedy recovery.
Love and Hugs
June xxx

Saturday 20 October 2012

Alphonse Mucha again..

I believe I mentioned I had been doing a challenge re Alphonse Mucha.
Well here are a couple more collages I did.
The weather yesterday was so awful, dull and drizzly all day, I spent
a good bit of time shopping online again.
I have bought quite a few Christmas presents now and I got nagged by dear daughter.
'Mum, you know you always put things away and then can't find them,
why don't you get a big bag and keep all of them together?'
So I do as I'm told and everything is together for me to trip over...
Usually after Christmas I find a gift I forgot I had......
I have so many boxes and 'things' in here it's hard to find extra room.
I can't put them anywhere else in case Freddie trips over them....sigh...
Then I have to be careful Algie doesn't get them and thinks they are a toy for him!
Oh the problems! LOL!
I do hope your problems are no bigger than these!
Take care and love and hugs,
June xxx

Thursday 18 October 2012


Just having a play with a vintage image and some layers and filters
from Adobe Photoshop.
Something a little different for me but I was pleased
how it turned out.
Algie and I have just come back from Chapel and apart from the
first excitement he is so calm and quiet the whole time.
I have at last treated myself to a new keyboard, this one has so
many letters missing. Hope it makes a difference.
Sending love and blessings to everyone.
June xxxx

Tuesday 16 October 2012

3M challenge..Vintage..

The Three Muses Challenge this week is Vintage.
Since most of the work I do is vintage related this was right up my street!
So another lovely lady cut from a painting found on Google
 with some elements
and background from my stash, here is
Life is a Promise.
Hope you are all enjoying life.
Love and Hugs
June xxx

Alphonse Mucha..

Our challenge on Digitalmania on Flickr this week was to do something with
Alphonse Mucha, who just happens to be my all time favourite artist.
I did several collages and I included these.
One of my plates and the tile back behind the cooker in my kitchen.
She was painted about 2000 and I never tire of looking at her.

And this is theWitching Hour, made for the
Collage Obsession challenge..Witches.

 Have a great day everyone.
Love and Hugs
June xxx

Monday 15 October 2012

TAW Challenge. A Poster..

A made up poster for the challenge on Take a Word this week.
Woman and glass Googled.
My own background and words.
Bright start to Monday morning!
Thank you for looking.
Hugs xxx

Sunday 14 October 2012


A little bit of whimsy for you this Sunday morning, made in pretty Autumn colours.
What an enchanting little fellow is the Mushroom King.
I hope you all have a peaceful and restful Sunday, to renew your spirits
for the coming week.
Love and blessings
June xx
This is a PS. Look what my dear friend Bill sent me this morning.
He knew I had not been feeling up to par and made this for me.
I have such wonderful friends in Blogland.
Thank you for this Bill. xx


Friday 12 October 2012

The Diva..

Good morning everyone!
It seems we've almost moved into winter here it's so cold.
Well it's not as cold as all that but it's a fair shock to the system!
I've a very old friend, Marion, who has just moved into a Care Home.
Sadly the time has come. We've been friends as long as I can remember.
When my children were young and her grandchildren even younger, we all used to picnic on the beach and swim and have lots of fun. She and I often used to swim together in the sea.
I must send her a pretty card today.
I can only type with two fingers and my keyboard has missing the i, o, h, n and l, and I get into muddles often. Why do I put up with it, I ask myself. Silly me, so I ordered a new one on EBay this morning, very cheap. Should have done that before now.
My disability scooter has another puncture so it's been collected this morning for repair and a health check-up, a sort of MOT! LOL!   Plus the car is going today for its MOT so I am really stuck for transport. Hope it's not too long.
My picture today is a beautiful 1920's film star I Googled.
I thought she looked a wonderful Diva.
Thanks for visiting, love and hugs to you all,
June xxxxxx

Tuesday 9 October 2012

Three Muses..The Sea..

The challenge this week on Three Muses is THE SEA.
As mermaids are one of my favourite fantasies
I've used that theme.
The background is my own with a few manipulations and most of
the elements are from Mercurial Trench by Gypsy.
Thank you so much for your visit!
Love and hugs
June xxxx

Sing to me Mama..

I spend a lot of time browsing and searching old vintage images
until I find one that 'speaks' to me, as this one did.
Sometimes I change them to black and white, sometimes I colour
them. And sometimnes I leave them in the original sepia tone, as here.
I thought it was a lovely photo so I hope you like what I've made with it.
Love and Hugs
June xxx

Sunday 7 October 2012

TAW Balloons..

Good morning dear friends and followers on an autumnal Monday morning!
 The challenge this week on Take a Word is BALLOONS. My mind turned to Steampunk which I love, so I hope you enjoy my challenge picture. Much more to be seen on the TAW site! 

I hope you all had a great weekend and I wish you a wonderfully creative week ahead!
                                                          Love and Hugs
                                                                   June xxxx

Saturday 6 October 2012

Playing with Pussycats!

I enjoy playing with cats so here are Miss Libby in her drawing room and
Miss Maddie out for a brisk Autumn walk.
Don't you just love her fur edged suit  and the pheasant feathers
on her hat.
You may like to know that yesterday I did manage to remove the old printer, after moving loads of boxes etc. And I have fitted the new one which is working but I haven't managed to connect it to the PC as yet. There's always tomorrow.......
They finally brought my car back late yesterday so this morning
I managed to visit my friend in Hindringham. Algie came too!
I have no idea of the cost as they haven't left the bill
in the car!
Have a lovely weekend!
Love and Hugs
June xxxx

Thursday 4 October 2012

Ma Fleur de Paris..

Well at least I've managed to get a picture up this morning.
I've had an almost sleepless night. Isn't it amazing how problems
become huge at night and my mind has been churning away.
Whether to buy a new freezer as ours is on its last legs.....
Should I manfully try and fit my new printer that's been sitting in its box for ages.
Can I manage to fit the cables etc. Have I the strength to lift the old one and also the new one.
Nothing insurmountable of course but when you are physically useless and can't
 get down to the floor etc. small problems magnify.
My Birthday Book has also 'disappeared' leaving me in another muddle.
Do your little problems magnify in the night too?
I'm sure I'm not alone.
Have a nice day dear friends,
Warm Hugs
June xxx

    I've have just come back from Chapel.  Algie didn't want to go this morning and I went on the scooter as I am still without the car.
They were cutting the grass on the Pastures as I went up the little lane and the smell of newly cut grass was delicious. It was fine, with a brisk, cold wind.
First thing this morning, when I took Algie out into the garden, a large skein of wild geese were flying overhead, all shouting to each other. A wonderful sight and sound.
I guess they are heading south, a sure sign it's getting colder.
Have a wonderful day.
Love and Hugs to you all,
June xxxxx

Wednesday 3 October 2012

Three Muses..Journal Page..

The challenge at Three Muses this week is to make a 
Journal page with a favourite quote.
I'm sure there will be some wonderful work shown.
So this is mine. The background is my own pattern.
Thanks so much for your visit and have
a wonderful day.
Hugs  June xxx

Tuesday 2 October 2012

Nancy Lefko Style..

These are a couple of digital collages I have made for a challenge on Digitalmania in the style of Nancy Lefko. Little children Googled.

I am rather fed up this week as my car is still out of action and likely to be until the weekend. They have to wait for some (presumably) Volkswagen expert with his fancy testing machine to sort out some electrical fault and he can't come until Friday. Uugghhhhh....!!!
Patience Junie!.

At least I've had a lovely visit this morning from my Granddaughter Rebecca. She has settled into her new job and is doing fine! That's something to be thankful for.

Monday 1 October 2012

I posted this on Flickr, calling it A Vintage Street.
A friend suggested A Kitty in the City!!
I like it!
Just having a play with some things from my stash. 

TAW Challenge..Manuscript..

The challenge on Take a Word this week is an old Manuscript. Mine is a copy of the Caedmon, an old English version of Genesis. It is laid over a medieval piece of music. Apparently they used parchments  more than once, scraping off the work underneath.  I'm sure at that time they were expensive and precious.
                              The picture is Googled and I hope matches the timeline.
                               Thank you for looking on this wet and cold Monday morning.
                                                          Love and hugs,
                                                                            June xxx