Thank you dear friends and followers for your visits, for your love and prayers for both myself and Freddie.
I really appreciate you taking the time to call in, view my artwork and leave such wonderful comments.
Sending you all love, hugs and blessings,

June xxx

Thursday 31 March 2011

Theme Thursday Challenge..

Theme Thursday Challenge this week asked us to include a Game piee in our work. I've included a bowl of game pieces.
A  Googled lady from my stash and the rest from Christine Renee.

I saw Freddie yesterday and he's quite low. The days must be terribly long just sitting there so it's no wonder. His chest scar has healed nicely but he had his leg bandaged from groin to ankle where they took the vein. I'ts not healing as quickly. They are still watching the fluid on his chest with X rays and if there's more they will drain it. I did ask to speak to a doctor so all my questions were answered.
He is very frail and incredibly weak. 'Doddery' was his own word!
I am now praying for a bed closer to home for him.....

My taxi driver yesterday lost his way and even the Sat Nav didn't help. It's ridiculous there are no signs for Hospital until you're almost there. So I had quite an adventure!

I must say a very big THANK YOU to all my followers. I have some new ones and please forgive me for not mentioning you before but my head seems to be so full of 'things' I sometimes don't know what day it is. My only relief is to come on here and make a picture. Then I can relax and lose myself in another little world for a time. I think in this last 6 weeks, it's the only thing that has kept me going, apart from prayer. So Thank You for being patient with me. I love my Followers.

Big Hugs

                                                                              June xxxx

Dezinaworld Treats..

June at Dezinaworld has a lovely Mono Sheet 4 on her site.
I made these collages using 2 of the images from the sheet.
Definitely a bit of Ooo La La! with the lady and her peacock
feather and below a touch of Paris.

Wednesday 30 March 2011

Lost Child..

Look at this little girl, ankles crossed sedately, sparkling white socks, shiny new shoes......
I can remember the dress, green crepe with attached bolero front in pretty flowery colours. Even a silver bracelet!
Another find while rooting about in files.
Those were the days eh? I'd love to see some of your early ones. Why not show and tell?

I'm going to Cambridge today to see Freddie. He has had some fluid drawn from his chest/lungs.
I'm just a tad worried.....

After much hassle  (I'm not computer savvy!)  I have set up a blog for my 100 Themes Challenge for Digital Whisper. I have placed a button on the side of my blog if you'd care to have a look.

Tuesday 29 March 2011

Steampunkerie twice!

Rooting about in my folders this morning I found this piece I lost a few weeks ago, so I thought I'd add it here as it goes with the Three Muses Challenge below.  It's called 'True Love'.

Three Muses Challenge..Steampunkerie..

The theme this week over at Three Muses is Steampunkerie. Such a lovely word. I think there's lots of Steampunkerie going on in my Collage. I think they're all having a great time. I'd love to join them.


Last night I had such a craving for chocolate you wouldn't believe. I thought I had a secret bar stashed away somewhere for emergencies, but No. So what did I do?  I'm ashamed to say I raided the jar of choccie coins and footballs that I have for when Ashton and Skyela visit! How low can you sink?

Have you ever had such a craving? What would you do in the same circumstances.
I shall have to get out quick and replace them! It will soon be time for Easter Eggs.......Mmmmmmm...

Monday 28 March 2011

Collage Obsessions Challenge..

If you go down to the woods today.........

Collage Obsessions gave us the picture of the rather contented looking lady in a hammock to alter.
I tilted her angle a little and gave her some playmates.

Sunday 27 March 2011


At last.... I've managed to get my picture onto my blog!  
Blogger has really played me up today.
Here's my Collage for Three Muses take a Word Challenge....Bloom...
I enjoyed this challenge and I'm sure we'll see some super entries tomorrow.
Well it seems Blogger doesn't want to display my collage! I've tried 4 times. it uploads OK but doesn't come on the blog. I'll try again later.
Have at last got a phone connection straight through to Freddie and I am so pleased to speak to him. He is doing fine, all his tubes are out and he's walked a bit more. He should soon be moved nearer to home for a little more rest and to get some of his strength back.

Saturday 26 March 2011

Sunday Postcard Art..White..

SPA's Challenge this week is White.
I usually like dark, rich vintagey colours so this was a bit
different for me.
So here is my beautiful princess with her faithful Unicorn.

SoArtful Saturday Challenge..

Jeanette didn't give a definitive subject today for her SoArtful Challenge.
She did however talk about her daughter and SIL on holiday in Thailand,
followed by an abstract sort of picture to give your own  imagination
something to work on.

So taking myself to Thailand, here are some Thai Buddhas.
The background is a satellite photo of Thailand with extra
filters added by me.
I hope you like it.....

Friday 25 March 2011

Dezinaworld.. Shabby Chic..

These are three collages I have made for June at Dezinaworld with
her new Collage Sheet..Shabby Chic.
Some lovely pictures to use for your layouts.
Do go and have a look.

On the Riviera..

With the beautiful weather we've had the last few days
I thought I'd take a trip to the French Riviera.
(I need it!! LOL!!)

My dear son Stanley and Jenny his wife (navigating),
took me to Papworth yesterday to see Freddie.
A very long journey for me but I was so very glad to see him.
Only two days after the op he was sitting in a chair looking as large as life.
There is no dressing on his main wound but a very neat  scar.
They removed two of his drips while I was there and they are going
 to wean him off the third one starting today.
The physios have visitted him and already got him walking
across the room.
We don't know how long he will be there but hopefully soon
they will move him back to Norwich.
He still looks as if he's been in a prize fight as the bruising on his chin
has enlarged and travelled to beneath his jaw, where they removed his teeth.
I did take photographs as the rest of the family wanted to know
all the details and how he is and they have been 'Oooing' over the size
of the scar.

Today I caught up with Bank business and called on my daughter to
 have a quick coffee.
I feel so tired, I am now going to rest.

Love and Hugs

June xx

Thursday 24 March 2011

Theme Thursday Challenge..Orange..

This my collage for this weeks challenge at
Theme Thursday, Orange.
The face is by Melissa Haslam and the
background is by dear friend Faye,
much altered.

Wednesday 23 March 2011

Take a Word Challenge.. Land of Odd..

My Land of Odd for this weeks Take a Word Challenge is peopled by
some very strange looking individuals.
I think they are The Watchers....
And they're watching You...........

The Greatest News!

Freddie has come through his triple bypass and aorta valve relacement surgery and this morning at 6am. was nodding his head when the nurse relayed my message to him! Thanks be to God and the
 power of all your prayers.

I spoke to him yesterday morning and I kept busy but the afternoon and evening dragged and dragged. Finally I rang at 8pm. and he had only just come from Theatre to Critical Care and was stable but asleep.
At 10.30pm. they still couldn't wake him. At 3.30am this morning he was awake but sleepy and stable.
And as I said at 6am. was responding. They may move him back to the ward later today and my son is taking me down to Cambridge tomorrow to see him.Those doctors and surgeons down at Papworth are some of the best in the country. God bless them.
So all being well with the TLC he is receiving he should soon be back in Norwich for a time and then, God willing, will be home.

Thank you all soooooo much for your loving messages and prayers, both of which have kept me going. I wouldn't have believed there could be so much faith and love from all over the world.
I haven't words to express my feelings.
THANK YOU. xxxxxxxx

Tuesday 22 March 2011


I'm trying today...I'm trying....

Monday 21 March 2011

Collage Obsession..Tramps..

Collage Obsession's Challenge this week is Tramps.
I didn't use the given Charlie Chaplin pic.
Instead I found these all on Google.
The tramp in the centre is obviously a caricature.
Bottom right is a pottery ornament.
The two oppopsite corners are the faces of real tramps who usually
 choose to live this sort of Life. So I named it Life.
It's their Life.

My Mother's Birthday..

It's Mum's Birthday today, the first day of Spring.
This is the last birthday she had, two years ago.
You just had to show her a camera and she lit up.
She loved music, her family and life.
Sadly she had serious dementia and we couldn't care for her at home any longer. She was happy in the Home we placed her in and all the staff loved her.
Soon after this birthday she fell and broke her thigh and rapidly declined.
We still think of her as 93 years young!
We all miss you. God Bless.xxxxx

Sunday 20 March 2011

Take a Word Challenge..Architecture..

This is my collage for this weeks Take a Word Challenge.
Here's a great bunch of architects, all looking very splendid.
Just look at the fellow standing front right!
I wonder what the occasion was? Taken about 1895.
I love their models displayed in front.
All images Googled...

Dezinaworld Collage Sheets.. Lavender and Lilac..

Here are some images from Dezinaworld's lovely new
Collage sheet, Lavender and Lilac.
I have made these two collages for her. The bottom one especially
would make a pretty birthday card.

Saturday 19 March 2011

Sunday Postcard Art..Fair Maiden..

This is my Postcard for the SPA Challenge..Fair Maiden.

The Princess of Tara. The background is the actual
hills of Tara.

SoArtful Saturday Challenge..

This week the SoArtful Challenge asks us to go into our
inner child and find the world of fairies.
That's easy for me as I'm away with the fairies most of the time!
Hope you like my little collage.

I saw Freddie last night. His mouth is rather sore and his tongue kept worrying the thread from the stitches in his gums. But he says he's OK.
They have brought the date of his op forward. He is going down to Papworth in Cambridge Monday morning and will have his operation on Tuesday.
He's having a triple bypass and an aortic valve replacemenet, which causes the most worry.

I know you will keep him in your prayers.
                          June xx
This is a new kit by Helli Designs called Memory Keeper.
Lovely rich and dark elements.

Friday 18 March 2011

Art Creations Friday..The 109th. and last challenge..

Art Creations Friday have decided this is their last challenge so it's a sad day. These wonderful ladies have been giving us gorgeous pictures to alter and play with such as the beautiful lady above.
I shall really miss their challenges. So a big thank you to Hermine, Wil, Petra and Femmy for all your hard work, encouragement and wonderful comments you have left us.
I am sure we'll all meet up again on other Blogland challenges.

The Healing Tree..

This is just doodling for me this morning and this is what I made.

I'm going to see Freddie this evening. He had the rest of his teeth out yesterday and of course his mouth is rather sore today.
I can't get round to all your blogs, please forgive me but I so appreciate all the kind and loving messages you leave. They really lift me up.
Bless you all.
June xxx

Little Dolly Daydream..

I don't know any more words but this had me singing and humming
for hours.

Thursday 17 March 2011

Theme Thursday Challenge.. Black and White..

Well I don't know if this is black and white or shades of grey
but this is my challenge for this weeks Theme Thursday Challenge,
I've added a few drops of colour as it looks so bland without.
Thank you for looking.

Wednesday 16 March 2011

Three Muses Challenge..Fish..

Here is my collage for the Three Muses Challenge this week...Fish.
I call it Pisces.

I went to see Freddie yesterday afternoon. I had a taxi and stayed with him an hour.
I took him a ham and potato salad sandwich which he thoroughly enjoyed. I think the hospital food is quite adequate but it gets bland and pretty tasteless without any salt etc.
His legs are still very swollen and his feet and ankles were icy cold but he doesn't complain. He said he was quite warm.
Now they are going to take his remaining teeth out,  and he doesn't have many left! Apparently this is another precaution in case of bacteria being swallowed and going to the wound. So he will remain where he is until that job is done. At least the date is getting nearer.

They had left him a thick booklet telling what will be happening before, during and after the operation and how to manage when you get home.
He said 'I don't think I'm going to be much use when I get home. That's if  I get home...'
'Of course you are' I told him.'You'll have me to look after you...'

Bless his heart, he takes all this, the daily injections, the drips etc. without a word of complaint.
So we just wait and pray....

The House next door..

I mentioned earlier how we bought the 'house next door'. You would think, what can there be different to where you are now? We later learned the builder who had erected these little terraced houses, built this one for himself and family.

When you opened the front door, there was a staircase going up from the hallway. I had only lived in houses where the stairs were behind a door and hidden, from a little child. I fell in love with that staircase! There was also a tiny fourth bedroom. So we bought that little house next door for £950. We were going up in the world!!

We decided to move our furniture in ourselves to save money. So we carried things out of one house and into the other....When it came to larger pieces, like the bed and mattress, my husband took the front bedroom window out, to save struggling with the tiny twisting stairs.
So I stood on the pavement while my husband (Colin) passed things down on a rope. The bedding came first, tied in a bundle. That was thrown down and I just managed to catch it. The bedhead and footboard followed and I caught them and leaned them against the wall.
Then came the bed spring. Can you imagine a 6ft. x 4ft.6"   bedspring anchored just on one corner with the rope.
Well a gust of wind caught it and it swayed and twisted as he lowered it and it caught me on the head and shoulders and I fell to my knees! When I managed to grab it and stand up I looked up at Colin laughing his head off. I turned and the passers by were standing watching and also chuckling out loud!
I didn't laugh at the time but we had many a laugh over the following years.
Finally  everything was in place and the very first thing I did was to buy carpet for the hall and stairs.
Eventually we turned the back bedroom into a bathroom but the toilet was still outside although the back yard was bigger.
But I felt I had arrived!

Bonne Fete..

I just fell in love with this litle girl in her pretty bonnet.

Tuesday 15 March 2011

I can't send email..

My dear son and DIL have just sent this.
I thought you might all love a smile and say 'Aaaahhhh'!

Lily Lady..

I have received an award from Chris Arlington, The Versatile Blogger!
Thank you so much dear Chris, you are such a sweetie.
I have to list 7 things about me you may not know.........Hmmmmm....

1.  My favourite colour is Blue.
2.  I always have warm hands but cold feet!
3.  I have Gold medals for Ballroom dancing and Latin American.
4.  I adore Chihuahuas.
5.  I cry over sad movies.
6.  I used to make and decorate Wedding cakes.
7. I am a Reiki Master.

There, how's that?

Monday 14 March 2011

Dezinaworld..Fashionable Ladies..

June at Dezinaworld has a beautiful new collage sheet
of Fashionable Ladies.
These are beautiful images and here's a couple of collages
I've made for her.

Happy Birthday to my Sister..

Happy Birthday to my dear little 'skin and blister'.
('Skin and Blister' Cockney rhyming slang for Sister, I always called her that. Our Granddad taught me lots of rhyming slang words as he was a Londoner.)
Yes dear Jackalilly, there are plump fairies!
I thought they would suit us to a T now.
So glad you had a great weekend, continue celebrating all week!!

Take a Word Challenge..Green..

Here's my Green Challenge for Take a Word from Three Muses.
My lovely Irish Colleen and friends.
Happy St. Pat's day on the 17th. everyone.
I don't know if any of you remember the song?

Sunday 13 March 2011

Collage Obsession Challenge..Many..

The Challenge is to make a collage or card with 'many' things on.
I found this frog on Google and thought him so funny I had to use him.
Sorry about all the flies, they began to make me itch!

Busy, busy...

Keeping my hands and mind busy I've made a
Hugs Jar.

I spend so much time alone I think I'm beginning to talk to myself!
Anyway, I made this little shrine. It's wood I painted and covered with paper. The top has lace on which you can't see in the pics.
The crosses inside have  'rhinestones' stuck on.

Made just for me these are both going out in the Summerhouse.

Sweet Sunday..

Just something simple for a sweet Sunday.

I didn't sleep well last night and for some reason my mind wandered back to 1955 and the very first little house we bought. I was pregnant at the time and we were so happy to find this little terraced house we could only just afford. It was £650 and our mortgage was £1.25 a week. A vast sum then as my husband only earned about £7.50 a week.

The previous owner had left an oak drawleaf table in the sitting room and I was so pleased as we hadn't much furniture. I polished that table and we had it for years!
At the time I moved it from where it stood in the corner of the room and promptly fell through the floor. It was hiding some rotten floorboards. So that was the first job, replacing the whole floor. My husband was very handy and did it all himself, with second hand floorboards.

The stairs went up from the middle room with a door closing them off like a cupboard. They had put some very heavy stuff on the walls that was painted battleship grey and my husband spent ages burning it off with a blowlamp before we could start again.

Two weeks before my son was born I was hanging wallpaper in the hall.

There was no bathroom and the loo was out in the little back yard.
Oh the joys of washing nappies in a gas copper as I had no washing machine. When I look now at the gadgets and things modern young couples have to have.  My word!
I didn't think it strange to brush my rugs etc. as there was no vacuum cleaner. I was thrilled to buy my first Ewbank carpet sweeper. I was in heaven!

We spent a few very happy years in that little house as it gradually turned into a home.
Eventually we moved and bought the house next door!
But that's another story. I've rambled on enough.

Wishing you all a happy and peaceful Sunday.
   Hugs       June xxx

Saturday 12 March 2011

Sunday Postcard Art..Number One..

My brain's a bit numb and I couldn't think of anything that really grabs you this week for the Sunday Postcard Art Challenge, Number One.
Still I think it makes a pretty postcard with an old fashioned look.

I'm sorry I've been so remiss but you all know I have had a lot of things on my mind lately. I haven't thanked you lovely people for joining as my Followers. I now have 117 I think!
You are all very welcome here and I'm always pleased to read any comments you make and I try to answer questions. If you have a web site or blog that I can visit please send me an e as I love to see the work other people do. Some of you stampers make me gasp with the wonderful techniques you use
 I'm in awe!!
Thank you and Big Hugs,

June xxxx

SoArtful Saturday Challenge..

Jeanette at SoArtful gave us this lovely image of three girls and suggested we could put them in a different setting.
I thought they could do with a night on the town so what better company than three sailors, faces I'm sure you'll recognise!

Little Petal..

Just a card for a friend.

Last night my granddaughter Rebecca took me to Norwich to see Freddie.
He is still connected up to this intravenous drip and is getting so fed up just sitting there.
He asked me to bring him a sausage roll in as he fancied one.
No sooner asked than done and it was a pleasure watching him enjoy it.

I managed to speak to his doctor and at last they have a date for his operation.
March 24th. but she said they wanted to bring it forward if possible.
So he should soon be on the move to Cambridge.

Rebecca and I hadn't eaten so we called in to a MacDonalds and enjoyed our meal with a milkshake.
She is such a good girl, this afternoon she's coming to cut our grass.

Friday 11 March 2011

Art Creations Friday Challenge..

This was the happy little boy picture supplied by
Art Creations Friday.
And above you can see the collage I made for
this weeks challenge.