Thank you dear friends and followers for your visits, for your love and prayers for both myself and Freddie.
I really appreciate you taking the time to call in, view my artwork and leave such wonderful comments.
Sending you all love, hugs and blessings,

June xxx

Monday 28 February 2011


I made this collage last week and called it 'Alone'.  Well this is just how I feel as I am still alone and suffering badly with a chest infection. I am definitely unwell and of course cannot visit the hospital.
I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday so I'll hang on till then.

At last I have a phone connection now so at least I can speak to Freddie, several times a day and he doesn't get my germs. His news worries me so. He's had to have bedrest and is all wired up so they can monitor him. The pacemaker fitted is not the complete answer and there may be another risky operation.
We shall just have to wait and see.....

BUT......Halleluia! The book has finally arrived! Freddie will not be able to draw a name out so I'm waiting for Sally to do it, perhaps tonight.
So tomorrow I should be able to tell you who is the winner and I do thank you all for your patience.
Good Luck everybody.

                               Big Hugs,   June xxx

Collage Obsession Challenge..Music..

Collage Obsession this week gave us a Music theme with a couple of
images we could use or not.
I included their colourful mandolin playing cherub in the
lower left corner.

Sunday 27 February 2011

Take a Word Challenge..Exotic..

Monday's Challenge this week on Take a Word at Three Muses is Exotic. Well I think she fits the bill.

Sunday Postcard Art..Doubletake..

Here is my postcard for the Sunday Postcard Art Challenge.
The theme is Doubletake. They want to see two of something in your art.
These are beautiful dolls that I Googled.
Thank you for looking.xx

* * * * *

It appears the pacemaker they fitted in Freddie is not the complete answer. He keeps having fainting 'turns' and they are 'watching him carefully' I was told. Yesterday he had to have complete bed rest. And this week they will see what and if they can do anything else for him.
I am trying hard to cope and remain positive.
Please keep him in your prayers. Thank you.
Love June xxx

Saturday 26 February 2011

SoArtful Challenge..

SoArtful today gave us this lovely picture of the woman for
our weekly Saturday Challenge.
Here's the setting I gave her.

I'm Shy..

Another sweet child with a patchwork backing.
Happy Saturday everyone.xx

Another Dream...or Nightmare?..

Yesterday I felt unwell with almost flu-like symptoms. An ongoing headache, painful eyes and neck and a cough coming from my boots with a wheezing, whistling chest. I don't feel much different this morning so I have some sort of bug hanging about. Perhaps that's why my brain felt scrambled as I made this.

Friday 25 February 2011

Art Creations Friday..

'Don't cry my sweetie! I can take you to a land of daisies and butterflies.
Pretty colours and all kinds of magical things.'

Art Creations Friday gave us this picture of the little girl.
I have used one of my Angel Fairies to grant her
magical wishes.

It's nice to do a challenge again. I saw Freddie yesterday afternoon and he is looking so much better. He won't be home until  Tuesday at least but he's not fretting and they are looking after him very well in ther Coronary ward.

Blue Angel Fairy FREEBIE..

My Angel Fairies free for your personal use.
They are saved in PNG format.
I hope you enjoy them.

FREEBIES...More Angel Fairies..

Thursday 24 February 2011

These are a couple of the 'angel fairies' I've used in the pictures below.
You are very welcome to use them. They are in PNG format and are my own design put together with images from Google and other free images. Personal use only.
Please let me know if you like them and I can post a couple more.

'Angel Fairy'' Cards..

Between answering the phone seemingly every 10 minutes and to stop myself from going mad I've been designing these little 'Angel fairies' or whatever you care to call them. I've made these two into cards.

Now for the good news!....
Freddie had an angiogram procedure yesterday morning but was unwell as his heart slowed. So they did another procedure and fitted a Pacemaker. He is recovering quite well, had a day in the Coronary Care Unit and last night the Staff Nurse asked me if I'd like to speak to him! Can you imagine how happy that made me! Just a few words but he said he's 'Fine'.  If you ask him he's always 'fine', he never complains.

This afternoon my daughter is taking me to see him and all being well we should have him home perhaps at the weekend.
Thank you to everyone who has sent loving words of support, comfort and prayers for us both. I shall pass all your good wishes on to him this afternoon. God bless you all. xx

Today is also my Grandson Richard's 28th. Birthday so Happy Birthday to him.

Here is another card I have made.

Tuesday 22 February 2011

ThreeMuses Challenge..TIME..

I thought I'd post my Three Muses Challenge today in case I'm called away.
Time.. Sometimes we hate it, sometimes we love it....but we can never
get away from it.

Just to tell you all Freddie is in hospital again after a nasty 'do' last night at 10pm.
He passed out completely  and fell headlong, half in the bathroom and half in the hall.
Thank God the bathroom door was open as I couldn't have got to him if he'd been behind it.
Apart from turning purple and not breathing properly he cut his hand and
 he has a black eye. It was awful and I feel so helpless.
I put a small pillow under his face and just stayed with him till help came.

Love and Hugs
June xx

Monday 21 February 2011

Collage Obsession Challenge.. HOUSE..

Collage Obsession gave us this old house to mess with today.
My quickie just done says 'Who used to live in a house like this?'

Today is my dear DIL Jenny's Birthday and this
is the card I made for her.
I can't take any credit, I copied the idea from a blog
I found but sadly can't remember where...

And I've seen so many photos of other people's Studios looking
so pristine, with gorgeous wire or metal stands holding
 loads of 'stuff' and paints and stamps all artfully arranged;
I've decided to show you just one corner of my 'space'! that
my family laughingly call 'my junk room'.

TAW Challenge..DOOR..

Tip-toe quietly...Little Lucy has wondered into the churchyard
and fallen fast asleep! And it's almost time for Tea......

This is my effort for the Take a Word Challenge this week
which is Door. Thank you for looking.xx

Shouting from the tree tops!

I have been patiently waiting....Mother always said 'Patience is a Virtue but you don't have any!'
First I must tell you I have received news that my/your book has been sent. it's on it's way at last..Whoohoo! Thank you all for your patience with me.

But, wait for it.............my invitation has arrived for the wedding!  here it is......

Now before you all go green with envy, I must tell you it was sent to me by my dear friend Bill.
We have had an ongoing joke as to who would receive their invitation first! And he's made this for me!
Thank you so much Bill!  Great work on your forgery. I hope they don't lock you in the tower for this!   Go check on Bill and see his lovely work.

Sunday 20 February 2011

My Love..

Another beautiful vintage image of an African American lady.
Just look at that gorgeous dress with the exquisite embroidery.
I hope you like her. xx

Alphabet Collages..

I decided to go for the Xoloitzcuintle for my X,
pronounced Shollo-its-quintly
I have come across them before. They are prevalent in Mexico
but are now being bred in the States.

Thank you to my dear friend Bill who suggested Yarrow
for my Y. All pictures from Google.
I have now discovered they come in all colours.
Our wild ones are white with a
pinky tinge.

Sunday Postcard Art..

This is my entry for this weeks challenge on Sunday Postcard Art........FACES......

Saturday 19 February 2011

Alphabet Collages..

 These are some more alphabet collages I've finished. I now seem to be stuck on X and Y. Suggestions welcome.
Things are more or less normal in our household and after a busy day with appointments etc. yesterday
we are now both taking it easy!

Develop interest in life as you see it; in people, things, literature, music---- the world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful  souls and interesting people.  Forget yourself.
                                                                                                 Henry Miller.

Have a great weekend, everyone. sending big hugs your way.....
                                    June xx

SoArtful Challenge..

SoArtful has set a Challenge today with this little girl in the paper hat as inspiration. I can remember my Granddad making paper hats for me like that when I was small. The inspiration word is hats.
                  So I've come up with this.....Les  Chapeaux.... The lovely background is by Faye again.

The only time you get to wear a gorgeous hat these days is at a wedding  or at Ascot on Ladies Day.

Friday 18 February 2011

Steampunk Tags..

This is a collage I have done for June at Dezinaworld.
She has a new  sheet out today, Steampunk Tags and I have  put
some of them on here.
Please do pop over and have a look at her work.
Icon in my sidebar.

ACF Challenge 105..

Art Creations Friday gave us the lovely Mucha image to play with for their challenge this week.
Here's my digital collage.

My Alphabet Collages..

I am slowly progressing through the alphabet.
I think they are fairly obvious, Laughter, Madonna,
Nursery Rhymes and Octagon.
I shall put them all in another little book when I'v finished.
Hope you enjoy.....xx

Thursday 17 February 2011


A collage I made last week.

Better news?
The hospital sent Freddie home last night by taxi.
He walked in at 9.20pm. Tired and hungry but OK.
I made him a hot drink and some ham sandwiches while he rested.
I had three different doctors ring me yesterday from the hospital. 2pm.     4pm. and  7pm.
They all asked loads of questions about Freddie and when I asked questions I realised I had three different and  fairly conflicting reports! The third doctor even asked to speak to my daughter. When I said she doesn't live here he wanted to speak to Freddie's next-of-kin. I said I was his wife and as far as I can recollect I am his next of kin.
What a ludicrous situation! Is there no communication between doctors? And this is a large teaching hospital! I must have a little intelligence to make sense of it all!

I sent him in after having another minor stroke and they were treating him for something else.
A problem that stares them in the eye they all ignored.
Apparently another letter will be sent to his GP and we shall go from there.....

Meanwhile we've got to try and carry on as normally as possible and we can only trust in the Lord
and live each and every day.

Thank you so much dear friends for your continuing good wishes and prayers.

Love and Big Hugs
June xxx

Wednesday 16 February 2011


I set this for my Challenge picture to come up this morning and this time it worked!!

I had to call paramedics out again this morning and Freddie has gone off to hospital again, blue lights flashing. I think he's had another mini stroke. He looked much better when he went but they thought it for the best.

Three Muses Challenge..Hot, hot, hot..

After all the cold weather it was nice to think about some heat.
I've made the background a nice hot colour
and found a few ways to cool off!

Tuesday 15 February 2011


Just to show you I can still be in a romantic mood!
The lovely background with the lace edge and all the elements
came from another Jean Dougherty kit.
Her family will be closing her shop very soon and then her
gorgeous kits will be no longer available.

Different styles..

Well Valentine's Day is over, it's been and gone. Farewell to the hearts and flowers and mush. Time to put up a new Blog Header and look forward to Spring. Hope you like it.

Today I'm putting up two completely different styles of work. I like them both. I don't seem to have a particular style, I like to try all sorts of things but I think my favourite is Vintage. The quote in the one above has a particular resonance for me.Not so much now but then.........
I've finished Rebecca's Birthday Book, just a few adornments to add.
I'm pleased with how it turned out.
There are 18 pages, each about 8" x 5".
You can see the front and back cover above and a couple of spreads.
She has a Cupcake craze on at the moment so each page has pictures of cupcakes!
Hope she likes it.

** * * *

Yesterday I drove to my Bank, about 9 miles. What a fool, I put the wrong documents in the envelope. Losing my marbles again.
Also we visitted the rubbish tip so not a completely wasted journey.
We had to dispose of the old carpet from the hall and the old microwave oven. Freddie couldn't lift them so I got the sack barrow, lifted them on and put them in the boot of my car. it's surprising what you can do when you have to..... I'm still suffering from it today!
Upwards and Onwards!

Monday 14 February 2011

Jan's Lady..

Last week my dear friend Jan put a picture on her blog,
Lutie in 1929 and said we could use it ourselves.
So this is what I did to her.
Hope you like it Jan.xx
To view her blog go HERE

Romance Challenge..TAW..

Wishing you all a very happy St. Valentine's day.
The Take a Word Challenge this week is Romance.
Very appropriate for the day.
So here is Loves Old Sweet Song, the very essence of Romance.

Today is a day for being. Just Be.
Be with those you love,
Be kind to yourself.
Be quiet and call forth the dream you buried long ago.
The ember still glows in your soul.
See it in your mind, hold it tenderly in your heart.

Do not be a 'would be if I could be'
or  a 'could be if I would be'.
Just be......


What better day could June at Dezinaworld choose for posting her latest collage sheet. Beautiful Vintage brides. Here are some collages I designed for her featuring these lovely images.

Sunday 13 February 2011

A Moment to Treasure..

Isn't she just a beauty!!

Vintage Romance..

I think dear Lovey could have made this look really beautiful.
Go and look at her beautiful work.

Help please..

I started this card yesterday afternoon. it's for my daughter's 50th. birthday. (She never looks here!! LOL) I made the paper shoe to match the background paper, (my first one), decorated it a bit and this is as far as I've got. I think it still needs something, perhaps in the bottom left corner?
Do you think her name? I don't really want to put 50, I don't think she'd need reminding!
All suggestions welcome from you clever cardmakers out there!
Help please. xx

Saturday 12 February 2011

Sunday Postcard Art..Hearts..

It's past my bedtime here in England. I've just finished this for the Sunday Postcard Art Challenge.
We're so close to Valentines everywhere you look you see Hearts.
So here's my offering.
Night night xx


Well the weather's nothing special and it's raining today again so not much to do but play.
And yesterday I really played and this is what I came up with. Bit different for me.

My Granddaughter is coming up to 30 and I spent yesterday afternoon making and printing out pictures to put in a book/birthday card. When we went out last week in the foyer of the hotel was a table full of leaflets etc. advertising things round about the area. I picked up a little book advertising leather. I'll take this I thought. It will alter nicely.  So that's my project for the moment.

Have a great weekend everyone. Love and Hugs
June xxx

SoArtful Challenge..

SoArtful Challenge this week is to make a picture using this wonderful Gothic cottage. I thought it  must be haunted so I've added a couple of 'ghosts'. I'm sure they are peaceful ones but they just can't leave....