Thank you dear friends and followers for your visits, for your love and prayers for both myself and Freddie.
I really appreciate you taking the time to call in, view my artwork and leave such wonderful comments.
Sending you all love, hugs and blessings,

June xxx

Monday 31 January 2011

Close your Eyes..

In a conversation with an old friend the other day she asked
'Do these people ever see?'
I knew exactly what she meant.
Some people seem to wear blinkers and miss the tiny wild flower or the little bird busily making it's nest. Driving a car unfortunately you do miss a lot but if you are lucky enough to be out walking, there are so many treasures and miracles to see and enjoy. I'm sure people who are blind can appreciate the  smells and sounds of nature and often can 'see' more than we.
So I was thinking along these lines as I made this collage.
Oh to be able to see like the owls!

I have at last agreed to go and stay with my sister for a few days. I kept putting it off for one reason or another but I've made the executive decision and she is fetching me on Thursday morning so I don't even have to drive. Hopefully I shall be able to keep up with some of you while I am away.

June xxx


Brenda Brown said...

Lovely piece June, sriking colours with the images.
Have a lovely time away and this will be your opportunity to take time to 'see' things.
Take care.
luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

Bill said...

Oh no. I wonder what kind of trouble you two old "hoots" will get into! Great collage.

Taluula said...

Excellent piece June such rich deep colours.

I hope you have a wonderful time with your sister.

Diane said...

Hi June,

Have a great time with your sister! Also congratulations on your 95 followers--this bodes well for our world, you have much wisdom to disperse in your "jottings", as well as so much lovely art to inspire us. You go, girl!!!

Love and Hugs,


Zue said...

What a lovely piece of work. It is true, I have heard, that if we lose one faculty the others take over.
It is the little things in life that matter most, I feel. I hear owls at night, but seldom catch a glimpse. Though sometimesI have seen a barn owl out hunting along a local lane, just before dark...such a wonderful sight!
Enjoy your little break!
Sue xxx

Lovey said...

So rich in color June! I love it! Hey June c'mon by my blog to enter my OWOH giveaway!

cheryl said...

oh hun have a wonderful time with your sister,you deserve it,as for this wow its just amazing,and well done on your followers too,they know great style and art when they see it,hugs cheryl xxxxxxx

Netty said...

wow June is that a glass tile or digital art? Its fabulous. Have a great time away. xx

Christine said...

Beautiful meaningful piece, Dear June. And the home sweet home postcard is sooo sweet!

Cindy Adkins said...

Wow, June--this is so spiritual and amazing!!!

Silvia(Barnie) said...

Love this saying and your card is fantastic.