Thank you dear friends and followers for your visits, for your love and prayers for both myself and Freddie.
I really appreciate you taking the time to call in, view my artwork and leave such wonderful comments.
Sending you all love, hugs and blessings,

June xxx

Tuesday 30 November 2010


I was quite happy with how this one turned out.
Hope you like it too, xx
I've had a smile this morning.
I thought I would treat myself for Christmas so I've bought this lacy
jacket/cardigan thing, which I thought worn over my 'little black dress'
would (hopefully) add a bit of glamour.
I did say hopefully..........
So I sent this picture to my dear cousin. This morning he said
'You'll have to wear something flesh coloured under that, it will show
Can you imagine it?
No, don't go there...............


I'm a wee bit unsteady on the bicycle but I always
dress for Bingo, dahling....

Monday 29 November 2010

Angel Voices..

I had time today to have a play. It didn't come out quite as I wanted
it to but I'll show you anyway.

Sunday 28 November 2010

One Thousand!!

Beat the drums, sound the horns, bring out your tambourines
and trumpets.
Today I realised is my 1000th. Post!

I should have said something deep and meaningful but
I can't think of anything to say.

Please know how much I appreciate all the wonderful
friends I have made in Blogland and I am so glad I began
 this Blog back in April. I think it has saved my sanity.
Thank you for your beautiful comments and most of all,
your  love and friendship.

Love and Hugs
June xxx
The Challenge at Take a Word this week is
Here is the collage I made.
Thank you all for looking.....


As I look out the window this cold Sunday morning
everywhere is white and clean and it's snowing hard.
So I thought I'd keep to a Christmassy theme and wondered
if mermaids dreamt of a white Christmas.

Hoping you are all keeping warm.
Wishing you a blessed and peaceful Sunday.
June xx

Saturday 27 November 2010

SoArtful Challenge

Uther Pendragon.
This is a little different to my usual work. Quite a change in fact.
SoArtful gave the black and white crown and pennant hanging and
asked us to make a picture including  those elements.
So this is what I came up with.

Old Man Winter Comes..

The Little Hat..

I'm all about Hats today, these are 20's style.

* * * * *

Winter has come early this year. Further North in Scotland and England
heavy snow has fallen, always making life difficult.
Other countries have far more snow and their lives go on.
I don't know why everything comes to a halt here.
On our little bit of the East Coast we have a bare sprinkling so we're lucky.
My cousin and my sister about 50 miles away have quite a bit.

I had to go down to the Surgery twice yesterday as they had made
a cockup of Freddie's pills. The sun was shining so I went on my
scooter. Coming back I got caught in a downpour of a sleety shower
and got soaked. But as I turned up my road, there was a beautiful
rainbow in the black sky. A piece of magic!

The Big Hat..

I couldn't resist this mannequin in the enormous hat.
It's a puffball of tulle, a meringue of net,
floating, weightless above her.
It brought back immediately my Granddad saying
'If you can't fight, wear a big hat'.
He was full of peculiar sayings that stick in my mind, what it means
though is anyone's guess......dear man.
I just like the coloured effects I gave her....

* * * * *

You may have noticed I have a new award button, kindly given me
by Brenda of Bumblebees and Butterflies for Christmas.
So I am now a Stylish Blogger.
I'm not really into awards but I thank you very much Brenda.
Please go and visit her Bumblebees and Butterflies for Christmasblog. She does such lovely work.

Friday 26 November 2010

Art Creations Friday Challenge..

This is a photograph of Santas's daughter
on her Wedding day.

ACF gave us the bride photo to alter.

Dezinaworld Images..

June at Dezinaworld will soon be showing her latest collage sheet,
The Ladies of the Past set.
She has so many beautiful images but I think this one has to be my favourite.
Absolutely gorgeous images.
The fabulous Victorian elegance of the lady in black.
The wistful look of the lady with flowers in her hair.
And my real favourite, the last lady reminds me of a
Russian Princess in a Fairytale. What a story she could tell.
I do hope you enjoy them.

* * * *

Thursday 25 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving..

Wishing all my dear friends in Blogland a very
Happy Thanksgiving
in Storyland.

Wednesday 24 November 2010

Digital Whisper Blog Challenge..

Kimmie gave us a photo of a half opened zipper today
for her weekly Challenge.
So this is my little creation.

Tuesday 23 November 2010

Three Muses Challenge..Shoes..

I had a thing for shoes when I was younger and had loads,
I always included a red pair. AlasI can no longer wear my high heels
so they all had to go.
I've put a different take on the theme this week.

Dezinaworld Cheri Shine..

June at Dezinaworld has posted her collage set Cheri Shine today.
This is a collage I did for her with a couple of the images.


I did find time to make this yesterday
Forgotten love, forgotten beauty...
decaying and forgotten...

* * * * *

I wish I had not chosen such big books to work on for Journals.
They are 8" x 12", silly me.
I shall do a bit more today..

I have been preparing a little Service for Chapel on Thursday
as it is my turn to be Leader.
Of course the theme will be Thanksgiving.

Have a lovely day dear friends.
June xxx

Love Song..

One of my faves that you've seen before but I was running
short on time...

And of course I had to show you this car that Sally is
over the moon about!

Dearest Granddaughter Rebecca came yesterday morning and worked so
hard in the garden again, weeding and even giving the grass it's
(hopefully) last cut this year.
Dear Grandson Richard calls every day with a newspaper for
Freddie. This morning it was his wife Rebecca popping in.
Yes, we have two Rebeccas!!!

Monday 22 November 2010

Father's Footsteps..

I found this old vintage photo quite fascinating.
The little uniforms for the sweet boys had to be hand made specially.
So the words of the old Music Hall song came to me
and I imagined him being posted to Paris.
And of course I always wonder how the story ended.....

* * * * *

I got to Chapel last night, very cold but almost a full moon.
I hope it didn't rain in the night as that naughty pixie
left the car passenger window open.
His name is Ro and everytime something happens that 'nobody'
will own up to, it is always blamed on Ro.
Do you have a 'Ro' in your house?
He used to live in a cupboard under the stairs in my last house.
Now we're in a bungalow I don't know where he hides out!

And I am so pleased to find I have a new follower, Nigel,
yes, a man! Thank you Nigel, William won't feel
so outnumbered now.

Sunday 21 November 2010

Steampunk Baby..

I have just completed my order for a new book of my Steampunk collages.
40 pictures but I was one page short. So I hurriedly made this
for the last page, just for me.
It's William's gorgeous grandson Corben, he of the enormous eyes!
He's following in Grandad's footsteps with the steampunk look.
I wasn't going to show this but Bill said he didn't mind.
I think he looks just as beautiful!!

Take a Word Challenge..MEN..

I was very kindly invited to do the sample picture on the Three Muses
Take a Word Challenge..MEN..
I've loved this quote and made my collage accordingly.
She's just a tad bit naughty and she's certainly had her choices of
all these lovely men.
Who should be so lucky!!

Thank you Three Muses for the invite.
I hope you all enjoy the Challenge.


Come with me to the Casbah.....
Dare you accept her invitation?
What mysteries are beyond the veil?

* * * * *

I did spend some time yesterday trying to turn a couple of books I'd bought into Journals for Christmas presents, making a sort of collage for the covers. I'm well on the way with one but I so admire you ladies who do these things. Once upon a time I would have enjoyed it but getting stuck up with glue and cutting out bits and pieces I became a nervous wreck.
I shall persevere however and I may even show you a picture later!! LOL!!

Have a wonderful Sunday dear friends.
June xxx

Another before and After..

This beautiful medievil lady in her sumptuous gown I loved.
Just look at the sleeves. Can you imagine trying to wash up wearing that?
I gave her a companion and turned it into
'The order of the Golden Fleece'.

Saturday 20 November 2010

This morning we have a real November fog. It's like Pea Soup out there and I'm glad I don't have to go out in it. The dog went out in the dark early and disappeared from sight in the fog!

But yesterday was a good day. Himself and I had a talk and  decided he didn't need anyone to come and get him up in the mornings now. This last three days they haven't had to do anything as he was already washed, shaved and dressed and has been showering himself in the evenings. We have really appreciated their help in the early days but now they can help someone who needs it more.

Dear daughter is over the moon as her husband is buying her a new car. Well not quite new but with a very small mileage, it's only just run in. A BMW coupe no less. I'm not really into cars. To me they must have 4 wheels and able to get you from A to B with no hassle!!

My dear Son was on a rest day so he came for a visit. It's always a Highlight for me when he comes as we always have plenty to talk about.We're very much on the same wavelength and share many interests so we discussed everything from Buddhism to Burdens! I am so happy to see him looking so well and enthusiastic once again. He has had a rought time......

I hope you all have a peaceful and blessed weekend.

I send you love and hugs,

June xxx

Steampunk Santa..

I really hope this doesn't offend the tradionalists among you dear friends
but it's really not our beloved Santa. It's his cousin Lawrence, who has
always been known in the family as a bit of an
exhibitionist who sees the world differently through his glass eye.

Just Looking..

I don't know what I was thinking about as I made this yesterday.
My mind was everywhere and  I just kept adding pieces.
Can you give it any meaning?

Friday 19 November 2010

Dezinaworld images..

Another card I've done for dear June.
This time using her sheet of Christmas Angels.

Thursday 18 November 2010

Art Creations Friday Challenge..

Art Creations Friday gave us this picture of the little girl reading.
I've made her the secondary character so here they are....
Sisters, lazing on a summer afternoon..

Voyages Extraordinaires..

I haven't done a Steampunk picture for a few weeks
so thought I'd have a change...

The Windows..

This woman came from a painting by Todd Williams.
I think she is beautiful.

Dezinaworld again..

Gayle has made two more sheets of Christmas Images for June at Dezinaworld.
They are all lovely vintage images and you can make your Christmas
cards very easily with them.
Do pop over to Dezinaworld's site (button in my sidebar).
These are a couple of cards I made with them.

Wednesday 17 November 2010

Digital Whisper Blog Challenge..

Dear Kimmie on her Digital Whisper blog has given us this beautiful
piece of material for her challenge this week.

I hope you can see it in the background of my collage,
I have turned it into a medievil picture.

Dezinaworld by Gayle..

June at Dezinaworld has another sheet of beautiful Christmas
images, this time designed for her by Gayle, a very
talented designer.
Here are a couple of cards I did with her images.


This Collage has some beautiful backing paper by Graphics 45.
I wish I could take credit for it but there you go.
I only did the doll face and the layers but I liked the look of it
and hope you do too.
* * * * *
We are all thrilled here to have something lovely to look forward to.
I'm talking about our Wills and Kate.
They looked such a lovely couple on TV last night when they were
interviewed and this morning the papers and TV are all full of speculation.
Who will make her dress? Will it be in the Abbey? Who will be Best Man?
What is the date? etc. etc.
No doubt most of it has been planned already.
All we want is a day with no rain!

Tuesday 16 November 2010

Three Muses Challenge..Vehicle..

Here are my Great Grandchildren in a pretend car I found online.
She's got more hair now!
A fun challenge.

The Heart of the Rose..

Another Doll I played with.
I thought she looked cute in the Santa hat!

Dezinaworld Vintage Santa..

 June at Dezinaworld is posting her collage sheet of gorgeous vintage Santas. Click on      her  button on   my  sidebar to pop over and have a look. She has loads of beautiful images to browse.
                         Here are a couple of cards I did for her using her Santa images.

Sad Song..

Sad Song.

I had a browse yesterday and found a Russian site with pictures
of modern hand made dolls and I was so taken by these sad little
faces. What brilliant artistry! I had to use them.

* * * * *

I had a quiet day on Sunday. My son couldn't come over as he was preparing to go
back to work yesterday. He's in a different department and got on well.
I did manage to get to Chapel on Sunday night which I enjoyed.
A beautiful morning yesterday but a hard frost. My darling granddaughter came over
and did 4 hours work in the garden again, very well wrapped up. She worked so hard
and did a wonderful job, weeding all the flower beds on hands and knees.

The district nurse called to dress Freddie's feet and while here she gave us both
our 'flu jabs, including swine 'flu this time.

This morning has beautiful wall to wall sunshine again but a very hard frost.
We'll see what today brings......

Thank you very much to all of you for leaving such wonderful messages
about my work. 95% of it is done to please me! LOL! but I'm so glad
you like it too.
I'd also like to thank those dear people who have joined my Followers list.
I can't believe I am now up to 80!!

Wishing you all a brilliant day.
Love and Hugs
June xxx

Spirit of Trees..

I thought it would make a change to do something
with just tones of sepia.

Sunday 14 November 2010

Collage Obsession Challenge..Tenderness..

I felt the picture given was just a tad too 'racy' for Tenderness so
I have just given a portion of the photo.
So this is my offering...Try a little tenderness....

Three Muses Take a Word Challenge..Moon

My Take a Word 'MOON' Challenge.

'Ill met by Moonlight'