Thank you dear friends and followers for your visits, for your love and prayers for both myself and Freddie.
I really appreciate you taking the time to call in, view my artwork and leave such wonderful comments.
Sending you all love, hugs and blessings,

June xxx

Sunday 30 September 2012

Meet Miss Pheobe!

May I introduce to you Miss Phoebe! Now Phoebe's Fan Dance was famous all
 over France but she settled in Paris and married a Financier!

'Phoebe' was Googled and coloured by me, the page in the right
bottom corner by Astrid with many thanks.
Hope you are having a peaceful Sunday
With love and hugs
June xxx

Saturday 29 September 2012

Delicious Autumn..

This is my collage for the Autumn Challenge on Friday Foto Challenge.
Thanks for looking! xx

Sexy Saturday?

The challenge this week on Digitalmania  (Flickr) is to make something in the style of Nancy Lefko.
She often makes collages with an ever so slightly sexy overtone and a cute saying so these are a couple I made  trying to emulate her style. Hope you like them.
                                       Happy Saturday and big hugs to you all,
                                                                   June xxx

Friday 28 September 2012

It's Friday again..

The weekend starts here, so they say....
And they seem to roll around so quickly.
What have I got planned? After all my weekend 'engagements' this past few weeks, nothing at all.
Well I have just phoned the Garage. Earlier in the week I had a 'light' come on, took it in to be tested on the 'machine' and a new part has to be ordered, I know not what!
Now the car won't start at all, the battery is as flat as the proverbial so hopefully they will come and fetch it this morning to have a look. I don't need to be a Mystic Meg to predict more expense in the offing!!
The only excitement in my day is to go on the scooter to have my toenails cut! LOL! All my life I have had good feet and except for chilblains as a child I have no corns, callouses or bunions! Now I have an ingrowing toenail which became infected, I had a course of anti-b's and it is still very sore so I am not particularly enthralled at this mornings outing. At least the sun is shining!
The highlight of the weekend is Downton Abbey on Sunday night's TV.
The third series has started and this week is the third episode.
I won't give away any secrets as I know a lot of my US friends love it too and wait patiently for the series to start again over there.
So forgive my meanderings and useless information this morning.
Hope you all have a lovely day.
Big hugs
June xxxx

Thursday 27 September 2012


There are so many pictures of the actress Maude Fealy and this time I chose this one. It was a black and white image that I coloured with my mouse in Photoshop Elements, giving her a luscious green dress. The blue and green background is my own pattern.
I think Maude was one of the world's most beautiful women. She was born in 1883 and died in 1971.

Wednesday 26 September 2012

Bird Challenge Three Muses..

The challenge this week is BIRDS.
The one above I did a while ago.
So of course I had to do another.

Please meet the DODO BIRD!
He's hiding away in some far flung spot
waiting,  patiently waiting for his mate.

Thank you for your visits and comments dear Friends and Followers.
Have a wonderful 'birdie' day!
Hugs   June xxx

Tuesday 25 September 2012


Here's a collage I made a couple of weeks ago from a kit of
the same name by D&T Designs.
I thought the colour scheme was lovely.

And here's the pic of my Freddie taken on Sunday, brightened
up a bit. As I said, he was sitting in front of the window.
He needs a haircut so that's a job for me this morning.
Jill of all trades, that's me!! LOL!

Have a wonderful day dear friends,
June xxx

Monday 24 September 2012

Sunday lunch..

A couple of pics taken yesterday. The one of Freddie was a little dark as he had his back to the window. Sally and John and yours truly. We had a lovely lunch with Freddie and Martin, fabulous food as always and delightful company.
The drive down was eventful as Algie was sick, no warning at  all, all over my shoulder. I was preparing to sponge my top after we arrived but Martin insisted I take it off, (good job I had a sleeveless thing on underneath!). He washed it and put it in the dryer so I could wear it again! How's that for service!!
Algie soon recovered and had a wonderful time exploring the house and garden and spending a lot of time in the kitchen, following the lovely smells No mishaps on the way home, just rain and rain and rain! Of course he was pooped all evening!
PS We did hear Freddie play on that lovely baby grand of course..........

TAW Challenge....Blue...

The Challenge on Take a Word is BLUE this week.
So here are my two little girls in blue, both completely
different styles  of drawing and dress.
The small girl was Googled, and the large fashion drawing
is by Ros Webb Art with many thanks.
The background is my own.
Thank you so much for visiting. Hugs xxx

Saturday 22 September 2012

Watching you sleep...

This collage was built around the found photo of the pretty little girl.
The rest made up from various bits and piece in my stash.
Thank you so much for looking and I wish you a blessed Sunday.
I shall be going out to lunch. 
June xx

Friday 21 September 2012


I hope you're not all too shocked! Please don't faint on me!
This is just to show you I don't always do 'pale and pretty'!!
It's for a challenge on Digitalmania posted on Flickr.
I belong to a group that challenges you to make a picture in the style of some artist or other. Usually I have no ideas who they are and have to look them up  and their style is often not at all to my taste. But I try to 'step outside the box' and challenge myself to do something different. Often their style is quite surreal and my brain doesn't think that way at all.
Here's another one for the same challenge.

Have a great weekend everyone!
Love and Hugs
June xxx

Watching you sleep.....

  1. I found this picture of the sweet little girl and made
  • this collage this morning.

Thursday 20 September 2012

I wish you...

All that is best
That best I wish you.
Have a wonderful day my dear friends! xx

After digging another enormous hole in the rose bed, Algie had a bath.
What a slippery, wriggling little creature he is when soaped!
I am taking him to Chapel with me this morning.

My dearest GGrandson has an awful croupy sounding cough and in the night was so bad
he couldn't get his breath and was turning all colours.
So my Grandson Richard called out the paramedics who were marvellous.
We are so lucky with them in this area. Real angels of mercy.
So Richard brought him with him yesterday and we spent time doing little sums etc. 
and finished up looking at some of my altered books.
These seemed to fascinate him and he told me he liked those books!
Of course I had to find one for him to take home!

Tuesday 18 September 2012

Three Muses...Autumn...

The Challenge set this week on Three Muses  is to make something
depicting Autumn.
So just look what Algie found sitting under the Weigela bush.
She let me gently pick her up to say Hello before I carefully
returned her to the grass.

Thank you for visiting and I wish you
a lovely day! xxxx


Here's my lovely baby boy!  Algie.
On my lap and on the floor with his favourite shawl.
He loves to drag it round the house and roll himself up in it!

Wishing you a lovely day xxx

Monday 17 September 2012

Day out on Juno

Well here is a sampling of my day yesterday going out to sea on the sailing barge Juno.
We left the quay at 7.30 am and got back at 6.30pm What a stupendous day!
Going along the coast about a mile offshore with nothing but windpower in those magnificent sails.
We saw hundreds of seals on the far Point, a wonderful site, some seemed so tame as they swam around us.
Charlie the owner and Skipper knew exactly what he was doing as he hoisted the sails and feeling every nuance of the wind. His crewman Mark also knew his business and they took turns with the steering. In the photo you can see my son having a go for about 15 minutes and even I! Me! Myself! had a go for about 5 minutes and Charlie even left me alone to handle that huge boat! I can't remember ever feeling so happy and exhilarated!
We drank Champagne at 11 am! Later we had a picnic lunch brought along by Sally and Jenny We decided to eat on deck and all that fresh air gave us a wonderful appetite. There was so much gorgeous food I could hardly believe it!

As the tide turned Charlie gently ran the boat aground on an enormously wide sandy beach. As the tide receded we were on dry land and the family all went for a walk, just leaving John and I to chat and watch the sea. There were several people on the beach and they came to view the boat and also to ask if we needed any help!! There were a couple of horses racing along the beach and in the water.
The time seemed to go by so quickly, the family all returned and we watched the tide coming in and surrounding us again with water. Juno floated off and Charlie hoisted the mainsail once again.

We were all quiet on the journey back. It was so quiet and peaceful with just the sound of the sea, I think we all felt it could go on forever. At last we anchored beside our boat to return to the quay. They got all our bags and boxes stowed away and  we said our Goodbyes and Thanks to Charlie.
It was a struggle for me at times clambering and climbing from boat to boat, but with a little pushing, shoving and heaving I made it!

It was a dream come true. 


I hope some of you will remember the old song that 
  Rosemary Clooney (aunt of George) used to sing.
This is my Zetti piece for Take a Word this week
and I really enjoyed making it.

Thanks for looking everyone.

I was completely zonked  out last night after all that fresh air yesterday!
I'll sort some photos and tell you all about it!

Love and hugs
June xxxx

Saturday 15 September 2012

Faye's Background..

I have made these two collages this morning, both with the same lady and backgrounds but reversed.
The rest from my stash.
The lovely background, which I hope you can see, was made by my friend Faye. And she graciously gave her permission for me to use it. So these are for you dear Faye
You can see her lovely work and paintings   HERE!

Thank you so much Faye. I really appreciate it.Have a great weekend everybody! Love and Hugs.
                                                                        June xxxx

Friday 14 September 2012

This is a collage I made very recently, with my own background and I coloured the girl with my mouse.         Dreams...... it has been my dream for years to sail on this wonderful barge Juno!
And at last I dare to think my dream is coming true. I chartered  her in June and this is the first Sunday coming up he had free so my family could all come. My children and their partners and my grandchildren and me! I am celebrating a second 'birthday' this year and I've told my children I expect a Birthday cake! LOL!
We've had soooo much wind lately I hardly dared hope but the owner rang me this morning to confirm it 'should' be on! Fingers crossed and all that!!
It's a full days sea trip from 7.30am. till about 6.30pm. and he said he can't promise the smoothest sea and it is very cold so we must all wrap up very well.
So..........hopefully there will be photos and I'll let you all know how we got on.

Love and Hugs
June xxx

'Oh a life on the ocean waves......' etc.etc.

Wednesday 12 September 2012

Turquoise.. Three Muses..

The Challenge this week on Three Muses is to make a collage or card using the colour Turquoise.
This is one of my favourite colours and I've used it here in the background. All images Googled
and I searched long and hard for a little Blackamoor to tie m'lady's shoelaces.
Very politically incorrect and tongue in cheek!
Thank you for looking.   Hugs,    June xxx

Tuesday 11 September 2012

I've been published!!

I've never been published before! In the great scheme of things, it's of no great import
but I thought you might like to see.
My original collage is at the top, done originally for a Sewing challenge.
I was asked by Polly Leonard, the founder of Selvedge magazine if she could use the picture to illustrate a small article and of course I was pleased to say Yes!

I don't think you'd see the magazine in stores as it seems to be subscription only
but you can read all about it at www.selvedge.org

Thanks  for visiting!
Hugs June xxx

Monday 10 September 2012

Mind Wide Open Challenge..

This is a digital collage I made for the Mind Wide Open Challenge.
We were given the picture of the girl in the gingham hat to use.
Thank you for visiting. xx

Sunday 9 September 2012

Hearts and Flowers Challenge,

For some strange reason I had trouble this week coming up with something for the Take a Word challenge, Hearts-an'- Flowers.
I started several times and nothing came. 
Finally I did this with everything Googled, The background  with flowers was a handpainted  plaque.
Thank you for visiting. Have a great week.

* * * * *
Had a lovely day yesterday! We were taken out to lunch and the hotel allows dogs! 
So Algies first trip where there were loads  of people toing and froing was a great new  experience for him and he did not disgrace himself, well only very slightly! LOL!
Back to Sallys for coffee and then Algie slept most of the afternoon!
June xxxxx

The Lamb of God...

Wishing you all a blessed and joyful Sunday.
Love and Hugs
June xxxx

Friday 7 September 2012

Letter from Algie!

Good morning to all Mum's friends out there in Blogland!
I am sitting on Mum's lap as she types this for me. I want to tell you what an exciting day I had yesterday.
I had my breakfast with Mum as usual and had a play in the garden, chasing my ball. After that a little snooze till lunchtime.
Then I met a new friend, Auntie Debbie, who picked me up and made a fuss of me. I love fusses!
She had a great big dog outside, an Aerdale, he was huge but was very kind to me.
Then she took me into her shop on wheels, right outside the garden gate.

I didn't know what to expect....but I had a bath....phew.....then a blow dry....very nice.
Then would you believe, she started cutting off all my lovely hair, that Mum brushes for me every night. This took a loooooong time. I even had my toenails trimmed up.
What an experience for a little dog like me, but Auntie Debbie said I had been very good.
So I trotted in to show Mum my new look and we went out in the garden where I posed for a Photoshoot, just to show off.
My Goodness, I was so tired in the evening and had a long rest.....
To tell the truth I still feel a bit tired this morning!

Bye for now,
Algernon Moncrieff Cornish Yarham.

PS You can all call me Algie! xxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday 6 September 2012

The Last Mermaid..

I know they're in short supply....I haven't heard of one being seen for a long time....
What if this really is the last mermaid?   Wouldn't that just be too sad?
The background is one of my own.   Thanks for looking.

Tomorrow is a big day! Algie is having his first professional wash and dry and a HAIR CUT!!
I am so worried for him. I'm sure he'll wriggle and cry............ I'll let you know..............

Tuesday 4 September 2012

Three Muses Challenge..School days..

It seems hundreds of years ago I went to this school...a very big Wake Up!
The class photo was taken the  year before I started so you can imagine this is how I looked and dressed! The teacher in the centre is Miss Jackson.
The uniform even had blue gingham dresses for the Summer.
A Navy Blazer or mac and a velour hat with a brim, and as we got older this thing of great beauty had added pleats and tucks to try and give a more jaunty look!
We were forever changing shoes, outdoor shoes, house shoes for inside, plimsolls for games, etc.
Overalls for Science and another for Art.
All of the uniform they listed had to be bought from Palmer's in the Market Place, then THE most expensive store in town. This caused great hardship for my mother, struggling as a single parent after the war.
I played hockey, netball, tennis and I played for the school Rounders team, along with Anne Pashley, who later ran in the Olympics, winning a medal.
The old building was eventually pulled down about 1963 when the school moved.
Memories?  Yes.      Happy days? I'm not too sure about that......

Monday 3 September 2012

Friday Foto Challenge..

At the top is one of the patterns given us by Peggy Gatto for her challenge this week. I made it a square format, lightened it a bit and made the dolphin pattern to go on top. Hope you like it Peggy!
Have a great day everyone.          Love and Hugs,             June xxx

TAW challenge..Numbers..

The challenge this week at Take a Word is numbers. I hate numbers....simple adding and subtraction is quite enough. Algebra and Trigonometry long forgotten..
Anyway I admire people who are clever with numbers. I found this on Google and was intrigued!
Thanks for looking. Please read the next post to hear of my day out yesterday!
                                                                           June xxx


I had a wonderful day at Stanley and Jenny's party. Just a couple of pics taken before other guests arrived. Some of my wonderful family, Sally and John with the young'uns and Stanley looking relaxed and happy. And a tiny shot of sister in law Gill with Sally. It's hard trying to take photos when you're hobbling on two crutches and feeling unsteady on your feet. I would have loved to have shown you more of their superb garden and the gorgeous new kitchen, or even the yummiest food laid out! Jenny has the most beautiful taste and all the little extras in the house and garden are  exquisite. It would not look out of place in a House and Gardens magazine.

After that I sat in a wonderfully comfortable armchair under a gazebo. Although it was cloudy it was very warm and my Lupus would not like me to sit outside. There was a little quiz to find things in the garden for the children, helped by Mums of course and a Caption contest for the adults on one of Stanley's bird photos on the sitting room wall. Great fun for the adults. and needless to say, I did not win!!
The food was absolutely scrumptious, all prepared by Stanley and Jen. Sally had brought with her a couple of beautiful cheesecakes, lemon and white chocolate and strawberries. I was so spoiled!

Home just after 6, totally shattered. But  a great day, catching up with family.

Hope you all have a great day.    Love and Hugs,
                                                                            June xxx            

Saturday 1 September 2012

The Lamb of God..

All ready for tomorrow as I am going to my  son's for a party.
The Rose window is in Durham cathedral.
Wishing you all a blessed day.    love and Hugs,      June xx