Thank you dear friends and followers for your visits, for your love and prayers for both myself and Freddie.
I really appreciate you taking the time to call in, view my artwork and leave such wonderful comments.
Sending you all love, hugs and blessings,

June xxx

Wednesday 30 January 2013

Three Muses..STRIPES..

Here is my picture for the Three Muses challenge this week, subject..Stripes.
I think my coloured stripes will qualify.
Thanks so much for looking and your comments.
They're very much appreciated.
Love and Hugs
June xxx

Tuesday 29 January 2013

Something different..

I thought I'd try something different today, so here it is....
The Pink Ballerina.
I liked how it turned out. The background was a kaleidoscope I made from
one of my pictures, doubled up, lain on a background of satin.The ballerina
was a freebie and a few elements. Pretty colours
and something a bit different.
I actually left the house yesterday on my scooter with Algie in tow. He was pleased to be out but the wind was so cold it about froze  my face. We went down to the garage to pay the car bill. Called at the shop for milk and they came out to serve me as I had the dog. Super service!
We went round the quay but Algie was loathe to walk or run much. He just wanted to be up on the footplate to see the world. Needless to say he had his fur lined coat on but I think he needs a bonnet, the wind was so cold. It was nice to get some fresh air but I'm not braving that icy wind today!
Keep warm dear friends, or cool if you're experiencing a heatwave!
Love and Hugs
June xxx

Monday 28 January 2013


 A very nice challenge this week on Take a Word.
I made mine an old book of recipes, added a few bits of Victorian kitchen ware,
'someone's' old grandmother and Voila!
I'm looking forward to seeing what others have come up with on Take a Word.
Thanks so much for looking.

Thank you too for your good wishes to Sally. She is up and on her feet but still feeling tender.
Thank goodness our snow has gone after much rain.
Son One has had so much rain and his garden is on clay, he is absolutely flooded and his garden looks like a lake.
Well they say it never rains but it pours!!
Take care all of you,
Love and Hugs
June xxx

Friday 25 January 2013

The Kiss..

I have had so much trouble posting today.........UGH!
I think I was in a romantic frame of mind when I made this.
So many accidents and falls on the ice, my Sally has joined them.
Pulling Peter in his wheelchair backwards she slipped and wheelchair and Peter fell on her as she lay on the ground. His neighbours came out and got him back into his chair, unhurt, but Sally has hurt her back badly and bumped her head. She has been off work a few days resting.
So stay safe and big hugs
June xxx

Thursday 24 January 2013

Lost in France..

I love this collage. I was very happy with how it turned out.
Almost all the ephemera and elements were found while browsing on 
Google. It's amazing the wonderful old images you can find.

I have at last got the car back but no idea of the cost!
I rang the garage this morning and the bill wasn't ready.
I don't think they'll be chasing me with a large spanner.
In spite of that I still don't feel like going out. The snow is
taking ages to go so I'm still staying in the warm.

Thank you to my followers, old and new, for visiting and leaving your 
 comments. I so appreciate hearing from you all.

Love and Hugs
June xxx

Wednesday 23 January 2013

3 M..Trunks or Boxes..

I know Pandora was reputed as opening a box from which all the evils in the world
flew out but my Pandora is different.
She sprinkled her box with Fairy Dust and when she opened it a whole cloud of
fairies burst forth, spreading joy and happiness all over the world.
Magic indeed. You just have to believe.

This is my challenge entry for the Three Muses this week.
Thank you so much for your visits.

Freddie actually got to his appointment on Monday in Norwich.
His hospital car bravely manoevered snowy roads, he was late but
that didn't matter. He had the scan.
Love and Hugs
June xxxx

Sunday 20 January 2013


The challenge on Take a Word today is Wrinkles.
I just couldn't resist this wonderful photo of a fat baby with the Shar Pei.
You've most probably seen it before but I thought it worth showing again.
Well the lovely baby has enough but that dog just creases me,
(sorry about the pun!)

Freddie is off to Norwich University Hospital again today for a scan on his right foot.
Weather permitting...we shall see.
I shall keep my own wrinkles to myself! LOL!
Happy day everyone,
Love and Hugs
June xxxx

Saturday 19 January 2013


No change in the weather but so far no more snow!

A piece I did just for fun a little while ago.
I wonder if there were really any showgirls in that era who met a prince?
What do you think?

Well it's oft been said 'Life is a Mystery'

An eminent American scientist and thinker, 
George Washington Carver (1864-1943)
once said these thought provoking words.....

How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young,
 compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving 
and tolerant of the weak and the strong.
Because, some day in your own life, you will
have been all of these people yourself.

Now aint that a fact!!

Love and Hugs
June xxx

Friday 18 January 2013

Freezing Friday

This is a wonderful quote and you often find it's quite true.
The window may not always be what you expect but it's there!

Bubbles and Butterflies and dreams of Spring.

I hope these pictures cheer you on a cold January day.
Things are about the same here and we are all holding our breath
to see if any more snow comes.
Algie thinks it's fun to watch it snowing. He stands on the back of the settee with 
his front feet on the window sill barking happily and watching the birds.
I haven't been able to go out on the scooter so he has missed his walks.
At the moment he's knocking four bells out of his reindeer!
I wish I was young enough and fit enough to go out and play snowballs!

I did get yesterday's post today! Hooray!

Take care if you have to go out,
Keep warm and big hugs,

June xxxx

Thursday 17 January 2013

Who am I today?

I think I should be the Snow Queen today. the sun is shining on the snow but we have a lot more to come this weekend 'they' say! at least my grocery deliveries got through last night!

Do you ever get this feeling? Who am I today?
I think we have so many different roles in this life, sometimes we can't remember!
A wife, mother, daughter, sister, grandmother, carer, cook, housekeeper, driver,
teacher, pupil etc. etc. Or the masculine equivalent for my few male readers!
For each role is different and we have to wear a different hat.
Just one more of life's lessons......

Whoever you are today I wish you happiness,
Love and Hugs
June xxx

Wednesday 16 January 2013

3M..Journal Quotes

We are totally snowed in. I couldn't pass down my road even if I wanted to.
Our local school is closed as are over 200 all over Norfolk.
It always amazes me that countries like Norway and Switzerland keep their traffic moving while we get a few inches of snow and everything comes to a halt!
My  groceries couldn't get through yesterday and I fear it will be no better today.

Upwards and Onwards....
Here are my journalling quotes for the Three Muses challenge this week.
I've gone with a smile for the first one, most everything on both is Googled.
Thank you so much for your visits and comments,

Love and Hugs
June xxx

Tuesday 15 January 2013

Beautiful Busts..

Here's a couple more of those beautiful European busts I found.
I thought they made a lovely collage.
Well we've got snow today but the sun is shining so it may not stay long.
Algie went out in the garden this morning, his first taste of snow, literally!
He thought he'd eat it!  He had great fun exploring.

My patches have helped a good bit but perhaps I was expecting more....
We'll have to see. I should be thankful for small mercies......

My car is still in the garage..........sigh.....Draining every battery they put on.

Love and Hugs
June xxxx

Monday 14 January 2013


What a pain trying to upload my pictures to Blogger. I tried for an hour yesterday and
 I've been ages this morning. VERY frustrating..............

So here are my efforts for the Fantasy Challenge.
The top one, everything made from Beth Rimmer's Spellweaver and the
bottom one from her kit Frosted Fairy.
Thank you so much for visiting. It's snowing here, great big flakes and Algie
is looking out the window barking at it!
Love and Hugs
June xxx

Sunday 13 January 2013

Sweet Sunday...

Good morning dear friends!

We haven't got the snow 'they' promised but there's a very cold  easterly wind which I always think comes from Russia (with love?).
I am feeling so much better!!!!
I have been wearing this first patch for 2 days and already the Lupus pain has eased so I'm very hopeful for the fibromyalgia and arthritis. Very good news!

My dear DIL Jenny retired this week after 30 years in the police force. She's had loads of cards and a few pressies. Bless her heart I  think she should be congratulated for all that service!
Now they can have a little rest before planning the future.

I hope you like todays picture. Playing around with layers, I overlaid her face with another.
Background my own, the rest Googled.

Sending love and hugs,
June xxxx

Friday 11 January 2013

More Porcelain busts..

I'm sorry my pictures are joined together! I've tried everything to separate them a bit but gave up. I think I should just count myself lucky that I've managed to upload anything at all while Blogger is giving us headaches!!
So here are two more of those wonderful European porcelain busts.
Aren't they just gorgeous?

I saw a new (to me) doctor yesterday and he fully agreed I need something more to manage the pain I'm in, from both Arthritis and Lupus.
So he has prescribed patches, which I believe contain morphine and I am to see him again in a month to see how they suit me. My daughter's comment to that was 'about time!'
Freddie has just gone down to the Surgery on the scooter to pick them up for me as I cannot walk today. So hopefully I shall get some relief.
You can't imagine how I'm looking forward to that.

have a good day everyone,
Love and Hugs
June xxxx

Tuesday 8 January 2013

3M..Something Sepia..

Three Muses asked for Something Sepia this week
so this is what I've just made.
I so love these old vintage images. The ladies were all beautiful
and had gorgeous long hair, curled and swept up.
I thought this one was perhaps dreaming of home.
Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment.

All blessings,

June xxxx

A key and a yellow bird.

I made this a few weeks ago, it doesn't have any particular meaning
but I liked it.
What a rigmarole it is to get a picture uploaded.
I am going through the HTML and Compose but it keeps going off and I have to start again.
End of moan.
The weather looks dull and grey with rain coming and I don't feel like going out
so will have to play extra with Algie.
I went for my annual Heart check up  yesterday and everything is well
but I am going to see a doctor on Thursday. I can't remember the last time I saw one.
They usually tell me they can't do any more so I keep away and put up with everything! LOL!
I haven't seen this one before so we shall see.........

have a good day,
Love and Hugs

June xxxx

Monday 7 January 2013


The challenge this week on Take a Word is ART.
And what it means to you.
A wonderful sample set by our friend Bill.
There are so many lovely quotations we could use but I chose
to make up my own.
I always thought I'm no artist but sitting at my computer every day making digital pictures takes me to another world...free of pain, depression, problems and worries.
With my little Algie in my arms and using one finger I am away to my happiness.
Hoping you are finding happiness with your Art.

Thank you for your visits and comments, you can't imagine how much I appreciate them.
Love and hugs

June xxxx

Sunday 6 January 2013

Thank you.....

Thank you all dear ladies for your comments re uploading pictures to Blogger. Now I know I'm not alone and it's not just me. Why must they keep changing things? I always thought if it wasn't broke, don't fix it......sigh....

After a lot of struggle (with something they say is easy) I did manage to put one picture on Picasa yesterday and here it is!! We're having a Journal page challenge on Digitalmania. As I don't work in mixed media any more, mine was created digitally. Perhaps that quote really does apply to me!!

I wish you all a blessed Sunday,
June xxxx

Saturday 5 January 2013

I'm in trouble!

Can anyone help me please??
I am still unable to load photos here on Blogger from my up to date pictures on the PC.
There used to be a line saying  Upload from your computer etc.
Now it says Upload from Picasa
and I don't put my pics there.  Should I have too?
This is so frustrating.
Does anyone have the answer?
So here's an oldie again....sorry.
Well I was in trouble yesterday too and I had a real scare.
I was taking Algie for his walk as usual, me on the scooter and he trotting beside me.
We were coming back along the quayside when all  of a sudden I had the lead in my hand but no Algie on the end of it. His collar had broken and he was off!
I had no crutches with me and couldn't run anyway but fortunately he made for a group of very friendly people who picked him up for me. I was so thankful that he didn't run into the road.
He thought it a great adventure and sat happily on my lap for the rest of the ride home!
So today I managed to get him into a new harness, still slightly too big but he was safe
and we had our walk OK.
Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.
Love and Hugs
June xxx

Friday 4 January 2013

Your Wish

Well for some unknown reason or other Blogger wouldn't let me put a picture on here today. I had to go into a Picasa album and find something older that's been posted before so please forgive me.
'Your wish is granted'..........Hmm.............  I think we should all be very careful what we wish for
as it doesn't always turn out in quite the way you imagined!

66 years ago today (God! That's a lifetime!!) I was a bridesmaid to my mother's cousin Daisy. I have a photograph of the wedding group somewhere and I've searched and searched but can't find it. The only time I've ever been a bridesmaid and I was wearing a pink satin dress! Memories...........

                                                 Have a great day,
                                                             Love and hugs,
                                                                        June xxxx

Thursday 3 January 2013

A Porcelain Bust..

I have found on Google some pictures of gorgeous Edwardian porcelain busts, mostly European, from the late 19th. century. I thought they were beautiful and I'd love to own one. So the next best thing for me is to make a series of pictures with them.
So here is the first one I did and I hope you like it.
Freddie has been to see his specialist today in Norwich and is again on a course of antibiotics.
If these aren't successful it looks as though he may lose another toe.
I can't bear to think about it.
Algie and I went to Chapel this morning and he was a good boy.
His reward was half a digestive biscuit dipped in coffee! He doesn't like them 'dry'!!

Wednesday 2 January 2013


The first challenge of 2013.
The Three Muses thought we may have been running around in circles
lately so that is their challenge.
Talk about ever decreasing circles! It's just an effect from
one of my programmes.The picture is the one I made for the last challenge.
Thank you for looking.
Have a lovely day,
Love and Hugs
June xxxx


Tuesday 1 January 2013


Here we are on the first day of a brand new year.
It's a gorgeous day, the sky is a brilliant blue and the sun is shining down.
A wonderful start. Some hardy people went for their New Year dip in the
Quay but I wasn't showered and dressed so didn't go to see!
I was awake to see the New Year in and then the fireworks started.
They were very close and loud and Algie was terrified. The poor little dog couldn't
stop shaking, no matter what I did. They lasted half an hour and
I was so glad when they stopped.
This picture was taken on Christmas morning. My darling Skyela is wearing her new dress
and tights that my daughter bought for her. Now I shall have to find a new picture of Ashton to show you. I thought her happy smile would make you smile!

And here he is!

And this made me smile too.
Love and Hugs
June xxxx