Thank you dear friends and followers for your visits, for your love and prayers for both myself and Freddie.
I really appreciate you taking the time to call in, view my artwork and leave such wonderful comments.
Sending you all love, hugs and blessings,

June xxx

Thursday 31 May 2012

The Choisya lady

A collage I made with a digitally manipulated hand painted image of a woman against a background of Choisya, photographed in my garden.
We're all coming up to a busy weekend with lots going on. In my village there is a Street party, Gardens open, music, refreshments and entertainments and a flower display in the church, all over the three days. I'm sure wherever you are in the UK there's something going on near you.
On the Monday night there will be a beacon lit on the church tower, to match hundreds all lit at the same time. Let's hope the weather is kind to us.
                                                           Love and Hugs
                                                                        June xx

Wednesday 30 May 2012

3M Challenge..Stamps..

This week the challenge on Three Muses calls for Stamps. Everything here either my own or Googled, except the lady, she is by horrorvacui_stock.
Thank you so much for looking. xx

Tuesday 29 May 2012

Happy Anniversary Ma'am!

As we are coming up to the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty I made this collage, a little while ago for June at Dezinaworld. It also harks back to her Coronation when she drove through London in her Golden Coach. I remember that very well. We had a concert in the old Legion Hall and I sang 'In a Golden Coach' on stage. I don't know how many of you remember that song that came out 60 years ago! Happy memories. She has served this country well and has always put duty first.
So God Save the Queen!!

This  is the song from 60 years ago.

In a golden coach there's a heart of gold
Riding through old London Town.
With the sweetest queen the worlds ever seen,
Wearing a golden crown.
As she rides in State through the palace gate,
Her beauty the whole world can see.
In a golden coach there's a heart of gold
That belongs to you and me.

Collage Obsession's Challenge..Blues..

Here's my collage for the new challenge on Collage Obsessions..Blues I don't usually work with tubes but I thought she looked beautiful so I bought her from Elisa Design. My blues are softer, one of my favourite colours
Thank you so much for looking. Have a pleasant day. love and Hugs,
                                                                              June xxx

Monday 28 May 2012

TAW Challenge..Friends..

Hi everyone, happy Monday! here's my collage for the Take a Word Challenge.
I dedicate this to all my Blogger friends and followers, and all my friends at Three Muses. You always keep me inspired to come up with something new for your wonderful challenges!
                                                                 Love and Hugs
                                                                     June xxx

Sunday 27 May 2012

Sweet Sunday

Revival Songs.

Good morning everyone and a wondrous, happy Sunday to you all. The sun is shining, birds are singing, and it all makes you feel much better.
Somehow between supper time last night and waking up this morning I have a pulled muscle, just below my left shoulderblade. Can you pull muscles in your sleep? I don't sleepwalk, though I used to as a child. It is rather painful but 'this too shall pass!'!

I managed to get my hair cut yesterday morning. I can park so close to her shop it's almost a 'doddle' for me ansd it feels better. It's  amazing how quickly my hair grows.
Freddie enjoyed the sunshine yesterday, he sat out in the garden for quite a while, wearing a hat of course. Because of my Lupus I cannot sit in the sun, so I just play here, catching up with friends and making pictures, enjoying the sunshine through the window!

Sally and John went to a smart wedding yesterday so I'm waiting to hear all about it. The bride was so lucky with the weather!

I hope you like the picture I've given you today. Sending love and hugs to you all,
                                                                     June xxx

Saturday 26 May 2012

SPA.. Dress Form..

The challenge this week on Sunday Postcard Art is Dress Form so here's  my simple little postcard all ready for tomorrow. Thanks for looking.
                                              Have a great weekend. Hugs June xxx

Friday 25 May 2012

The Choisya Lady..

The background in this collage is a Choisya in my garden, I took the photo yesterday. It is looking gorgeous. The vintage lady was a sepia photograph. I converted it to black and white and coloured her in Photoshop with my mouse, gave her a painterly effect and I was pleased with the result.
I hope you like her too.
Have a Happy Friday my friends. I'm off to have my toenails cut! What an exciting life eh?
Love and Hugs
June xxx

Thursday 24 May 2012

A Flower Song for Thursday..

I found this beautiful painting of a pretty oriental lady and made this collage. I love these soft colours.

Freddie has had two trips to hospital this week and is on massive doses of anti-biotics. It's hard for me to keep up with all his medication and have to write myself notes on which ones he has and when!

It's only 2 weeks since I lost my little Corey but it already feels like a lifetime. I miss him so much.
Both Sally and Richard came yesterday, he cut the grass and the garden looks fine. Now poor Ashton has an ear infection and the pain has made him so miserable. Thank heaven for those  anti-biotics eh?

I've been to Chapel this morning and took the service. At last I have my scooter back, complete with new tyre etc. It has cost a small fortune but I'm so glad to have it back. I went around the Quay and could stop and breathe in the peacefulness, before many people were around. Then I had 10 minutes watching the ducks in the pond and the only people I saw were those walking their dogs. A lovely little Oasis of calm.
                                I hope you all have a wonderful day,
                                             Love and Hugs
                                                                   June xxx

Wednesday 23 May 2012

3M Challenge..ARCHITECTURE..

Good morning all! Better weather on the way, the sun is coming out!!
This is my piece for the Architecture Challenge on Three Muses today.My mind went blank on this one then I found the pic of the sculpture. It's a Roman wedding, I thought rather nice.
Thank you very much for looking and commenting! xxx

Monday 21 May 2012

Collage Obsession..Balloon..

The Challenge on Collage Obsession this week is Balloon. Keeping with a slightly Steampunk look, here is my collage. Thank you so much for viewing!

At last! The sun is shining......very brightly! It is 'supposed' to be warmer as the week goes on so get out your sun cream girls!
                                          Have a beautiful day,   Love and Hugs,
                                                                   June xxxx

TAW Challenge..DREAM..

                                                        The Dreamcatcher

Hello dear friends. Sorry I'm late with this, Blogger was not my friend this morning!!!
Here are my challenge collages for Take a Word. Dream. Elements on this one all from Beth Rimmer.

                          This one is A DREAM. Everything my own, cherub Googled

I felt like making two this week. A lovely Challenge. Thank you ladies.

I had a lovely day yesterday with visits from my son and granddaughter brought us a lovely Cottage Pie. We all finshed up at Sally's for coffee and biscuits and lots of chatter and laughter. It did me a power of good.

Thanks for looking and have a great Monday.
                                                        Love and Hugs
                                                             June xxx

Sunday 20 May 2012

SoArtful Challenge..Steampunk..

SoArtful this week would like something done with a Steampunk theme and sepia/brown colours.
I hope this fits the bill. Thanks so much for your comments. xxx

Saturday 19 May 2012

SPA Childhood

A lovely theme today on Sunday Postcard Art's challenge.    CHILDHOOD.
Open to so many interpretations but I've chosen a vintage look, starting with the charming picture of the little girl with her doll.All children are special and if we have them in our lives we are blessed.

Thank you so much for looking.  Happy Sunday.
                                                               Love and Hugs
                                                                     June xxx


I bought this kit yesterday just by falling in love with the beautiful poppies. It's a Studio Mix from Scrapbook Graphics and is a lovely kit and I'm sure I shall use it over and over.
It's a dull, foggy morning here and I know you are all longing for a little May sunshine. Perhaps when Summer really comes it will cook us and I for one will be wanting to get out of the heat! We are never satisfied are we? So I thought the poppies would brighten your day!

This is an old Cherokee proverb....
When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced.
Live your life so that when you die, the world will cry---- and you will rejoice.

                                            I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
                                                  Love and Hugs,
                                                             June xxx


Friday 18 May 2012


A friend on Flickr posted this photograph of his grandparents wedding in 1912, one hundred years ago.
I asked if I could use it and he graciously gave his permission. As you see it was very dark but I thought it a lovely photograph. So I lightened it as best I could, cut them out and coloured it with my mouse in Photoshop. I gave them an old country church for a background and Voila!! I do hope he likes it.
                                                     Thank you for viewing! love and Hugs,
                                                                      June xxx

Thursday 17 May 2012

It's Thursday again...

Well it's now a week since I lost Corey and I'm 'bearing up' as the saying goes. Everyone has been very kind, I've received lots of cards, many messages and even phone calls. My dear friend Cheryl rang this morning to see how I am. It''s been a tough week but we're getting there. Thank you all!

I went to Chapel this morning after missing last week and I did my usual chauffering. We had to go a long way round as they are doing something in the street and the road is blocked.
Yesterday my darling little Skyela was three and the family all came to see me with the Sunshine Girl. She's having a big party on Saturday with about 20 children and their Mums and they're having a Face painter. I gasped when I heard her fee, I only recently threw out my face paints and I would gladly have done it free!!
Anyway I think I'll give the party a miss this year, it will be too noisy for me, I am only just getting used to how quiet the house is.........

Hope you like the little picture I've posted. Stay well everyone and Love and Hugs from me to you.
                                                                          June xxxx

Wednesday 16 May 2012

3M Challenge.. Lock and key..

The Challenge this week on Three Muses is Lock and Key. I'm quite sure he would want to keep her under lock and key! Though that key must weigh heavily round his neck! LOL!
Door. lock, key and figures all found. Thank you so much for looking.
                                                                 Love and Hugs
                                                                         June xxx

Monday 14 May 2012

Gothic Arches..Black and White..

A new challenge this week on Gothic Arches, asking for a Black and White collage. So here is mine, the stone angel is a photograph by Andrew Weller, used with permission. Thank you Andrew. Everything else Googled or from my archives.
Thank you for looking and any comments are truly appreciated. xx

Sunday 13 May 2012

TAW Challenge..Peacock..

The Peacock Lady

This is my piece for the Peacock  Challenge on Take a Word. Everything Googled. Found a lady and decorated her with peacock feathers and of course the background is a beautifully spread tail. A lovely challenge. Thank you for looking and your comments are most welcome. xxx

SPA Steampunk..

Sunday Postcard Art challenge this week is Steampunk.
So here is my postcard. Everything from my collections. Thank you for looking. xxx


Please forgive me for not replying to you individually but I'm sure you'll understand. Your messages, phone calls, cards and ecards I've received have lifted my spirits. At the moment the house and my heart is empty and I am still numb. I still expect him to walk into a room and to ask to be picked up for a cuddle. I've been to Sally's and cuddled her tinies but it's not the same.
Yesterday she came in with the children, who carried a card and a big bunch of flowers and we talked of the different things he got up to......
So a big THANK YOU to you all. Words cannot express  how much I appreciate all of you, my dear friends, spread all over the world.
                                God bless you all and I send my fondest love and thanks.
                                                                June xxxxxx

Thursday 10 May 2012

Mummy's Angel...COREY..

I made this collage for a challenge some time ago but today it is perfect for showing again.
Yesterday, Thursday I lost my darling boy, aged 12. As I told you yesterday he went to the vets, they scanned his tummy and he had a massive, masssive growth. So I had no choice. He was a hero to the end.
Sally and I brought him home, and wrapped in his favourite little quilt, I could cuddle him for the last time. He looked so peaceful....just asleep.
No more chasing the postman, or the mail man, or the pigeons in the garden. No more protecting me, his Mum. His heart was as big as bull and he would lay down his life to protect me and his home.
Richard came and dug his grave in the middle of the rose bed, outside my window, where he can lay in peace in the sun. We shall buy a special new rose just for him.
So rest in peace my sweet Corey, We shall never forget you, nor the 12 happy years you were with us. Now you have crossed the Rainbow bridge and are playing with all your little doggy friends. xxxxxx


 I was playing around and made this pattern with swans and birds. I quite liked the effect.

Now this is exactly the same picture after a little manipulation in one of my programmes. I am fascinated how it makes patterns. It's not a Kaleidoscope, that's something else!

                                                                           * * * * *

It's going to be a long day.............
Freddie has just gone off in a hospital car for two appointments in Norwich. I have no idea when he'll be home.
Sally has taken my little Corey to the vets early. He went into the little basket thing quite happily as it smelled of Tillie, one of Sally's little ones, who he loves dearly!
He had me up at 3am as he was sick again.

So...we'll see. They will sedate him to take blood and they'll ring me, and then we'll go from there. So I shall be sitting by the phone all day.........

                                                         I wish you all a lovely day,
                                                               Love and Hugs
                                                                  June xxx

Wednesday 9 May 2012

3 M's challenge..

This is the second Vintage Beauty. I felt like making another. Please scroll down for the first one. xx

Tuesday 8 May 2012

Three Muses Challenge.. Glamour Vintage..

Good morning everyone! Thanks for visiting. The Three Muses challenge this week asks for Glamour Vintage. Being the old dyed-in-the-wool romantic that I am, what else could I give you?
Certainly this Edwardian beauty is glamourous. I'd love her dress but no longer have that kind of figure! LOL! She is a found photo that I coloured with my mouse in Photoshop. The quote is my own. The rest is all from my archives.
                                                                Have a lovely day.
                                                                         Hugs June xx

Andrew's Angel

I love photos of the old stone angels you find in a deserted churchyard and I have used quite a few over time. This one was a photo taken by my friend Andrew Weller on Flickr and he graciously gave me permission to use it. I cut it out, placed it on another (Googled) background, added the faded rose and gave the whole things a few tweaks of my own and Voila! I was pleased with the effect. I hope you like it and thanks for viewing.

Something I always neglect doing is to say Thank You to my friends and followers for joining me, adding me to their favourites and sending me messages. I am always pleased to get emails and always try to answer them. So a BIG THANK YOU!!

It's been a washout of a Bank Holiday here so I stayed home. My DD asnd SIL went to Norwich yesterday, shopping for a new outfit for this 'posh' wedding they are going to at the end of the month.
So she called in to show me her purchases. A dress, black short jacket, patent shoes and bag, all with this black and white theme. The dresss has a black sleeveless top, very flared skirt, mostly white with bands of colour and spots at the hem. Something completely different for her. I'm not really sure I like the dress but then I'm old fashioned! LOL!

                                               Have a great day.

                                                        love and Hugs
                                                           June xxx

Sunday 6 May 2012

SoArtful Challenge..Butterflies and fairies..

Here is my collage for this weeks challenge on SoArtful. Butterflies and Fairies.
There's nothing I like better  than Once Upon a Time......Fairies, dragons, unicorns, castles and magic etc. With them I am in my element. They do say 'Forget your age, act your shoe size', so that's OK then!

Speaking of age, if your mirror tells you that your age is beginning to show, then think of these words from Alistair Cooke.........
'Wrinkles are the credentials of humanity'.

Thanks so much for looking and have a Happy Monday.
                                                                            June xxxx

TAW Challenge..Gentlemen..

Take a Word this week asks for a Gentleman (or men). I've gone all slushy and romantic again...
I found this vintage image, isn't he handsome? So I've given you one man with the image of his lady. Is she still here? Has she left him or gone away? Weave your own story around it.
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's work. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment.
                                                                         Big Hugs
                                                                            June xx

SPA Challenge..Chicken Run..

WHOOOOOOSH....did you see that?

The Challenge on Sunday Postcard art is Chicken Run. So here's my collage.
Bunty and Bessie are neck and neck! So who will reach the finishing line first?
Thank you so much for looking and have a wonderful Chicken Run Day!! xx

Saturday 5 May 2012

Digitalmania Challenge!!

Good morning dear friends,

Today I'm showing you three collages I've made using images by Joseph Christian Leyendecker.
If you've never heard of him, neither had I!! He was a very prolific artist and designed no end of magazine covers, etc. So the challenge was to use his images in a different way for Digitalmania on Flickr.
The top one has my own background and is a take on his LIFE painting.
The second one speaks for itself...he made a lot of male images and it is said he was Gay. No matter, he was brilliant!
The third one is my idea for a Book cover, again with my own background.
Thank you for looking and I hope you enjoy.
                                                                               * * ** *

Here we are at a Bank Holiday weekend. There should be a lot of visitors in the village but I don't know what the weather will be like. It started off at 6am. with brilliant sunshine and blue sky .....but...it is now cloudy...........
I had a stressful day yesterday.......phone calls to sort out yet another problem with the hospital transport for Freddie. Then the phone didn't stop ringing.....Then the plumber came and I had to move boxes and things so he could get into a cupboard......etc. etc.
I was glad to try and relax in the afternoon.
I'm going out this morning in the car, over to see an old friend for coffee, so that'll be nice.

Whatever you're doing this weekend, I hope you have a very pleasant one, with friends or family,nice places to visit and lots of love and laughter.

                                      Thank you so much for visiting. Love and Hugs,
                                                                 June xxxxxx

Thursday 3 May 2012

A Little More Catch-up!

 I'm so glad you enjoyed yesterday's pics. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment.
The collage above was made around the woman in furs. Sometimes I start with the background and sometimes I start with the main element. I found this photo and I know we don't wear real furs nowadays, but I just couldn't resist it. She looks so gorgeous in her cape and muff. What an elegant age it was, for the lucky ones!!

This one looks a bit cheeky! And this time I started with my own background and looked for something to go with it. As she looked lovely in Lilac, this is what I called it.

                                                                             * * * * *
It seems a funny old week to me...We did have a nice day yesterday but today we've got rain again. I've been to Chapel this morning and everyone was wrapped as if it was winter. It's so cold!
My dear old Uncle William has been taken into hospital and is on anti-b's with an oxygen mask to help his breathing. He came down with this horrible flu-like bug that seems to be everywhere.

Email from Son One in France, that they've had rain too but managed some nice walks. They don't mind if it rains, it doesn't stop them from getting out. He's home Saturday.
Now a phone call from DD saying one of her tiny Chi's has had a bleed in the brain. She's almost 10 but the vet says she is in no pain and is eating and weeing with no problems. She is a funny little thing anyway but now seems to have lost the use of her left back leg. So she'll be carried around the house!

Now it's almost time for my groceries to be delivered so Bye for now.............
                                                                      Love and Hugs
                                                                           June xxx

Wednesday 2 May 2012

Playing Catch-up!

 I post so many more pics on Flickr than I do here, so I thought I'd catch up a bit. I found this beautiful quote and made the collage around it. The vintage lady is the gorgeous Maude Feally and the rest are     bits and pieces from my stash.
And this is the gorgeous Mona Lisa looking her best, just set off with a beautiful frame.
I love altering dear Mona and have made so many of her, even going so far as to making her a sister!
                                                     I hope you like them.  xx

Three Muses Challenge..

Their theme is 'Hats, Crowns, Wings', so it gives us a good choice!
The original doll in my collage is by Alindria Devour, altered and re coloured. The colourful background is my own and the rest from my stash. She couldn't make her mind up about headgear so she wears a flowery hat AND a crown! There are pretty shoes for when her feet ache in those heavy boots and I think she has attitude with her pet vulture.
                                                           Thank you for looking.
                                                             Hugs June xxx

Tuesday 1 May 2012

May Day!..

This is my collage for the challenge on Collage Obsessions. They asked for Reflection this week which you can interpret in many ways. I look forward to seeing the way you've all handled it.
Thank you so much for looking and any comments!
                                                                Hugs June xx

                                                                  * * * * *

Today is May Day. It brings back such memories. Mother used to sing gaily, 'Call me early Mother dear, for I shall be Queen of the May'. I recall her stories of going out in pretty white dresses and dancing around a Maypole. When my children were small they erected a Maypole in the school yard and they danced for us to see but somehow it didn't seem to meet the picture in my mind.

I've never been a May Queen but I always had a new dress. 'Cast not a clout till May is out'. I never knew whether that was the month or the tree! I once picked a branch of May, which I think has a delicious, heady scent and the flower is so pretty, and took it home to my Mum. She was horrified and called it 'Mother die' and threw it out of the house. Well how was I to know that? I can't see how anything so beautiful could be cursed. I don't believe in most of those Old Wives Tales.
I can remember mad moments when I have risen early, gone into the garden bare foot, and danced in the dew. It will be just dancing in the rain today!        What are your memories?
                             Happy May Day to all my dear blogger friends.
                                                      Love and Hugs
                                                                June xxxx