Thank you dear friends and followers for your visits, for your love and prayers for both myself and Freddie.
I really appreciate you taking the time to call in, view my artwork and leave such wonderful comments.
Sending you all love, hugs and blessings,

June xxx

Friday 31 August 2012

A Mucha Study....

You don't often see photographs taken by Mucha but I found this one of the woman wearing a cloak.
I've added flowers and embellishments and a texture to finish and I liked the result.

 Apparently there were bad storms in the night but I didn't hear a thing! And neither did Algie!
He sleeps right through the night, which I think is good for a young puppy.
I've actually been out for lunch with an old friend and it was good to catch up.
Hope you're having a good day too.                     Love and Hugs.
                                                                                June xxx

Thursday 30 August 2012

The Orchid Lady..

I forget where I found the lady head but I built the picture around her. My own background and layers. To my mind it stretches to infinity in a dream world filled with bubbles.
I have an orchid just like this one on my kitchen windowsill. If you like purple I hope you like this

I went to Chapel this morning and took Algie again. He was so good, sitting on my lap with his front feet on the table as if he was in charge of the meeting. During the week we meet in the schoolroom and sit around a large table. Coffee and biccies afterwards and he had a few nibbles of biscuit!
Now we have rain and lots of wind. I hope it's fine on Sunday for Stanley and Jenny's party! Otherwise there'll be three dozen people milling round the house! So fingers crossed...... xx

Wednesday 29 August 2012

Three Muses challenge..Masculine..

I couldn't resist doing two pics for the challenge this week. Hope you enjoy.

As we stroll down Pic-Piccadilly in the bright morning air,
All the girls stand and stare,
We're so nonchalant and frightfully debonair.
As we chat to Rose, Maud or Lily
You can see the way their boy friend's frown,
For they know without a doubt that their luck's right out
When they see a couple of Men about Town.

As we stroll down Pic-Piccadilly all the girls say 'Who's here?'
'Put your hat straight my dear,'
'Why it's Marmaduke and Percy Vere de Vere!
As we doff hats each pretty filly tips a wink at us and then looks down,
For they long with all their might for a red Hot Night
When they see a couple of Men about Town.

                                       Noel  Coward

Another memory from hundreds of years ago..... my friend Sheila and I used to dress up in top hat and tails, complete with silver topped sticks to perform this on stage for many, many concerts and music halls. Even touring round the villages!! With dear cousin Freddie accompanying us  'on tour'.
We even performed one night with a baritone 'who had sung before the Queen'! 
I didn't half giggle!!
Happy, happy days.

Thanks for visiting. xx

Tuesday 28 August 2012

Green Shadows..

Having a play yesterday and made this from a few bits and pieces in my stash. The daisies at the front by Plumnutz, with thanks and the overlay by Vintage findings.

'Green shadows, hazy daisies, soft silhouettes, all hinting at late summer days and her soft gentle eyes full of memories.' This was a comment on Flickr! I shall get a swelled head! LOL!

There was so much traffic around yesterday we didn't plan on going out. Instead I went to see my Grandson Richard and family and took Algie with me. Richard has a huge garden and Algie had great fun, running and chasing the children. I had a lovely hour. and it made my day! And tired Algie out for the whole afternoon!

This morning I went to Wells to get my hair cut. I was beginning to feel a bit shaggy! Coming home the traffic had built up again along the coast road. And I was glad to get home.
At least Algie was pleased to see me home!

Hope you're having a great day.     Love and Hugs,
                                                             June xxx

Sunday 26 August 2012


The challenge today from take a Word is Clockwork. My thoughts turned to Steampunk so here is my collage. I also have in my brain 'It'll be alright on the night!' for some reason. Anyway, a fun challenge.  Most elements are from Idgie Geist.
Thank you for visiting and I wish you all a happy Bank Holiday day!
                                                             Love and Hugs
                                                                               June xxxx

Peggy's Friday Foto Challenge

Peggy gave us some pretty samples of scraps to play with.
I chose the one above and turned it into
Grandma's Quilt
with the addition of a couple of cute vintage children and some layers of my own.
Thank you Peggy. A lovely challenge.
Thanks for visiting.

Saturday 25 August 2012

The Book of Dreams..

I made this collage during the week...perhaps a touch of fantasy.
But I think we all have a book of dreams, kept close in our hearts.
Some are secret dreams we would not even whisper out loud..... some we may tell our closest friends. Some may have already come to pass,
but I think as long as we have a dream, we have hope.

Wishing you all a wonderful dream filled day.
Love and Hugs
June xxxx

Friday 24 August 2012

A 'pretty' for you to look at today. I made the collage in the decorative frame and thought it needed something else. So I started  again and put it in a new collage. What do you think?

I thought you might like another pic of Algie. Here he is digging a hole and then looking as if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth! He loves to dig holes and gets so dirty! The other day I caught him pulling the heads off my petunias! Little monkey!

                                       Thanks for visiting. Love and Hugs,
                                                                   June xxx

Thursday 23 August 2012


Freddie sent me this photo this morning of dear little Lukey.
And he has asked me to thank all you lovely people who sent messages
yesterday. They were all much appreciated.

I took Algie to Chapel with me this morning and I couldn't believe
how good he was. He sat on my lap with two front paws on the table
surveying the proceedings and then dozed on and off in my arms.
Not a peep out of him.
One friend said he had absorbed the atmosphere in the Chapel!

Hope you all have a lovely day.
Love and Hugs
June xxxx

Wednesday 22 August 2012

Black and White...

I've made two collages this week for the Black&White with a touch of colour
challenge on Three Muses.
The top one has a pattern I made, everything else Googled.
I thought they looked a bit better framed.
Thanks so much for looking and leaving a comment.
Hugs xxx

Tuesday 21 August 2012

One for Sorrow...

I made this collage over the weekend.  It's very appropriate this afternoon
as my dear cousins Freddie and Martin had to have their darling Lukey
put to sleep this morning.
I know just how awful they are feeling as it brought back my recent
memory of losing my own beloved Corey.

Sending you dear boys much love and strength
from us all here. xxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday 19 August 2012

Take a Word challenge..Tattered..

While London sleeps with all it's lights a gleaming,
Millions of its people now lie softly dreaming.
Some have no homes, while o'er their troubles weep
Others laugh and play the game
While London's fast asleep.

Underneath the lamplights glitter
Stands a little fragile girl.
Heedless of the night winds bitter
As they round about her whirl.
While the hundreds pass unheeding
In the evening's waning hours,
Still she cries with tearful pleading,
'Won't you buy my pretty flowers?

The last song was written in 1876 and I found this picture of the old sheet music.
I have such memories of both these songs, my beloved Granddad taught me as a child and we used to sing together. Of course they stayed in my mind and when the challenge came up 'Tattered' they were the first things I thought of.

Thank you for looking.
Jue xxx

Saturday 18 August 2012

Green Light..

This is one of the last collages I have made with another of  the fabulous glass windows as a background,.I have loved working with Peter's glassworks. This one has been digitally manipulated and the colour added, gently overlaid with the face of a stone angel.
Wishing you all a happy and peaceful weekend!
June xxxx

Friday 17 August 2012

Happy Birthday!

It's My Dear's Birthday today. He has caught me up again! I am 2 months older so I can say 
I married a Toy Boy. But now we're the same again.
Many happy returns darling! xxx

Wednesday 15 August 2012

Peggy's FridayFoto Challenge..

Peggy gave this lovely Kaleidoscope picture to use. I enlarged it to a square and faded it a bit for my background. The woman is an old vintage photo, digitally manipulated to look like a pencil sketch. Added a fancy frame and Voila! I was quite pleased with the result. Thanks for looking. xx

Tuesday 14 August 2012

Three Muses..Invitation..

The Challenge over at Three Muses this week is a fictional invitation. I must be feeling very energetic because I am organising two outings. So do come and join me! Thanks for viewing and your RSVP's!
                                                                         Love and Hugs
                                                                                          June   xxxxx

Monday 13 August 2012

Collage Obsession..Footprints..

Collage Obsession have chosen Footprints for this weeks challenge.
Here  is my collage.  Thanks so much for looking. xxx


I seem to have had butterflies on the brain lately. Yesterday we had a gorgeous Red Admiral in the kitchen and I managed to gently capture him and set him free through the window. A lovely piece of magic to start the day.So the Wings challenge on Take a Word has butterflies in it again!
The kit is from Sekada..True Blue. The little girl in the middle I have had forever.
So just something very simple today and I hope you enjoy.
Thanks so much for your visit. Have a Happy Monday.
                                                                      Love and Hugs
                                                                                June    xxx

Saturday 11 August 2012

Butterfly ladies

A quiet and peaceful Sunday morning. Little Algie and I have had our breakfasts and everything is ready for Freddie when he gets up. No great plans for today.
The lead training went very well, I let him play dragging the lead around the garden and then we practised 'walking' a few times. He'll soon get the idea as he seems a very intelligent little boy.
Yesterday morning I took him to Hindringham again to see my friend Doreen, who is undergoing chemo. He remembered her and enjoyed being spoiled and she loves him.

Last night we watched a beautiful  programme on TV. The Proms from the Albert Hall. An evening of Ivor Novello. Such talent, such music, I was singing along to a lot of favourites. Little Algie slept through it all! LOL!

                                                I hope you all have a beautiful Sunday.
                                                                     Love and blessings,
                                                                                   June xxx

Friday 10 August 2012

The Cameo Brooch

This collage started with the cameo brooch. I've always loved cameos and I still have the cameo ring bought me for my 21st. Birthday. I also have a cameo ring and brooch that was my mother's.
So I built up the collage around that piece.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. I'm going into the garden when Algie wakes up to try some lead training. That will be fun I'm sure.
                                                    Love and Hugs
                                                                   June  xxxx

Thursday 9 August 2012


This is the view Algie and I watched at 5am. yesterday.
It was a hot day.
Taken through my workroom window.
It looks like being fine again today.

I loved this sad little face I found so made this collage.

Happy day dear friends.
Love and  Hugs
June xxxx

Tuesday 7 August 2012

Three Muses..Strawberries..

Wednesday here and time for the Three Muses weekly challenge. Strawberries.
They are my very favourite fruit.
When I was pregnant I ate a punnet a day, sometimes more.
And no, the old wives tale isn't true, my son did NOT have a strawberry birthmark!
And oh the joy of strawberry picking with the children, when we had 
more in our tums than in the basket.
I always wished I had hair this colour...sigh....

Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment.
Have a wonderful  'Strawberry' Day! xxx

Collage Obsession..Oriental..

Thias is my Oriental collage for Collage Obsessions Challenge this week.
Thank you for looking. xxx

Mind Wide Open Challenge.. Papillon

I've never done a challenge for Mind Wide Open but I saw the pretty image of the Victorian girl and thought I'd have a go. She already was wearing the butterfly mask. I cut her out and placed her on a lovely freebie background by Astrid Maclean, added a few elements from my stash and I was quite pleased with the finished result.

I've just returned from the Vet's where Algie had his second injection. This time he really squeaked, bless him. He's glad to be home and has settled here on my feet for a nap.
                                                              Love and Hugs
                                                                                       June  xxx

Monday 6 August 2012

TAW Challenge..Memories..

Memories, memories, dreams of love so true.
O'er the sea of memory I'm drifting back to you.
Childhood days, wild wood ways
Among the birds and bees.
You left me alone
But still you're my own
In my beautiful memories

 I doubt many of you will remember that song, written in 1915, my Granddad used to sing to me,
My challenge for take a Word today.      Thank you for looking.
                                                                    Love and Hugs
                                                                            June xxx

Sunday 5 August 2012




Friday 3 August 2012

A Challenge..

There are weekly Challenges on Digitalmania, a Flickr site I belong to, an offshoot of the Three Muses! They pick an artist and you make a collage in the style of that particular artist. This stretches you quite a bit as often they are not a bit like the style you are used to.
You can see by these two collages, not my style really but I'm always willing to be stretched a bit and to have a go!
The artist this week was Julie Nutting and if you are interested you can see her style on Google Images.
Thank you for visiting. The weekend is coming up again. They seem to fly.
                                               Have a lovely weekend,
                                                                  Love and Hugs
                                                                         June xxx

Thursday 2 August 2012

Glass Pictures..

Dreams of Home


Here are another two collages I've made with the backgrounds being the beautiful glass windows of my friend Peter (Zanador on Flickr).
Some of the backgrounds I have digitally manipulated or recoloured. 
And actually I am very pleased with the whole collection.He graciously gave
 his permission to use any of his glass works. And I think I have
 made 40 now, the rest are on my Flickr site.

Thank you for visiting, Love and Hugs
June xxx

Glass Pictures..