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June xxx

Friday 29 October 2010

Who said............?

I  wonder why  Victorian  mothers felt the need to dress their boys in
frills and flounces and curl their hair?
Do you think they really longed for a girl?


cheryl said...

yeah maybe they did really want a girl hun,and as ever you have made one stunning design here again hun,hope you keep all these beauties,they would look fantastic in a book,wow,hope you are okay hun,take it easy hugs cheryl xxxxx

Sr Crystal Mary Lindsey said...

Hello June, I remember when my son Peter was born and we dressed boys in nightgowns. Now children wear bright colours and are very different..thats progress and I like it.
Stay well friend. Look out for my Health through Water next week... many diseases can be cured by water.. xxxxxx Crystal Mary

Olive said...

It seems the Victorians were frou frou in general but who knows. June thanks for your sweet comments and yes I would love your area of the world. I looked at your "I Live Here" post and the church is gorgeous. I have been praying for Freddie and you. Since I do not do art of any kind it is hard to keep up with you and Cindy and all the artists. hugs♥olive

Kim B said...

Oh my goodness I thought it was girl, a not happy one.....Interesting thing, got me thinking now...watch out :) ha ha

Patti said...

I don't think it was that they wanted a girl...I think it was just part of the culture of the time. Not sure why they dressed their boys so femininely for the first several years of life. I guess it would an interesting study to find out why they did that.


Brenda Brown said...

I Hva eto admit June I do not llike this picture, but I love youir design and autumn colours.
Take care. B xxx