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June xxx

Friday 4 January 2013

Your Wish

Well for some unknown reason or other Blogger wouldn't let me put a picture on here today. I had to go into a Picasa album and find something older that's been posted before so please forgive me.
'Your wish is granted'..........Hmm.............  I think we should all be very careful what we wish for
as it doesn't always turn out in quite the way you imagined!

66 years ago today (God! That's a lifetime!!) I was a bridesmaid to my mother's cousin Daisy. I have a photograph of the wedding group somewhere and I've searched and searched but can't find it. The only time I've ever been a bridesmaid and I was wearing a pink satin dress! Memories...........

                                                 Have a great day,
                                                             Love and hugs,
                                                                        June xxxx


sirkkis said...

Oh, you have sweet memories... and the art is so beautiful. Love it!

Netty said...

Am now using Google chrome and fingers crossed no more problems. Loving this beautiful art piece. Enjoy the weekend June, hugs Annette x

Patti said...

Hope you've remained close to the wedded couple through the years.

My daughter will be traveling to Alabama later this month to be a bridesmaid in a good friend's wedding...her first time as a bridesmaid. She will be wearing brown satin...with a pink satin sash. She is very excited, just as I'm sure you were.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend.


Bärbel said...

Ihre Arbeiten sind zauberhaft, June, sie verströmen so viel Liebe.