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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Long Hair

I suppose there are thousands of women like me who have not been happy with their hair. I have always rather envied long locks, something like Farrah Fawcett Major in her prime.
I did once grow my hair long enough to wear in a French pleat when they were fashionable. I went to meet my son out of school and he walked right past me, not recognising me!

In my teens there were pin curls and criss-crossed each with hair grips to sleep in. Then we upgraded to rollers to set your hair. The sort with little spikes were often most uncomfortable. Most of my life my hair has been medium length with a light perm. Now I just blow dry my hair with a brush and keep it short and manageable.

Perhaps that's why I love the  old vintage photographs of women and use them so much in my work. The Victorians and Edwardians grew their hair long and in photos you see some very elaborate styles and if their hair was loose it looked lush and glossy.

I found a few pics of long hair but this is way OTT for me. But just for curiosity value they are here.

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