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June xxx

Wednesday 26 May 2010

It's cooler today. Suits me fine. I am just back from the dentist. Hard to keep your mouth open for an hour, unable to speak and difficult to swallow. It was unpleasant but worth it as I now have a lovely looking new tooth in the front so I can smile freely at all and sundry! LOL!

The garden is looking lovely. Himself works very hard at it and everyone who calls comments on how nice it is. I have three miniature fruit trees in the front garden; a pear, an apple and a crabapple. The two apples have been full of blossom so we'll have lots of fruit. The apple and pear seem to fruit alternate years and this year it is the turn of the apple. We had lots of pears last year. Wonderful considering they are not very old.

The Choisya is decked out like a bride's headdress; the clematis has clawed all over the side wall and is bursting with blossoms. The Canary Bird rose has looked wonderful but has now gone over, she'll have a second blooming later. My Weigela is a gorgeous dark red, the lilac is in full bloom and it lifts my heart to see nature's glory.

There is a new advert on TV, a squashy stuffed polar bear sitting in the freezer, advertising Bird's Eye peas and another I haven't seen yet with Bears in the Motel.
I hear that since Pinky's Election failure, he is thinking of opening his own Agency to manage Bears in Ads!!
He's been browsing glossy brochures of Time Shares and Bentley motor cars and has taken to wearing a trilby......

What will he come up with next I wonder............

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