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Monday 17 May 2010

The merry Month of May

May was the third month in the old Roman calendar and was called Mauis.

When Julius Caesar reformed the calendar, he made it the fifth month.

There are two principal theories as to the origin of the name. One is that it was meant to honor Rome's senators, called Maiores. Another is that the name was derived from Greek mythology, from that of Maia, eldest of the Pleiades, the daughters of Atlas.

She became identified with a native Italian goddess of growth and the spring season.burned at the stake

"Don't knock the weather: nine-tenths of the people couldn't start a conversation

if it didn't change once in a while."

- Kin Hubbard

The year's at the spring

And day's at the morn;

Morning's at seven;

The hillside's dew-pearled;

The lark's on the wing;

The snail's on the thorn;

God's in His heaven -

All's right with the world!

~Robert Browning

"Tis like the birthday of the world,

When earth was born in bloom;

The light is made of many dyes,

The air is all perfume:

There's crimson buds, and white and blue,

The very rainbow showers

Have turned to blossoms where they fell,

And sown the earth with flowers."

- Thomas Hood

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