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I really appreciate you taking the time to call in, view my artwork and leave such wonderful comments.
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June xxx

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

New Scooter..

I've been meaning to show you all my Birthday present...to me...from me!!
This is my new scooter, only mine is Black, not Red. And you can see the footplate where Algie sits when there is too much traffic in a narrow street or when he wants a rest. That was the case this morning. He was eager to go out and patiently waited while I had my shower but he wanted to rest more. I think the long walk yesterday tired him a bit too much. So we didn't go far and he was glad to get home, little monkey!
The scooter does 4 and 8mph and is roadworthy. So I shall have a licence disc for it. All very grand!
It's almost time for tea so I must be off.
Love and Hugs
June xxx



Daniella said...

Great gift from you!! I have a red scooter. You know I have MS and can't walk very far or stand on my feet too long. I have having to use it :( Unlike you!! you seem quite happy with your purchase and I wish you the best of luck with it!!
Please keep checking your mail for my card!!
Did I tell you I got a puppy? I got him 7 weeks ago. He was 11 weeks old. He is a "shorkie", and as cute as a button!! He is training already and loves to snuggle!!

sirkkis said...

What a fine scooter! You and Algie are broud of it. Be careful in traffic, dear friends! Hugs xxx

Unknown said...

Nice scooter there. It now needs ah cup holder and accessories, jist sayin. I miss my scooter and now use a transit chair. Watch the speed zones now lol. Sorry I don't visit much, will try harder.

Kathyk said...

VERY posh - ENJOY!


bluegiraffe (Sherry) said...

I can almost see you and Algie zipping around town in this! Enjoy your travels, June!

Bill said...

I bet they had to hire a few more traffic cops just to keep people safe as you go zipping down the streets!

Sim said...

I would like to see you and Algie on this four wheels! It must be fun! :)