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Wednesday 21 April 2010

Wasted trip

Himself thought we should make a trip to the  local rubbish tip and get rid of some 'stuff' this morning. So he loaded up the car with an old bicycle, garden chairs, broken bits of a gazebo, a past it's sell by date vacuum cleaner, etc. etc. and it took him quite a time.
When we get to the Tip the gates are shut and it's closed. A 20 mile round trip for nothing. After ringing the Council we find it's another cost cutting exercise to only open a few days a week.
The car had to be emptied again as the back seats are needed tomorrow so himself not best pleased.

Nowhere near as frustrating as all the holiday makers having to cancel holidays because of the 'no fly zone' all over the country. And the people who are stuck abroad and can't get home...... As usual some are inflating car hire prices etc.exorbitantly and making money out of others misfortunes.
There's no dust clouds here today, just wall to wall sunshine but still that stingy old wind.

                                                                       * * * * *

They say elephants never forget. But who taught him to sit on a chair in the first place?
That's what I want to know..........

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