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Friday 30 April 2010


I wonder if anyone can remember Sarah Coventry?
I came across this picture and it sparked off old memories.

Sarah Coventry was a big jewellery manufacturer in the States and it started up over here as a home party selling venture, much like Tupperware. In the mid 60's money was always tight and as I loved jewellery I started up selling. You took your selection to various homes, set out your stuff on a smart black velvet cloth and hoped for orders and more party bookings and I did quite well. I ran our little pub during the day and my husband took over at night so I could go out and sell. I had a little pale blue Morris Minor car then.

The jewellery of course was not gold or silver but the quality was fantastic. The metal was heavy and did not tarnish and I still have a few pieces that look as good as when they were new.
The brooch and earrings set in the picture above I bought for my Mother who loved pearls and wore clip-on earrings.
At that time hardly anybody had pierced ears. Clip-ons were all the go and you didn't dream the day would come when women and  men had not just their ears  but their bodies pierced in often unmentionable places!

I had a quick look on the web and found over 200,000 mentions of Sarah Coventry.
Now this costume jewellery is called vintage and very collectible.

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