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June xxx

Thursday 6 October 2011

Pleasurable news..

I must be a creature of impulse....in fact I am I realise. When I woke up yesterday morning the last thing I had in my head was to buy a new car! Sally came down to clean for me and said 'Susan (a friend of hers) is selling her car'. I replied politely, 'Oh is she?'

'It would suit you Mum!' She went on to describe this immaculate little car which of course she had travelled in many times with her friend. 'It's a bargain!'
I said 'Well you'd better ring her and see if it's already gone.'

No it hadn't and arrangements were made between Sally and Susan over the phone to bring this little sweetie for me to have a look at yesterday afternoon. One look was enough....
Susan is off abroad for a week so when she comes back we shall finalise and by the end of the month I shall have this beautiful little silver VW Polo. So it will last me till the end of my days.

Do any of you drive a Polo? I'd love to hear your opinions.


Bill said...

I haven't driven one, but I sure like the way it looks! It should be wonderful for you. The first car I bought was a VW Beatle way back in 1971. It was a used one, but I loved that little thing!

Kim B said...

Well how wonderful!

Patti said...

I haven't driven one...not even sure I've ever seen one. But it sure is cute! You will look great tooling around town it it!!

Enjoy your new purchase!!


Brenda Brown said...

It looks a great little car June and perfect for you.
Enjoy and take care.
luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh wow, June, this is fantastic!!!! What a darling car!!! I hope you will be able to get it!

Jenny from Bristol UK said...

Hi June,

I drive the big brother(or sister!) a Golf. I'm now on my 3rd and really love them. Happy Motoring, Jenny xx