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June xxx

Friday 28 October 2011

Meet Master Thomas..

Master Thomas came to call. Miss Kitty's little heart was all a flutter! How could she resist those gorgeous blue eyes and his wonderful large ears. He looked so confident and nonchalant as he gave her the rose from his buttonhole. Her knees were trembling as she sighed...
'Ah. This is the cat for me.............!'

So Mama and Papa were happy to announce their engagement and it was published in the Gazette, along with this beautiful engagement portrait of Miss Kitty, wearing her favourite green lacy dress that matches her eyes.
After reading this piece of news, later that day, many a young stud gave a regretful sigh.....
But Master Thomas was wearing a very smug smile..........


Bill said...

Oh my. The next thing we know, there will be a lot of caterwauling! Fantastically fun pictures!

Patti said...

Well, I can surely see why that dapper young Tom stole her heart!! He's fabulous! And so is Miss Kitty in her green finery. I wish them much happiness together.

Fun post, June...so creative and beautiful too.

Love and hugs,

Chris Arlington said...

What a character you are ! lol. You should write and illustrate children's books. These kitties are awesome!
Hugs, Chris