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June xxx

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Three Muses Callenge..The Written Word..

Here's my piece for the  Three Muses Challenge this week.
I think many of us have lost the art of beautiful handwriting.
We were taught at school to use loops, then I went to High School
where I was taught again to lose the loops, so my handwriting is a
terrible mix of both.


Kaylene said...

I agree with your sentiments re handwriting, lovely images, bravo

Sharon said...

I love this - real vintage feel and love all the images. Wish I had beautiful writing like that!

Anonymous said...

Both of these pieces of art are super, June! Beautiful writing is indeed an art and a talent I don't have! I do think people love hand written letters though, even if one's writing is not beautiful.

indybev said...

Not one, not two, but three beautiful pieces that feature the written word! What a bonanza of art I found on my visit to your blog this morning, June. Your work is always so thoughtful and well done. Thanks for sharing your talent with us at Three Muses!

Bill said...

This is wonderful! No matter how many hours my teachers spent teaching us how to write, my writing was still sloppy. Oh well.

Silvia(Barnie) said...

That's beautiful.

Lori Saul said...

Wow what a series of beautiful collages that detail the written word so elegantly with a sense of time past!

Ozstuff said...
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Ozstuff said...

Sorry! I accidentally deleted my first comment. You and me both, June. Like you, I learned the old-fashioned up and down strokes Copperplate handwriting at school but over the years, for some unknown reason, I changed to half printing/half writing which looks like a dog's dinner. Your elegant picture looks nothing like a dog's dinner. It's gorgeous!