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June xxx

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Theme Thursday..Garden..

Theme Thursday has chosen 'Garden' this week.

A lovely subject!    I really love my garden. Freddie always kept everything looking immaculate.
This year however the roses didn't get pruned and weeds started to take over and I felt helpless watching Nature taking back her own.

My darling granddaughter Rebecca came to the rescue, cut the grass and tidied the borders. Her hours of work didn't give her any more time so my lovely grandson Richard gave me two hours a week and My Goodness! What a transformation. Hedges all cut and immaculate, borders tended, grass cut and everything blooming and looking wonderful.
He also does any odd jobs that need doing that I can't manage and Freddie never will.....

So we can both relax for a bit in the summerhouse and enjoy the garden. Freddie having a snooze and me doing a bit of crochet. Corey loves to examine and sniff every inch of the garden, where a blackbird settled or where the hedgehogs hide.
Then he'll come and sit on my lap and survey his little kingdom quite happily.

I hope you have a little piece of garden or yard where you can relax, really 'see', and restore any jaded spirits. Even five minutes will make all the difference.

The collage is not my garden but a pretty spot none the less.

have a wonderful day.

love and Hugs
June xxx


Bill said...

I absolutely love that saying, because it's exactly how I feel. The best part about not having to work this coming summer is being able to take my first cup of coffee outside and sitting on our deck and just listen to nature. A very beautiful collage!

Tonya said...

I never get to garden much...but I pretend my fabric room is my garden sometimes. Hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

Awesome collage & the saying is so true. I have a large vegetable garden and lots of flower gardens too. Last year I splurged & bought an antique small wrought iron table & chair, painted white & the tops are ceramic chips in a flower pattern. I placed them in my garden & now that is my favorite resting spot. Annmarie

Faye said...

Very beautiful, June. Your description of the garden makes me somewhat green with envy. Sounds wonderful.

Bill said...

The favorite part of my near retirement is I'll be able to sit outside drinking my first cup of coffee listening to the sounds of nature. I have always loved that quote.