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June xxx

Tuesday 13 September 2011

Tales of the Sea..

The old man and his grandson extracted from a painting by
John George Brown.
I absolutely loved this painting.
It reminded me so much of my  own  beloved grandfather and how I used
to spend hours with him as a child, and as an adult, listening to his stories and his songs.
If I fell and grazed my knees, he was the only one allowed to
bathe and bandage my childish wounds.
He too had spent many years at sea and was a skilled engineer.
I mentioned a little time ago how I still have the key to the house
where I was born that he made from brass.
Never a day goes by without a thought of him
and I was so blessed to have him in my life.

Here he is with my son 44 years ago
Photos I treasure...



Patti said...

Oh, June, I love these pictures, and I love your memories of your grandfather. It's wonderful to have had such a special grandfather, isn't it? SUCH a blessing.

Have a wonderful day.


Bill said...

I wish I had known my maternal grandfather for a much longer time. He died when I was around five or six. All I remember about him was the beautiful terraced garden he created that was full of cascading roses. I have always loved roses, and I know that was his gift to me.