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Friday 9 September 2011

Once upon a time..

Yes, it's me with my father, once upon a time....

I have a very dear blogland friend, she loves beautiful things and she loves to write.
Today on her blog she is talking about her quest for knowledge of her ancestors and has found out so much. Much more than I have. She has written of them, stories about their lives which I have found fascinating. She thinks her readers have dropped away since she changed tack, so to speak.
And she has wondered whether to change what she is writing about on her blog.

She also suggested we all write down our earliest memories. Somewhere in the future there may be someone wanting to know about our early lives, what we did, the clothes we wore, how much we earned etc. etc. Quite a few years ago I did just that, for my son and daughter.

I started with my earliest memories, of my homes, my parents, and grandparents.
I wrote in longhand before typing it up, long before I thought about computers! As I wrote, more and more memories came up so I had to juggle the time lines. I included cuttings, and photos, told of my schools and teachers and in Sally's I made a pocket to hold the gloves I wore when I married her father. I still had the bill for the material I bought to make my wedding dress.
I finished about the time they could remember things that happened for themselves.

I had two copies made and I kept the original. I think they learned things about me they may not have known before. Things that had happened with the full versions, I kept nothing back. I remembered things I would sooner forget. But once it was out it was a great release for me at the time.

Perhaps this is an idea for you. Start to write notes now.......

I'm telling you all this, if you've read this far, of my thoughts on writing a blog. Patti is following her heart and even if she loses followers, what of it! She is true to herself.
I often think I don't have as many comments or readers as some do. My blog is mostly about my pictures that I love to make and when all is said and done, I make them for me. My life is not about numbers, though I am so pleased if someone likes what I do.

if you'd like to read what Patti has been writing, go  HERE

What are your thoughts on blogging?


Patti said...

My sweet friend, I LOVE this post. I always love your beautiful creations, but I also love seeing YOU. What a precious photo of you and your dad. Thank you for sharing it.

I think it is totally awesome that you wrote up your life history for your kids and grandkids. What a wonderful gift you have given them.

Through my ancestry research, I have connected with a long-lost cousin. A few years ago, she did a similar thing, and I feel blessed beyond measure that she chose to forward her story to me. While it was written for her children and grandchildren, she thought it might give me insight into our common relative (grandmother for her/great-great-grandmother for me).

And, yes, all of us need to blog about the things that most interest us. It's funny, I tell my daughter, her friends, and other blog friends that they shouldn't worry about blog numbers, that they're blogging for themselves not other people, that they should just be passionate about what they write about. Easy to give advice to others...so hard to listen to it yourself. I found myself actually worrying about a decline in readership, and I actually considered stopping my classic movie blog altogether. Then, my daughter reminded me of what I have often told her...to write for ME and not to worry about being the most popular blog on the web.

So, my head is on straight again, and I'm not all caught up in the numbers-game. I'll keep blogging (both blogs), and I won't worry about how "popular" I am. Having fairly low numbers gives me the opportunity to really know the readers I have, and that is important to me.

Anyhow, again, KUDOS to you for putting together such an awesome insight into your life for your children. And thank you for sharing that precious photo with all of us.

How are you feeling? No residual from your fall, I hope.


Patti said...

I forgot to say...your daddy was very handsome. And you, well you are simply adorable and totally beautiful!!

From the Kitchen said...

Sweet, sweet photograph!


Bill said...

That is such a wonderful picture of you with your father! What could possibly be better than "once upon a time?"

By the way, I keep worrying your beautiful princess in your header is going to catch a chest cold!

cheryl said...

hi hun,what a wonderful photo of you and your dad how precious,that is the only thing i miss hun,there is not one picture of me,when i was tiny not one,just shows really how much of a terrible,time I had its such a shame as would have loved to,let my children see photos of me when i was a baby,but never mind,take care hun hugs cheryl xxxxxxxx I do have lots of scrapbooks,though about 30 so at least they have there life all scrapped for future,reference, xxxxxxxxxx