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June xxx

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Tuesday Treats!

Well you may not think they're treats but I'm happy with them.
The first is a pattern I made with flowers. I think it's a happy picture.
I want to feel happy all day today! I've been to the hairdressers this morning to have my hair cut.
On the way home I had to slow down. There was a man walking 5 Llamas along the road. There is a large meadow in the town and sometimes you see them grazing there. I wonder if they too were going to have haircuts? LOL!
Now that's a happy picture to have in your mind!

And the picture above I love. She is a vintage  black and white photo I found and I gave her a touch of colour in Photoshop. The elements are from various kits in my stash and the background is a blend of two. Oh to have a figure like hers.

I'm counting the days this week! Saturday is ALGIE DAY!!  WooHoo!!
David told me he is weighing in now at just over 3 pounds


Bill said...

Both of the pictures are wonderfully beautiful. The first has such interesting textures with all of the petals, and the second is so rich with color and light.

Bärbel said...

A very beautiful work! I love how they have decorated the beautiful lady with the flowers and the rose bush is beautiful.

Lovey said...

Oh wow June...absolutely beautiful!