Thank you dear friends and followers for your visits, for your love and prayers for both myself and Freddie.
I really appreciate you taking the time to call in, view my artwork and leave such wonderful comments.
Sending you all love, hugs and blessings,

June xxx

Tuesday 22 February 2011

ThreeMuses Challenge..TIME..

I thought I'd post my Three Muses Challenge today in case I'm called away.
Time.. Sometimes we hate it, sometimes we love it....but we can never
get away from it.

Just to tell you all Freddie is in hospital again after a nasty 'do' last night at 10pm.
He passed out completely  and fell headlong, half in the bathroom and half in the hall.
Thank God the bathroom door was open as I couldn't have got to him if he'd been behind it.
Apart from turning purple and not breathing properly he cut his hand and
 he has a black eye. It was awful and I feel so helpless.
I put a small pillow under his face and just stayed with him till help came.

Love and Hugs
June xx


Kathyk said...

So sorry to hear of Freddie's incident last night and hope all will be well with him.

Take care


Miss Hillbilly said...

My sweet friend, life has been very tough for you lately. I am so sorry! BIG HUGE HUGS TO YOU!!!

bluegiraffe (Sherry) said...

June- I'm so sorry to hear about Freddie's latest trouble. It must be so hard for you! I hope creating colorful art, like the Time piece, is of some help in getting through these times and offering some distraction. I know art helps me like that. I'm sending prayers and a big hug,

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your Freddie. God bless him, and you, too.

K J D said...

Sorry to read about your troubles. Hope all is well soon.

I love your piece for The Three Muses, especially the young man with the huge moustache!


Marfi-topia said...

June your arwork is lovely...and we certainly have a love hate relationship with time dont we?
you are such a strong woman...hope Freddie feels better soon.
sending you hugs and prayers.

Brenda Brown said...

I am sending you lots of positive vibes and my thoughts are with you and prayers for both Freddie and you. I hope you have some better news tomorrow.
Keep creating your wonderful pieces of art.
lots of luv and huge hugs {brenda} xoxox

Faye said...

June, I am praying for your Freddie. You all have really "been through the mill" lately. The thing you said about being behind the bathroom door and not being able to get in hit home. I'm so glad that wasn't Freddie's case. It was the case, though, of an elderly friend of ours. Because too much time was spent trying to get to him, the results were not good. I'm sure that having you by his side and tending to Freddie lovingly as you did meant a lot to him. Keep us posted.

I really like the clock faces/dials/ steampunk cogs and wheels in this piece, June.

Diane said...

June, I am so sorry to hear of Freddie's travails! It is amazing that you have kept making art throughout it. Time is a wise counselor, and also a great healer. I hope Time is on Freddie's side--and yours! I hope those doctors get their acts together--speak up if you need to! The important thing is that he gets the care he needs. God be with you, my dear friend!

Big hugs,


Tania said...

June your piece is lovely - sending you good wishes!

Pat said...

June I'm so sorry for your troubles. Hope all is well soon.
Your artpiece is really amazing and I think also that we can 't escape but we try to catch love and pleasure moments of life.
Take care of you

Judy said...

Oh dear, June, so sorry to hear of Freddie's accident, hope he is back home with you soon. I know you will pass the time waiting for him by creatings lots more lovely art like your 'time' piece, love how you have incorporated steampunk, too!

Ellen said...

i do hope they make time to find out whats wrong with Freddie this time instead of sending him home again. so sorry you both have to go through this. wish him well.

love your timepieces a nice collection there

Silvia(Barnie) said...

June, I'm sorry to hear about Freddies accident, hope he'll be better soon.
Your time collage looks fantastic, love the steampunk elements.

LivArtNow said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your Freddie... You'll both be in my prayers. Hope he'll get all the help he needs to recover!!
hugs and blessings,

Taluula said...

Oh June, I too am so sorry to hear that Freddie is ill once again, and I am sending you both healing thoughts.

Keep on making your wonderful art June, it is a very good coping mechanism and this lovely collage is proof of that.

Take care.

mary.kg said...

June Désolée pour cet accident , j'espère que ce ne sera pas trop grave! je suis avec vous par la pensée ! Beaucoup de courage à vous deux.
Amitiés Mary.KG

Deann said...

June I am so sorry about Freddie I'll keep you in my prayers and hope all thing go for the good for you.
Your picture is just amazing my dear and so is your new header...I think this is one of your best works...bravo and many blessing!!

indybev said...

I can't tell you how I admire you, Miss June. Despite health issues and such heavy worries with Freddie, you manage to continue to create lovely, light-hearted art and maintain a positive outlook. God bless, my dear. Your "time" art is, as always, beautifully done with a thoughtful gathering of components into a lovely piece of art. Kudos!

Christmas-etc... said...

Oh no... I am so sorry to hear this. How hard for you... But you did get help and now Freddie he must heal. (But oh my... the waiting must have been just terrible...bless your heart...) You have a very inappropriate post today on time. (It's beautiful as all your work is) I love the study of time...
Many blessings to you and for Freddie to quickly recover.
PS I will say many prayers for you...

Christmas-etc... said...

Oh no... (I just wrote a long comment but it got eaten somewhere in blogging land!) I am just so sorry to read all this! You poor dear... how horrible to have that happen. But you did get help and now, Freddie must heal.
Your post today is so appropriate... (And as with all your work beautiful)
many blessings to you and Freddie. I will pray for you both...

Bill said...

Oh, June, how horrible! I'm sending prayers and loving thoughts your way.

Your collage is wonderful. The man's fancy whiskers make me smile!

Lori Saul said...

So sorry for more troubles- I'm sure time is passing slowly for you right now June. Your art is beautiful and I'm so glad that you are able to keep creative at this difficult time!

Janine said...

That is a rich collage and I love your angelfairys too