Thank you dear friends and followers for your visits, for your love and prayers for both myself and Freddie.
I really appreciate you taking the time to call in, view my artwork and leave such wonderful comments.
Sending you all love, hugs and blessings,

June xxx

Monday 14 February 2011

Jan's Lady..

Last week my dear friend Jan put a picture on her blog,
Lutie in 1929 and said we could use it ourselves.
So this is what I did to her.
Hope you like it Jan.xx
To view her blog go HERE


Cindy Adkins said...

Oh how beautiful, June!!! Happy Valentine's Day~sending
hugs your way with lots of happiness!!!

Anonymous said...

Lutie looks divine in her new surroundings...and her dress! Well, June! You were listening to my little tale!
Oh, I adore what you did. And I'm pleased you liked Lutie!

cheryl said...

oh so beautiful hun elegant,happy valentine,to you sweetie,hugs cheryl xxx

Rosie said...

June, that is beautiful! Such a romantic setting too - all butterflies and pinks!

Faye said...

June, this is so gorgeous. You say you are self taught in the digital arts. You must be the most intelligent woman in blogland! I am constantly amazed at what you create. How did those little swirls stay metallic looking when you did digital work on them? They are fantastic.

Chris Arlington said...

Wonderful as always June, Hugs to all

Junibears said...

Faye, you know you work in layers, sometimes many. Those swirls were just a layer after I'd finished manipulating the rest. Put it under the lady and Bob's your Uncle!
Hope that helps. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments.