Thank you dear friends and followers for your visits, for your love and prayers for both myself and Freddie.
I really appreciate you taking the time to call in, view my artwork and leave such wonderful comments.
Sending you all love, hugs and blessings,

June xxx

Friday 25 February 2011

Art Creations Friday..

'Don't cry my sweetie! I can take you to a land of daisies and butterflies.
Pretty colours and all kinds of magical things.'

Art Creations Friday gave us this picture of the little girl.
I have used one of my Angel Fairies to grant her
magical wishes.

It's nice to do a challenge again. I saw Freddie yesterday afternoon and he is looking so much better. He won't be home until  Tuesday at least but he's not fretting and they are looking after him very well in ther Coronary ward.


Femmy said...

this is gorgeous June!! beautiful colours and great fairyimage!

Willy de Bruijne said...

Wow, I love the way you created this piece!

"MOI" Freubel said...

June, it seems if I always run behind the facts. I just read your post about Freddie and his fall. "Goose bumps"!!! But I'm glad to read that he's taking care now very well !!
about your entry !! Isn't it a adorable child ?
I love the scenery you've create for him !!

Faye said...

June, this is such a gorgeous combination of pastels. Love it. Hope Freddie continues to improve. You are an amazing, strong woman.

Yvonne said...

Simply beautiful, June! Hope Freddie comes home soon :)

Brenda Brown said...

Fabulous design June, the cheeky smile on the little girl's face coupled with her looking up towards the fairy is very magical.
Glad to hear Freddie is recovering and doing well and I hope they get meds sorted so he can come home soon.
Thankyou so much for the fairies, they are beautiful, that is very generous of you and thanks for letting me know about them. It's been a very busy week this week being out with the grandchildren on 2 days and the little ceremony for the internment of Mum's ashes yesterday, so I am only just starting to catch up.
Take care of yourself, I hope you have a good weekend.
luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

Bill said...

I love how you took the sad face and made it into a happy, hopeful picture. Love the fairy! I have to get busy and go shovel some snow soon. Yuk! But your picture looks nice and springy.

Cindy Adkins said...

Dear June,
I was wondering why I hadn't heard from you and I just read that Freddie had heart surgery...Oh my gosh, dear June--I am praying for him--and for you...

This piece is so precious and so are the angels...thank you for your sweetness!!
Sending love & hugs your way,

Hermine said...

This is so cute

Annmarie said...

Cute creation today! And I'm sooo glad to hear Freddie is on the up & up. Let's hope that pacemaker solves all his problems! Hugs.

Patti said...

I, too, want to go to the land of butterflies and daisies. That would mean it's spring!!! Can't get here soon enough for me.

How are you getting along by yourself? Very well, I hope. If I didn't live an ocean and a continent away, I would be there with bells on to help you out. We could talk and have tea...and watch an old movie.

Love and hugs,

Kim B said...

beautiful colors. I hope you are doing well and freddie will be home soon. Hugs, Kim

Sr Crystal Mary Lindsey said...

God bless you and Freddie June and keep you both in His loving care...your heart is so sweet and beautiful. xxx Crystal

Netty said...

That is such good news that Freddie is doing well and isn't fretting.
Love your digital masterpiece, Annette x

Nancy said...

Hi June, I'm so glad to hear Freddie is doing well and will be home with you soon. Your digital piece is Beautiful and I love all the fairy images you've been posting, thank you!
Nancy xx

Chris Arlington said...

Hi June, your collage is wonderful and joyful even though she looks like she's pouting.
Glad you were able to see Freddie doing much better. Even more glad you can't see my typos. LOL

Petra Tillmann said...

Beatifuo collage, June!

Digital-scrap-hil said...

A quoi peut bien penser ce mioche en voyant cet ange ???? La est la question !!!
Merci pour votre commentaire
A bientôt

Deann said...

I'm so glad that Freddie is improving my dear.
I love what you have done with our darling little girl...it is whimsical and gorgeous...wonderful work!!

Jester said...

This is magical, June!
I'm glad Freddie is doing Ok.

pchickki said...

Love this cute little collage and I am happy to hear Freddie is coming home :)
Bless You June