Thank you dear friends and followers for your visits, for your love and prayers for both myself and Freddie.
I really appreciate you taking the time to call in, view my artwork and leave such wonderful comments.
Sending you all love, hugs and blessings,

June xxx

Monday 28 February 2011


I made this collage last week and called it 'Alone'.  Well this is just how I feel as I am still alone and suffering badly with a chest infection. I am definitely unwell and of course cannot visit the hospital.
I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday so I'll hang on till then.

At last I have a phone connection now so at least I can speak to Freddie, several times a day and he doesn't get my germs. His news worries me so. He's had to have bedrest and is all wired up so they can monitor him. The pacemaker fitted is not the complete answer and there may be another risky operation.
We shall just have to wait and see.....

BUT......Halleluia! The book has finally arrived! Freddie will not be able to draw a name out so I'm waiting for Sally to do it, perhaps tonight.
So tomorrow I should be able to tell you who is the winner and I do thank you all for your patience.
Good Luck everybody.

                               Big Hugs,   June xxx


Patti said...

Oh, June, I'm SO sorry that you and Freddie both are really feeling poorly right now. I am praying for right this minute, asking the Lord for his grace and strength and healing. May He encourage your heart and lift your spirit.

As always, LOVE the collage. IT's beautiful.

Love and hugs,

Katie said...

very beautiful callage and I hope you all feel better. The telephone- it is a savior when alone.

bluegiraffe (Sherry) said...

Hi, June, I'm sorry you're still not well, and feeling alone. I'm thinking about you and Freddie and wishing you both a quick recovery. I love your collage, despite the painful feelings that lie behind it. You have many online art friends thinking about you and wishing you well!!!!
Many hugs,

Pat said...

*hugs* June. Wishing you and Freddie better and a speedy return to health xx

Pam Tucker said...

Gorgeous collage, June. I absolutely love it. Sorry to hear you are sick. I'm thinking about you and Freddie. Hoping for a speedy recovery for you both.
Big Hug,

cardsandmorebygigi said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your Freddy my dearest June. Warm hugs...G

Netty said...

I am so sorry to hear your news June. I do so hope both you and Freddie get a lot better soon. Nothing else is important right now my friend. Annette x

Chris Arlington said...

Beautiful wistful collage June. You are in my thoughts. big hugs xx

Diane said...

June, do take care of yourself! Sounds like you need bed rest too, don't worry about the books, the recipient will be happier knowing that you are well again! You and Freddie are in our prayers and thoughts.

warmest wishes and hugs

Tiffany said...

June, although you felt alone at the time you created this hauntingly beautiful piece, please know that you are in mine & others thoughts. I am praying for both you & Freddie. God Bless you both. XOX

Brenda Brown said...

Oh June, sorry you are feeling so poorly, I hope you get some antibiotics very soon to shift that infection. Glad you are able to talk to Freddie, and I hope his doctors get him home quickly now.
Take care and look after yourself.
luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

Christine said...

Sometimes we feel trapped and hopeless, but this will pass too and the sun will shine again. Have some patience, as faith I know you have. Your art is awesome even in pain. My hugs and prays.

Lovey said...

June I understand that alone feeling completely...sometimes even when there are others there. I am continually lifting you and Freddie up in prayer. Hang in there.

Bill said...

I firmly believe that Vicks VapoRub works wonders! Do they have that in England? You rub it all over your chest, and the vapors seep in, feel warm, and help you to breathe. Then add a hot toddy of Whiskey, honey and lemon juice with hot water, and you'll be ready for a good sleep in no time. Just remember, and I am a prime example of someone who feels that way, even though we feel so alone, we never are! God is only a prayer away.

cheryl said...

oh my dear sweet friend,oh hun hope you start to feel better soon,hun and I pray that freddie,gets all the help he needs,and that you are soon well enough to go and see him,take care hunny,look after yourself,sending you massive hugs,and all my love,cheryl xxxxxxxxx