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June xxx

Sunday 20 February 2011

Alphabet Collages..

I decided to go for the Xoloitzcuintle for my X,
pronounced Shollo-its-quintly
I have come across them before. They are prevalent in Mexico
but are now being bred in the States.

Thank you to my dear friend Bill who suggested Yarrow
for my Y. All pictures from Google.
I have now discovered they come in all colours.
Our wild ones are white with a
pinky tinge.


Nigel said...

Superb interpretation of the letters.

Does anybody else think the white-faced X dog looks like Alexander the meerkat? Simples ;)

Linda Gibbons said...

Wonderfully creative, June!

Junibears said...

Yes he does Nigel. I agree! Apparently some can have a hairy face. xx

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi June!
I love your alphabet collages! I hope that you are having a beautiful weekend, dear friend.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Bill.....and Mexican Hairless dogs! This is brilliant! I DID attempt to find some references yesterday for you to use, but failed!
Thankfully for you Bill was on top of things.
These collages are beautiful. Does that finish your book!??!?!

Bill said...

Both of those collages are wonderful! I've never see a Mexican Hairless dog in person, but I've always wanted to. I had no idea they have such an exotic name.

Who knew there was a Yarrow fairy?! She is so cute. I also learned more about yarrow yesterday, because I thought all yarrow was yellow. I really like how you layered the yellow yarrow on top of the wild yarrow on your page.

You will have a fantastic alphabet book!

Faye said...

I enjoyed seeing all the beautiful alphabet collages, June. The X was quite a challenge, I'll bet. I have heard of these dogs but I had never seen the name of them before. You have educated me.