Thank you dear friends and followers for your visits, for your love and prayers for both myself and Freddie.
I really appreciate you taking the time to call in, view my artwork and leave such wonderful comments.
Sending you all love, hugs and blessings,

June xxx

Wednesday 2 February 2011

I'm packed..

I'm all packed and ready to go but I shall be back in a few days. Himself is very quiet about me leaving but then he always is and says he doesn't mind. I wouldn't be going if I thought he couldn't manage. DD will be in tomorrow and she will keep an eye on him.

Well you are all taking my breath away! Thank you so much to all my new followers, I really appreciate it. I know you're all so busy adding your name but I hope you'll find a minute to tell me what you think of my Alphabet collages.

Oh I must mention this...I was browsing this morning and found this old advert....
It gave me such a smile and brought back so many memories. I used to wear these, Mother's orders of course. They were warm and comfortable in a cream coloured  material that was soft and a bit fleecy on the inside. They even had button holes at the bottom where you could fasten your suspender buttons and wear  your thick black stockings!

Oh My God! Am I really that old?
Would anyone else like to own up to wearing a Liberty Bodice?
I can't be the only one with a long memory surely.......
(Bill if you read this, just think yourself lucky you didn't have to suffer all these things!)


Kathyk said...

So, did I miss the bit that said where you were going? If so remind us again - especially as you now have yet more followers!

Enjoy it wherever you are going and for however long you are going too


Taluula said...

Me! Yes, I also wore a Liberty Bodice. I never thought about it before but now I'm thinking about the origins of the name. Mmmmmmmm. Anyone know?

From the Kitchen said...

So glad that you have more "followers" discovering your lovely blog!


From the Kitchen said...

Oh, I forgot to say safe travel and happy visit with your sisters. It's good to get away on occasion.


Gisèle said...

Enjoy the time with your family June; its important to get away and re-energize...Hugs...
Have a safe and peaceful getaway...

Anonymous said...

Look at that! 105 Followers! Yeah June!

I'm chuckling about your bodice picture. They sure looked warm...mother knows best, right?

Have a good trip.


PS...I see Bill swooning about this post already!

K J D said...

Hi again!

I never had one of these - but I am liking the sound of soft and fleecy!

Have a lovely trip.


Netty said...

Am putting my hands up. As a small child we never went out in the Winter without our Liberty Bodice....but mine didn't have suspenders...not much good for a five year old..........lol Have a great time away. xx

Sr Crystal Mary Lindsey said...

God Bless June, take care. xx Also thank you for your love and care over the cyclone here in Queensland. All is well. xxx CM

Brenda Brown said...

My memory doesn't serve me that well, but I think I had vests June.
Have a WONDERFUL time with your sister and a good break. We will miss you while you are away but give us all the news when you return.
Take care.
luv and huga {brenda} xoxox

cheryl said...

sorry hun I never wore one of those bodices,you are not old,hun you are as young as you feel,have an amazing time at your sisters,hun and take it easy and have fun,hugs cheryl xxxxx

Bill said...

I can truly say I've never had any desire to wear all that paraphernalia women use to make themselves beautiful. All we men need to do is not take a shower and don't shave and we feel in top form! Have a great trip!!!

Faye said...

June, I didn't know you were off to distant parts (or near). I hope it is for something fun and not a health issue.

I do love this piece because of the gorgeous face and the lavender in the corners. Just beautiful.

Liberty vests. I'm older than you and I don't ever recall anything like that. Perhaps the idea didn't make it across the pond. Or perhaps my mother improvised. We wore cotton, woven not flannel, under shirts. And when we had colds we were wrapped in something called Sally Rags. They were like the under shirts but our little chests were saturated with Vicks Vaporub.

Judy said...

Yes, I had to endure a 'liberty bodice' June, don't remember it having any buttons! Enjoy being 'spoilt rotten' you deserve it!!