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I really appreciate you taking the time to call in, view my artwork and leave such wonderful comments.
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June xxx

Tuesday 12 June 2012

The Wish Granters

My picture today is The Wish Granters. Be careful what you wish for...is good advice. The wish may not turn our exactly as you wanted, it's true!
 Sometimes I love to use Symmetry in my work. I love the calmness, the balance of things, what do you think?

What's happened to 'Flaming June'? Are we ever going to get any Summer? I have a Garden Party  planned for the beginning of next month so I'm keeping everything crossed. It's for the Chapel and I have several helpers standing by. I have bought some colourful bunting and lavender plates and serviettes. Richard has planted several new things in the garden so it should look nice. He keeps it beautifully.
I just pray it doesn't rain that day!!

                                                           Love and Hugs
                                                                     June xxx


Jinksy said...

You'll never believe it - On my Blogger reading list, I read that as the "Welsh Grenadiers", hehehe!

cheryl said...

oh gosh Hunny this is just brilliant,oh just love love these images,hope you are okay sweetie,love big hugs Cherylxxxx

Junibears said...

Were you wearing the wrong glasses Junksy? You did give me a smile. And we all need that on this horrible June morning! What weather! xx

Anonymous said...

How could the sun not come out for your garden party, June? (Can I come?)
Those nymphets are so adorable and the symetry looks just right.

Nancy said...

Good Morning June!! The Wish Granters are absolutely beautiful ~ I love it!! Your garden party sounds Fabulous ~ I hope the weather is perfect that day!!
Nancy xx :D

Yvonne said...


Bill said...

Well this is different. Wonderfully different! I love the pig. :^)

Christine said...

This is brilliant. Love the background. Hope the Wish Granters can grant you a sunny day for the Garden Party :)