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June xxx

Friday 3 February 2012

The Postcard from Budapest

The found lady I coloured in Photoshop and she did indeed come from Budapest. Church Googled and the rest from my stash.
Wrap up warm today folks. 'They' have threatened snow for us this weekend.

My sister has had a couple of 'funny phonecalls', you know what I mean. They are not so funny at 1am. when you think you may be needed by someone in the family. It's made her very nervous as she lives alone since she lost her husband.
I have never been bothered by such a thing. What pleasure can anyone get by frightening someone in the night. It's so cruel. There's no doubt there are some very strange people out there...........


Netty said...

Beautiful piece June, x

cheryl said...

oh June this is one really stunning piece of work Hun know what you mean about these calls,Hun they are getting on my nerves,too,so know how she feels,take care Hun hugs Cherylxxx

deb said...

gorgeous June! People can be cruel, such a shame to scare people!

Bill said...

You are able to color photos so beautifully! The entire piece has a wonderful vintage look.

Years ago we had to have our phone number changed to an unlisted number, because someone started calling and refused to stop. It was horrible. We had to have our number changed again about 3 weeks ago. This time it was because bill collectors kept calling all day long. They were calling for two of our children who have been having problems because of losing jobs. They keep saying the economy is getting better in the US, but we sure don't believe it.

Jester said...

This has a very nostalgic and romantic feel to it. It's lovely!
Hope your sister has recovered from the unpleasant call.

Marfi-topia said...

this is beautiful!

yes there are some disturbed people out there..i hope this gets sorted out soon.

Electra said...

That's such a shame that your sister is going through that. I love this piece, it's so elegant.

Brenda Brown said...

Strange people indeed - what do they get from such antics?
A lovely lady and the church is exquisite.
hugs {brenda} xox

Anonymous said...

You are so gifted in Photoshop.

This economy is difficult for so many people. I hope things improve for your children soon.