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June xxx

Thursday 23 February 2012

The Old Album..

I made this collage a few weeks ago and it has been sitting in my computer. The children I Googled and coloured. Everything else comes from my stash and different scrapbooking kits I have had for years. I like to imagine opening the pages and seeing all the different family pictures from long ago.

My Grandmother had an old album, full of pretty postcards sent to her husband and from him to her while he was at sea. Reading them it felt like a collection of love letters and I could imagine them as young people missing each other. After she passed it went to my mother and I fondly thought it would eventually come to me. But no, my mother gave it to my niece who never knew either of them. When I asked if I could borrow it as I wanted to see it once more it had apparently been lost. I can tell you, I was heartbroken...........


Sarina said...

That's terrible, June. No wonder, you were heartbroken.Perhaps,someday, they'll find it again and think of you.

Thank you for your comment.Doesn't the Google translator work?
I installed it , some time ago,because I often visit Swedish blogs too.
Wish you a lovely evening,

Yvonne said...

This is a gorgeous collage, June!

Patti said...

Oh, that's so sad about the album being lost. Strange that your mom would have given it to someone who never knew them.

You did a lovely job with your collage.

Hope you're having a great day.


cheryl said...

oh June Hun no wonder you were heartbroken,I too,have had my wedding video lost too,which is also heartbreaking,but what you have done,here Hun is just stunning,just love this,amazing hugs Cherylxxxxx

From the Kitchen said...

That is sad! I love the old photos. Here in the US we have Cracker Barrel restaurants. They are located along major highways and offer good quality food to travelers (and locals). Their walls are filled with old family portraits and I always wonder about the families who no longer have those wonderful photographs in their possession. Lovely collage!


Nikki (Sarah) said...

did your mother ever know how much you wanted it? that's sad and now that it's lost is even sadder. I love historical things. I think they speak to loud. Your scrapebook is awesome

Bill said...

All of our family photos were lost in a flood. I can truly understand how you feel!