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June xxx

Saturday 20 August 2011

SoArtful Challenge..

Jeanette at SoArtful has given this black and white photo
of a Russian lady-in-waiting to use this week.
Mary, Princess Eristavi.
I have found a copy in colour of that original beautiful dress!
So I took off her head and placed it on the model and
gave it a touch of colour and I think
she looks so much better, don't you?

I have also made this one and it looks like
almost the same staircase.

Thanks for looking.xx


Jinksy said...

I might have to research into which dyes would have available at the time when the original photograph was taken. Pigments were far more limited in their range of colours for fabrics. Orange strikes me as dubious? Lovely dress, though...

Anonymous said...

Wow what brilliant work my friend
Hugs June xxx

Faye said...

June, how amazing that you found the same dress elsewhere! It is very beautiful in that color. And I love your own interpretation in the lower photo.

Bill said...

It sounds so French to me. "Off with her head!" All those poor queens. Or was it the English who use to do that? Oh dear. Now I've forgotten my history. Maybe it was both. Men just had no respect for women in those days!

Plush Possum Studio said...

These are just great! I am particularly fond of the lower one. It reminded me of a Cinderella type character, only without shoes in her storyline......

Jeanette said...

That's amazing that you found a copy in color. Gorgeous. Beautiful creations. Thanks for be Soartful this week.

Deann said...

Wow June these are both gorgeous...wonderful work!!!

mari said...

Mary, Princess Eristavi was a prominent Georgian aristocrat, fashion icon, and one of the earliest models of Coco Chanel! not Russian at all !