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June xxx

Tuesday 30 August 2011

In Tandem Blog..

Jinksy makes a lovely picture every week and writes a beautiful poem to go with. This weeks poem and picture are Shadowy leaves. Well I can't write poetry, I'm not even going to try but I love to play with pictures. Her shadowy leaves reminded me of fish so here's a collage I made just for fun. It's called....

                                            I'M GONNA TELL YOU ALL A STORY....

                                                         Forgive me dear Jinksy!


Jinksy said...

I do forgive you for turning my moon to a sunny goldfish bowl - but I'd like to point out to any one else, that it's my In Tandem blog which pots a weekly picture prompt for others, not Alias Jinksy, anymore! :) Thanks ♥

Jinksy said...

Oops - 'posts', not 'pots'! I paint better than I type! lOl

Junibears said...

Oh don't worry dear. I sent a post to someone this morning headed poccies instead of piccies! xx

Junibears said...

Please note everyone, I have made a boo-boo. I should not have pinched this pic from Penny.
My flyaway brain went to the wrong blog. Please note every Wednesday Penny will post a new picture on her blog IN TANDEM, do have a look and add your prose or poem.
Sorry again Penny.xx

Bill said...

This makes me smile just to look at it. I've always loved Koi and water gardens.