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Wednesday 16 March 2011

The House next door..

I mentioned earlier how we bought the 'house next door'. You would think, what can there be different to where you are now? We later learned the builder who had erected these little terraced houses, built this one for himself and family.

When you opened the front door, there was a staircase going up from the hallway. I had only lived in houses where the stairs were behind a door and hidden, from a little child. I fell in love with that staircase! There was also a tiny fourth bedroom. So we bought that little house next door for £950. We were going up in the world!!

We decided to move our furniture in ourselves to save money. So we carried things out of one house and into the other....When it came to larger pieces, like the bed and mattress, my husband took the front bedroom window out, to save struggling with the tiny twisting stairs.
So I stood on the pavement while my husband (Colin) passed things down on a rope. The bedding came first, tied in a bundle. That was thrown down and I just managed to catch it. The bedhead and footboard followed and I caught them and leaned them against the wall.
Then came the bed spring. Can you imagine a 6ft. x 4ft.6"   bedspring anchored just on one corner with the rope.
Well a gust of wind caught it and it swayed and twisted as he lowered it and it caught me on the head and shoulders and I fell to my knees! When I managed to grab it and stand up I looked up at Colin laughing his head off. I turned and the passers by were standing watching and also chuckling out loud!
I didn't laugh at the time but we had many a laugh over the following years.
Finally  everything was in place and the very first thing I did was to buy carpet for the hall and stairs.
Eventually we turned the back bedroom into a bathroom but the toilet was still outside although the back yard was bigger.
But I felt I had arrived!


Christine said...

Beautiful story June, but I must have miss the previous chapter. Colin?

Bill said...

So that's where you learned how to dance! With a bed-spring!

Chris Arlington said...

Oh June, you are funny. It is amazing what we do when we are young and broke. But, it was worth it.

Junibears said...

Hi Christine, Colin is my first husband and the father of my children. We were married 28 years! We are still the greatest of friends. xx