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Sunday 22 January 2012

She brightens my day!..

Richard had taken Ashton to watch Norwich City play Chelsea (score 1-1, well done Norwich!)
so Sally was looking after Skyela. They came down to see us and I took this photo yesterday.
This child brightens the dullest day! Her smile and chatter are a joy and she certainly lifts my spirits. Bless her sweet heart!


Miss Hillbilly said...

She's adorable!

From the Kitchen said...

It's easy to see why she would brighten a day. Her whole precious little face lights up with that smile. She is beautiful.


Anonymous said...

I'm not even near her and can feel the joy in her smile!

Give her an extra squeeze from me!

Love her little jumper, too!

LynnF said...

She blessed with the gift of joy! The photo is terrific! She's darling!

Deann said...

What a sweetir she looks like gobs of fun to me!

Bill said...

Definitely a cute face to brighten anyone's day!

Anonymous said...

She is too too adorable!