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Wednesday 25 January 2012

Playing again..

This angel I found in a picture of a stained glass window. I played around trying to put it on an old piece of parchment as if it was an ancient drawing.

I am so glad yesterday is gone. Funerals over and I went to the dentist as well. I had a crown fall out twice in a month. I had it replaced after the first time and it came out again.
It turns out I have a fractured root after an X Ray and will have to have it removed in hospital in a few weeks. I am again on anti biotics so that's probably the reason I have been feeling under par. I cannot really remember what it feels like to feel really well as I have so many problems so this is just another one. Ho Hum! Upwards and Onwards........!!


Anonymous said...

My husband sings at every funeral in our church. I don't know how he does it.
Sorry to hear about your dental problems.
I really, really like what you did with this stained glass window/parchment.

Betzie said...

This is really neat looking. I hate having dental troubles! Been there, hope all goes well for you! xo

Bill said...

The texture is amazing in this!

Oh no. I hate going to the dentist. But I guess it's better than having to wear false teeth. Hang in there! This, too, will pass. Of course, that's easy for me to say. I'm way overdue for a visit to the dentist. No telling what he'll tell me once I finally go. :O)

Christine said...

The result you achieved here is amazing.

I postpone as much as I can my visits to the dentist, I know that is not smart, but I can't help it.

Anonymous said...

Oh honey, I am so sorry to hear about yoru fractured root! Bless your heart. Ouch! At least it will all be over then. Take care of yoruself, you busy lady.

LuLu said...

Wow-ee zow-ee. Fabulous!

Mary Lou 'LuLu'
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