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June xxx

Saturday 21 January 2012

Believe and Dream..

Just a bit of whimsy. A collage I made the other day. I was looking through some old photos as I often do, and came across this black and white picture of my son. I coloured it in Photoshop and made this. He was raised with music, stories, truth, trust and love. A wonderful man who will be retiring in a couple of weeks time. I hope you enjoy the picture.

Does life sometimes seem too complicated for you these days? I know we all agree how much new technology can achieve, but things can often appear rather confusing and involved.
Sir Winston Churchill once summed it up this way: 'All the great things are simple and many can be expressed in a single word......Freedom..Justice..Honour..Duty..Mercy and Hope.'
He was right. These are important things in life, along with Love and Kindness. i think they are also great words when it comes to raising children and we can only do our best.
Let's make life as simple as possible.


Bill said...

It's a wonderful picture! You certainly do an excellent job coloring. I love the expression on your son's face. It fits your words perfectly.

Deann said...

Just delightful!

Chris Arlington said...

What a cutie! Such big blue eyes. I hope you make a collage of him now going into retirement.
Love, Chris

Christine said...

Wise words, June. The most important things in life are the same since the beginning of times... Lovely collage.

Anonymous said...

Love this, June! Your son was just adorable.

Yes, life often seems far too busy and complicated to me as well. I suppose that is why I am always romanticizing past eras. Things seemed so much simpler then. I wish it were just enough that we could all live our truths, know our hearts, help one another, be content and know when everything is "enough". Hugs to you.