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Monday 2 January 2012

The Magic Bus..

My dear friends Helen and Bas were going to be alone this past Christmas so they decided to spend it in their 'Magic Bus'. They drove along the coast and found a little caravan park so very close to the sea, as you can see from the views through the window and windscreen. Helen laughingly said 'I hope we don't get an enormous high tide in the night!'

They found a lovely place nearby to have Christmas dinner and enjoyed it thoroughly.
I can assure you it isn't a bus but a very elegant and modern motorhome and they travel all over the country in it, meeting up with old friends and family and following clues for their family history, which they both enjoy.

Happy New Year dear Bas and Helen.


Anonymous said...

I would SO do that!!!! Good for them and it looks like they had a marvelous time, making new memories for the New Year.

Tell them I admire what they did.

Bill said...

I would love to park by the sea and listen to the waves roll in all night. Many years ago, we stayed in a camping trailer on a beach on the east coast of Florida. I don't remember details, but I do remember it was wonderful!