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June xxx

Thursday 5 January 2012

New Cat Family Picures..

Now what family would like to admit to having a dashing or dastardly pirate as their ancestor?
This portrait was found hidden in the attic and it is now hung in a very dark corner where visitors cannot see it. He is spoken about rarely and then in whispers but there has always been the question asked....Where did his treasure go....and to whom....?

Here are two of the maiden Aunts, wearing their Sunday best dresses for the picture.

And this one was just a bit of doodling for fun. All images Googled or from my stash and digitally altered.
Thanks for looking.
June xx


Sr Crystal Mary Lindsey said...

Oh wow!! these are fantastic, and so funny. Well done. I love your very top picture. Is it you and your dad? Love Crystal

Junibears said...

Yes dear Crystal, it is. Thank you for popping by! Hugs
June xx

Bill said...

These are so fun! I especially love the pirate one. Did I tell you my mother's side of the family has been traced all the way back to a criminal who was sent to America from Great Britain way back when the colonists first came over? The family name was Hastings. I wonder if he was a pirate?! That's what I'm hoping! :O)

romance-of-roses said...

Love, Love the cat pictures. They are priceless, I just love cats and have several. All my life have had dogs, this is the first time with cats and I adore them. First pic is darling with your daddy, a real treasure. Hugs...Lu

Christmas-etc... said...

Oh my! These are GREAT!! I just love your take on...everything!!
Blessing for a wonderful new year!

Christmas-etc... said...

PS I really love your header!

Marfi-topia said...

this is wonderful!!