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I really appreciate you taking the time to call in, view my artwork and leave such wonderful comments.
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June xxx

Friday 28 September 2012

It's Friday again..

The weekend starts here, so they say....
And they seem to roll around so quickly.
What have I got planned? After all my weekend 'engagements' this past few weeks, nothing at all.
Well I have just phoned the Garage. Earlier in the week I had a 'light' come on, took it in to be tested on the 'machine' and a new part has to be ordered, I know not what!
Now the car won't start at all, the battery is as flat as the proverbial so hopefully they will come and fetch it this morning to have a look. I don't need to be a Mystic Meg to predict more expense in the offing!!
The only excitement in my day is to go on the scooter to have my toenails cut! LOL! All my life I have had good feet and except for chilblains as a child I have no corns, callouses or bunions! Now I have an ingrowing toenail which became infected, I had a course of anti-b's and it is still very sore so I am not particularly enthralled at this mornings outing. At least the sun is shining!
The highlight of the weekend is Downton Abbey on Sunday night's TV.
The third series has started and this week is the third episode.
I won't give away any secrets as I know a lot of my US friends love it too and wait patiently for the series to start again over there.
So forgive my meanderings and useless information this morning.
Hope you all have a lovely day.
Big hugs
June xxxx


sirkkis said...

You have made a lovely picture again! Here in Finland the weather has been very rainy for long time.
Downton Abbey is presented on TV here, too.
Häve a lovely weekend June!

Netty said...

Beautiful collage. Hope everything gets sorted soon. Enjoy the weekend June, xx

Bill said...

How do you expect us to concentrate on your art with all of this toenail intrigue going on?! :O) Well, at least you can "sit down" to create at your computer. Have a wonderful weekend!

Bärbel said...

Eine wunderschöne Collage, June! Der schöne Hintergrund passt hervorragend zu dem schönen Kind und die eingearbeitete historische Schrift geben dem Billd ein besonderes Flair!