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Monday 17 September 2012

Day out on Juno

Well here is a sampling of my day yesterday going out to sea on the sailing barge Juno.
We left the quay at 7.30 am and got back at 6.30pm What a stupendous day!
Going along the coast about a mile offshore with nothing but windpower in those magnificent sails.
We saw hundreds of seals on the far Point, a wonderful site, some seemed so tame as they swam around us.
Charlie the owner and Skipper knew exactly what he was doing as he hoisted the sails and feeling every nuance of the wind. His crewman Mark also knew his business and they took turns with the steering. In the photo you can see my son having a go for about 15 minutes and even I! Me! Myself! had a go for about 5 minutes and Charlie even left me alone to handle that huge boat! I can't remember ever feeling so happy and exhilarated!
We drank Champagne at 11 am! Later we had a picnic lunch brought along by Sally and Jenny We decided to eat on deck and all that fresh air gave us a wonderful appetite. There was so much gorgeous food I could hardly believe it!

As the tide turned Charlie gently ran the boat aground on an enormously wide sandy beach. As the tide receded we were on dry land and the family all went for a walk, just leaving John and I to chat and watch the sea. There were several people on the beach and they came to view the boat and also to ask if we needed any help!! There were a couple of horses racing along the beach and in the water.
The time seemed to go by so quickly, the family all returned and we watched the tide coming in and surrounding us again with water. Juno floated off and Charlie hoisted the mainsail once again.

We were all quiet on the journey back. It was so quiet and peaceful with just the sound of the sea, I think we all felt it could go on forever. At last we anchored beside our boat to return to the quay. They got all our bags and boxes stowed away and  we said our Goodbyes and Thanks to Charlie.
It was a struggle for me at times clambering and climbing from boat to boat, but with a little pushing, shoving and heaving I made it!

It was a dream come true. 


From the Kitchen said...

Oh my goodness! June, you had a lovely outing with your family. Thanks for sharing.


sirkkis said...

Thank you for sharing the wonderful journey with me. I almost felt the odour of the sea when I red your great story. I love sea life, too:)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sirkkis09, I loved reading your story and feeling the wind in my hair! What a super day you all had!xx

Anonymous said...

BRILLIANT! What a glorious day on the sea for all of you and what a wonderful memory you made. I'm so happy for you, June.

Bill said...

Oh wow. This sounds like the perfect day! I would have loved watching you steering the boat. Thanks for sharing the pictures so we could share in your fantastic sea adventure.

Nancy said...

Thank you for sharing your Beautiful day June!! It all sounds so lovely ~ wish I could have been there!!
Nancy xx :D

Brenda Brown said...

One incredible day, I love the way you have painted it in pictures and words.
hugs {brenda} xox

Christine said...

Little dreams that come true make we feel special and grateful. That's good!