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June xxx

Tuesday 7 August 2012

Three Muses..Strawberries..

Wednesday here and time for the Three Muses weekly challenge. Strawberries.
They are my very favourite fruit.
When I was pregnant I ate a punnet a day, sometimes more.
And no, the old wives tale isn't true, my son did NOT have a strawberry birthmark!
And oh the joy of strawberry picking with the children, when we had 
more in our tums than in the basket.
I always wished I had hair this colour...sigh....

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Have a wonderful  'Strawberry' Day! xxx


Judy said...

I wondered if I would see a strawberry blonde today and you didn't disappoint, June, but that pile of fruit is making my mouth water pass the cream, please!!
Excellent take on the theme!
Have a lovely day!

cheryl said...

oh Hun this is briliant,just love this,like strawberries,but not that keen love cherries,more ,,I was hooked on wait for it,whelks,when I was pregnant,he he,love them,hugs Cherylx
love to Algie Hun xxx

Jeanette said...

Lovely June.

Christmas-etc... said...

Yes... these do look delicious! But right now... I have grapes and figs in my fridge so I think I will go and eat one or two!
PS Maybe your son grew so tall because of all the strawberries you ate!

Anonymous said...

Lovely art, June. You CAN have that hair colour. I know this woman called Miss Clairol who will be glad to fix you up. xx

johanna said...

i also love strawberries, in every kind... even laid in rum and consumed in advent:)

Deann said...

This is just down right sexy June you little minx...I love strawberries too and I make a killer strawberry freezer jam it's to die for. Have a great day babe hug Algie for me.

Netty said...

oooh you little saucepot...........lol Its wonderful, x

Ozstuff said...

There's an old vaudeville song about a strawberry blonde. I think the words go something like "Casey would walk with a strawberry blonde and the band played on". I have so much useless information in my noggin.

Your strawberry blonde is drop dead gorgeous, June!!

indybev said...

Oh YUM! I don't know what a punnet is, but I'm sure I could eat a punnet of strawberries right this minute!
(I think Casey "waltzed" with the strawberry blond Marie's talking about).

Bärbel said...

So ein wunderschönes Werk, June! Die schöne Dame, die Erdbeeren, die Farben - ein Traum!

Deborah Verhoeven said...

That is beautiful! All those yummy strawberries. My mother craved strawberries when she was pregnant with me, and I did indeed wind up with strawberry marks on my face when I was born. Lucky for me they faded.

Nancy said...

Gorgeous collage June! Craving some strawberry shortcake now! Hope you are having a beautiful day!
Nancy xx :D

Anonymous said...

Nothing better than a strawberry! I loved your story, too!

Oh, that girl is truly beautiful and I adore what you did with the piece. It could be a poster for sure!

And my hair is 'almost' that color....thanks to L'Oreal.

Hope your summer is being good to you. And that the Olympics are bringing a ton of money to England! We've been watching every night.


Christine said...

This is lovely, June. In Brazil, we have jaboticaba picking with the children and yes more in our tums than in the basket.
You can be blonde if you want, notice that this gorgeous oriental Barbie can't be blonde like that...

"MOI" Freubel said...

My daughter has this haircolour but I have to admit that it comes from a jar.hihi.
Love the ring as well !!

pchickki said...

What a cute piece of art June.
Love it

Bill said...

This is so fun, especially because you chose a "kawaii" girl to be eating the strawberry. You probably already know, but kawaii art and fashion is all the cutsie stuff like Hello Kitty and baby doll clothes that is so big in Japan.

Faye said...

Love it, June. You've captured the wonderful allure of strawberries perfectly. And the strawberry blonde fits right in.