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June xxx

Friday 29 April 2011

What a Day!..

I think this is the moment we'd all been waiting for the most!
They looked so happy and so in love.
What a wonderful day!


Patti said...

You British certainly know how to do pomp and pageantry beautifully!! Everything was beyond gorgeous. Your princess was stunning, your prince dashing and handsome, your tradition for hats lovely, and on and on. Total elegance in every way.

It was a totally lovely day, well worth missing a few hours sleep for. And I must say, much as I love being an American, I honestly believe we Americans miss out on something wonderful and special by not having a royal family.

Hope Freddie is gaining health and strength every day.


Bill said...

Oh no. Mushy stuff!

Shane Pollard said...

Hi dear June
We had a wonderful wedding party!
We were all glued to the nuptials, how magnificent it all was.
To me she looked very european as she just had that certain 'je ne sais quoi'.
Catherine will be a wonderful asset to Prince William and to top it off they are so happy!
All warm fuzzies from our little corner of the world!!

Danièle SAINT-MARTIN said...

yes a beautiful day!Hug.